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People who paid a lot of attention to hip-hop knew they would. It was abundantly clear that Vince and Chance were insanely talented in different ways, hip-hop being a very big tent and focused. They had already found their voices and locked in with strong teams. So it wasn't like Mac was shepherding them through their artistic infancy or anything close to that. Some people wouldn't have been able to handle the artistic competition that bill set up. Some people wouldn't have thought that was fun. Some people would have tried to disperse some of that pressure to sell tickets.

Some people would've wanted more hooks or more fashion. Some people would've thought it would be smarter if the lineup was whiter. And all four of those acts showed up on Wednesday night in L. It was kinda cold but the production had that Summer Jam feel: After one act had vacated the stage, the opening strains of the on-deck song heralded the next artist's arrival, the crowd picking up the cues and and appropriately demonstrative as he or she strode out.

In the show's front half, the acts did the song they had made with Mac, then one or two of their own, then said a few words about him and walked off. The crowd was all tenderized by home videos of Mac as a little kid or being funny, or playing the piano. There were dissonant moments, like when Domo Genesis nearly apologized between his song with Mac and his solo song.

He said he wished it didn't have to happen under these circumstances. The livestream of the concert was putting Domo in front of a vast audience he can't command by himself; even in death Mac's audience was made available to somebody else, and the transaction — the imbalance of fandom that was enjoyed by somebody like Mac as opposed to somebody like Domo — was bared by Domo's discomfort. At least, it was to me. The people around me, in pretty expensive seats, definitely not the nosebleeds, smack dab in the middle, just floated along. Earl came out and did "Guild" and "New Faces" and then he said his friend would be mad if he let us leave sad and the DJ pushed the fader to "Hey Ma," which they'd covered together.

Chance did his thing and was the only artist to mention, much less bless, the foundation supported by the benefit. Vince spoke about the man he called his best friend, and was emotional enough that he affected a nasal character voice, keeping himself safe with distance. At the end of the night though, when Mac's family came out with almost all the acts who had performed, Vince was holding Mac's mom.

She was leaning on him. John Mayer came over to shake her hand and Vince handed her off for a second, but then he was right there. He tucked her back under his arm. It was the kind of physical support you pray you'll never need. Action Bronson barreled on stage and then heckled Alchemist, the producer of Mac and Action's "Red Dot Music," into stepping out of the wings and joining him.

In another lifetime they were together celebrating that song, which had, three years ago, functioned to kill off Easy Mac, the persona occupied by Miller when he broke out, 's Blue Slide Park marking him yet another white baby-face with more appeal outside hip-hop than in it. It does its job very well, Mac and Action starring in a buddy cop movie as the villains you root for.

The problem is, with Mac now dead from drugs , engaging in wordplay with doom seemed foolish. Action was less guarded than Vince in his expression, and as he chanted, "It must be the drugs It looked to me like he'd suddenly remembered why he was up there, like he suddenly felt uncomfortable crooning what he was crooning, unsure if he was doing the right thing. The people around me seemed all too happy to throw off the conflicts brought to the surface by the lineup; when an act offered a song that allowed us to pretend like repercussions aren't a thing, the crowd went from mannerly to tear-the-club-up too fast.

It was disorienting, and the delirium of the changeover made me think the reflective moments were just a thin layer over a deep well. A well of what I can't say, but the crowd felt entitled to it. Travis Scott was not afraid to talk about love, which really did undergird this whole enterprise, no matter what was exchanged on top. But "Sicko Mode" to close out a tribute?

Juicy J materializing to bang "Bandz A Make Her Dance" blew the roof off, although after he left the people around me were like, "What was that? Him saying that was kinda questionable, but when he dove offstage and ran through the pit, deep into the seats, way past where he'd normally go, the energy felt right. Right after Mac died there was this outpouring of love and gratitude on social media.

Prominent people felt the need to post public messages regarding their relationships with him and the abrupt nature of his passing. Friends of mine who don't pay as much attention to music as I do asked me if it was real, if these celebrities and musicians felt this way previously or if this was a bandwagon situation. I told them I saw love for him behind the scenes for years, artists working at his house all the time, collaborations all over the place, and other than a couple of times when his falling off the wagon affected other people's schedules, no dirt. So I think it was real.

I think in this day and age if a public person reacts strongly enough to a private loss to spontaneously make a statement about it, they'll do that through a channel that they control. And that will be the full extent of their expression on the subject to strangers out of the house.

None of the acts wanted to talk to a reporter about the night. They'd already typed out their grief; why would they go through that again, trying to find FCC-approved words that are concise yet evocative, the tension in their throats burned to tape and whatever confusion or guilt or horror and any shame or insecurity about having those feelings revealed and preserved forever in your memory or on the godforsaken Internet?

But the weeks that went by between those elegiac posts and last Wednesday night had allowed Mac's friends to mourn in private for a bit. Accepting this gig, performing in a moment that required etiquette of the home-training sort, especially because Mac's mom was right there, meant they were shoved back into a public role, and this one had proscriptions on it. From my seat, it looked like there were fleeting moments wherein Mac's friends weren't sure what their responsibilities were here. Especially when ScHoolboy Q apologized to us for not having the words right now, I wondered if he feared there was something he could have done to prevent his friend's death.

After my podcast, Microphone Check , reposted a interview with Mac soon after his death, we received comments from listeners that worried me; I wondered what words any of us should use when we're talking to people who might be in a perilous state. What can you give to a total stranger, much less tens of thousands of strangers, having their own unknowable reaction to tragedy? What if you say the wrong thing? Almost everybody on stage credited Mac with opportunities they had taken advantage of and support they had metabolized into achievement.

After that, some people said let's turn up for our boy. Some people said take care of your friends. Some people talked directly to him. Chance looked up and out and said, "Hey Mac. The production on this was so varied and good. Had never really heard a rap album like this before. I felt The psycadelic soundscapes and imagery in Mac's lyrics created a sense of nostalgia for times of child like curiosity and wonder for the world around us. Even at times creating a feeling in me that reminds me of being on acid.

Which is balanced by a healthy dose of self reflection, as well as poking fun at some absurdities of modern society. All while never taking its self overly seriously. These combination of things reflect pretty closely on how i tend to percieve the world, so listening to mac's stream of concious throughout the album never gets boring for me. The whole thing hasnt left rotation since day one and ever since I'm always excited for what he does next. I always liked Mac, but I never really went out of my way and sought out anything of his until I heard Macadelic.

I love this CD and it paved the way for the beauty that was Faces. Still his best album and one of my favorite albums of all time. Mac just has never sounded this experimental or cohesive since. The album is seamless from front to back, a flawless project. I'm Not Real is my fave track, huge fan of Earl and I like his hook.

However, Mac takes the cake with the way he delivers some of his lines so they flow amazingly. I haven't listened to thisnin entirety in a while, but I got plans to tomorrow. His best album production wise, absolute amaizng wordplay too. This was the album when i relaized mac was in this shit for the long run. When this album came out, I remember watching an interview where Mac was talking about listening to the album paired with this movie like how people watch the wizard of oz synched to the dark side of the moon. Yeah it was a documentary about the life of a turtle.

At the listening party he played it in a theater. I used to have it saved on YouTube but I cant seem to find it now. I don't think he's ever really topped this project since, although Dang! This album is way too depressing to ever be universally acclaimed, but this is a classic album IMO. And then he followed up with Faces, another classic IMO. It was at this point and Faces that I realized that Mac was in my top list for favourites.

With each album he kept getting more creative and it showed his growth as an artist and person. Probably one of the only rappers that i genuinely care about on a whole. I used to absolutely hate Mac Miller. I hated his whole frat boy image and just couldn't get behind his stupid baby logo and things like that. Donald Trump had some of the cringiest bars I've ever heard. Only good song from that era was Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza tbh. Macadellic dropped and got my attention. However, the entire thing had several skippable songs and songs I wouldn't otherwise listen to unless I wanted to listen to the project in whole.

Watching Movies with the Sound Off made me a Stan. That absolutely nasty beat on The Star Room hooked me in like something fierce and I could tell that this album was about to change the way I looked at Mac Miller. The spacey beats across this whole thing are phenomenal. FlyLo's production on S. S is bonkers. Objects In the Mirror remains one of my simp anthems. Watching Movies is a slapper.

Faces is my favorite Mac project, but Watching Movies with the Sound Off serves as the launchpad to a better Mac Miller and I'm so happy we got to experience this album. Happy 5th. I don't really like live albums, like, at all. But Live From Space is different. There's I think 2 or 3 sessions with them in a small room playing the songs without a crowd that are great too. Has a few loosies at the end as bonus tracks that are really cool too. Eggs Aisle is one of my favorite Mac tracks and Future has a verse on this song called Earth that's pretty good.

I saw snippets of his show most dope family but he came across as your generic white kid who does rap. Not that he was offensive or anything, just generic. When I listened to this project i was taken aback. Dude actually had some very interesting thoughts. Extremely introspective and i was surprised at how vulnerable he was willing to be with the listener. The first scene in the show is him vomiting himself awake in the studio.

Hilarious but also really telling of the life he lives. Also i will say this album contains one of my favorite songs in all of rap: This song right here is what i feel the whole album was leading up to. The beat is amazing and his lyricism is out of this world. Honestly this song just works for the whole vibe so perfectly.

I really fucking love this song. Overall i will say WMWTSO is definitely a great album and i would put it up there as one of the best for the new generation. And Mac Miller as a great influence to anyone trying to make it in the rap game. I was always a very casual Mac fan until this album. Honestly thought he would be wasted talent due to the heavy drug use talked about and heard on Macadelic. This album is everything good about Mac I think.

From his production, features, and just Mac being Mac on the lyrics. Did you ever hear the Objects in the Mirror in studio performance? Actually liked it more than the album version, really dope. Yes I did! Still like the album version better but the live version was fantastic as well. I'd really like to see that particular song live.

Plus the ambience they had in the studio when they shot the video of it was so perfect. I Am Who Am is such an overlooked track. I could go on and on. Long story short, shit still holds up.

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If this album didn't end with Youforia then there wouldn't be a single track I didn't like. I think this is Mac Miller's best album. Every song is great and there's some really unique production on here. Great features as well, especially Jay Electronica and Schoolboy Q. SDS is one of the best Flying Lotus beats of all time and the entire ambiance of the album sticks out more than anything else in Mac Miller's discography. Objects in the Mirror remains my favorite Mac Miller song to this day.

I wouldn't say Mac Miller is a conventionally great singer but his vocals on that song really work well. One of the best of the decade. Watching Movies is often overlooked, but remains one of my favorite albums ever. Nas is the king of this for me. The imagery, cadence, musicality etc. Been a mac fan since KIDS and watching movies is him growing as an artist imo. An older wiser, but still kinda hazy from the partying days. Solid album though. Standouts for me are I am who i am which is amazing introspective and red dot music bc action bronson is perfect and the beat is just fire!

Still have both in rotation. Faces is excellent as well. Blue slide park is good not great. Nikes on my feet and kool-aid frozen pizza forever nostalgic classics. Have high hopes for new project. Buttons and programs are promising. It's a testament to The Alchemist's skill that it never puts me off wanting to listen to it.

It definitely turns me off from playing it in public though which is really unfortunate cause like you said it's fucking great. I fucking love this album. It was the first Mac album I listened to and I fell in love with it on first listen. This album was definitely slept on. One of my favorite Mac Miller albums, for sure.. And I got to see it live. Favorite song on this is definitely Objects In The Mirror. Got me through a lot. Out of all three, Born Sinner remains my favorite, but im a Cole stan. The production is beautiful and Mac showed serious maturity.

I remember shitting on Mac a lot before this came out, how he was just a corny rapper and his music did nothing for me. This album is special to me, came out just as I finished 11th grade - listened to it all summer and the songs helped me a lot through some hard times. I also think it's his best album period - beats, lyrics and aesthetic are all fantastic.

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Still one of my favorite Mac albums. Girlfriend got me a copy on vinyl a couple years ago for valentines day to add to my ever growing collection. Either way can't wait for more music from Mac in the near future! Honestly though, Mac IMO is one of my favorite rappers.

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One of my first google play purchases bc I'm a big mac fan. He was able to paint portraits and run stories and this is young mac reaching his stride. I was younger when the album first came out, since I purchased it on google play it loads to all my new phones and when some tracks like star room come on it's just a vibe that cant be recreated. When this album came out I was working at a sleep away summer camp in the middle of the woods 5 hours from my hometown. It was the first time in my life I wasn't under my parents roof and I took full advantage of that. I avoided any interaction with anyone from my home town like the plague.

When i first listened to the album I connected to it instantly. The feeling of isolation in freedom and in loneliness mixed in with colorful landscape of sound that mac created fueled my fire and pushed me to break away from what I saw at the time as a stagnant life. It wasn't till halfway through the summer when the words the mac were saying became too real. One day while I was helping set up for a dance and I notice my phone had been blowing up while I was playing music I would like to say it was mac, but we were definitely bumping Yeezus. So I step out of the room to call my buddy.

Turns out one of my closest friends had a major accident and died the night before. I was sent into shock the next couple day were a blur. I went back home to visit with his family and go to the funeral which I had to skip bc I couldn't handle watching them put my friend who was 2 years younger than me in the ground. I wasn't in a good place. I was mad at myself for not making the funeral, mad at my home for bring that pain to me, and mad at him for leaving me. As I was listening to the album I realized that mac was going through a lot of the same emotions i was dealing with and then I was hit with truly hearing REMember.

Before that moment I had never cried bc of music, but with everything that I was going through I wept. After just hearing how mac expressed himself i was able to reach out to my friend and family and talk to them about what i was going through. It changed my perspective on life and made me appreciate everything I had. I love what you said though: And Mac I believe definitely had very similar thoughts.

Probably the album that got me into hip hop in a more serious way.

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Thinking about the day it came out, gives me major nostalgia. I love the album. Not perfect but a great listen. This is probably my favorite project Mac's released. I think the instrumentals and verses provided are some of his best work and truly showcase his talents. Easily my favorite Mac Miller album. Objects in the Mirror and Someone Like You are great! It's not an album I come back to a lot, these days. I think the only song I have in rotation is Youforia, but everytime I listen to The Star Room or Red Dot Music, I'm instantly transported back in time to sitting in a friend's car on a school-night getting high without a care in the world.

I had been sleeping on Mac for so long until I heard this thing. My friend showed it to me the day it came out since I was going bonkers over Yeezus. Ever since that day I have been a huge Mac fan. Love his style and he just keeps fine tuning aspects of his production. I love his experimental jazzy vibes and I can connect with a lot of his songs. Phenomenal album. I really enjoyed it and it had that classic Mac sound. But then Macadelic dropped and I was like "okay this is an interesting new direction", admittedly it took me a couple listens to actually get into it. But then this album dropped and shook everyone's perception of Mac.

This album solidified Mac as an artist as opposed to just a rapper. This was the album I listened to non-stop the summer before I left for college and it really made me start digging more into artists' lyrics and shaped a lot of my current taste in music. Also, if anybody does acid, listen to Avian while tripping. It's quite the experience. Anyway, I really hope Mac is doing okay and if his new music is a sign of what's to come I had always thought I didn't like Mac Miller.

All I'd really heard was Donald Trump.

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I assumed Mac was a pop rapper without skills. After watching movies came out I remember it getting great reviews, and the features looked amazing so I figured I would give it a shot.

Red Dot Music - Mac Miller (Ronald Mac Remix)

From the moment star room came on I knew this wasn't pop rap. This was something different. This was a psychedelic drug fueled hip hop journey that sounds more like a Stones Throw record than his former college rap releases. As far as lyrics, he nails it on this record. This album came out the same day as Yeezus and Born Sinner. I'd argue this was the best album that came out that day, and Yeezus is one of my favorite albums ever.

One of my old high school friends put me onto this album like 2 years ago. But damn when I got home later that day and listened to it, I was blown away. This album means a lot to me as a hip hop fan. This album came out when I was in 9th grade 3 years ago and it was really the album that exposed me to hip hop. I was a heavy metal loving kid who took all of his music from his dad and my dad hates rap music.

Listening to this album showed me the artistry that could go into hip hop, showed me some clever lyrics and it groomed my love for instrumentals. I love most of the songs off this project, especially the kind of moodier tracks like the Star Room which remains one of my favorite openers of all time. The biggest stand out track to me however, is Red Dot Music. This song is in my top 5 hip hop songs and was the first song I learned all the verses to. Favorite Tracks: But when I heard this album, it blew my mind.

It changed my opinion on Mac completely. It really showed he had potential to make great, creative music. Had this on my SD card and thus my phone since this era summer before university and still haven't listened.. This is the only project I really listened to of his and it also happens to be one of my fav all time albums. I'm not real is probably my fav track but Red dot music is a close second. Anyone recommend other projects of his I should listen to? Then I heard the first two tracks and I was hooked.

To this day I almost never skip Avian and I know every word. Mac Miller truly came to his own with this album. I was surprised because before Mac's music was more lighthearted and he had a handful of songs that I really l that I liked but seems that when he went to L. He experimented more and the album was was enjoyable to listen to.

I need to revisit this album again. This is the album that turned me from a knowing a few Mac tracks, to being a Mac fan. I bought this while seeing a girl that live km away along a highway that has no service and needed something new to listen too and I remember being blown away by the lyrical depth Mac was showing.

Rank GO: OD AM higher though. Since this album he has been the most consistently progressing artist in the game. After faces and then this, GOOD a. The headspace that Mac puts you in is so vivid. Avian is probably my favourite track but personally, my best friend past away this January so R. R is a track I relate to and feel on a different level now. I still bump it pretty regularly, my favorite track is probably avian or watching movies. This is one of my favorite rap projects of all time.