Outlook for mac archive old mail

Create a new local folder or. Create a new Archiving Rule. Define the time limit and destination for emails eligible for archiving.

How to Archive Old Mail Using Outlook AutoArchive

Run the new rule on existing email folders. Want to access your archived emails?

Restoring Local Outlook Emails Mac

The key? And a. Also, remember that Outlook is not a real email archiving solution — this QuickTip will simply help you free up storage space within the program, NOT keep your email secure via offsite backup or searchable across years of accumulated messages.

Cleaning Up your Mailbox - Outlook 2011 for Macintosh

CMIT worked along side the company to create…. More businesses invested in cloud computing and grew their cloud environments this Unless you may need to access the data with Outlook or earlier directly, it is safe to highlight Office Outlook Personal Folders File. Click OK. Enter the desired file name.

Stay productive by instructing Outlook to archive messages for you

Yearly archives work well, and naming the PST file after the year makes sense. Larger files tend to be less efficient. Type the archive PST file's desired name under Name: Again, it makes sense to name your archive after its contents.

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Optionally, protect access with a password. Now click Close. To populate your newly created archive PST: Drag and drop entire folders to the root folder newly appearing under Mail Folders.

This is handy if you already have an Archive folder that contains, say, all of last year's mail. Just drop it into the archive PST.

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Alternatively, to archive individual items: Click on the root folder named after your archive PST under Mail Folders with the right mouse button. Select New Folder Type the desired folder name.

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  5. Make sure Mail and Post Item s is selected under Folder contains: For archiving other items, choose the appropriate category. Drag and drop individual or groups of emails onto the newly created folder.

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    To move all mail preceding a certain date in a folder or nested folders: Click Cleanup Tools. Select Archive … from the menu that has appeared. Make sure Archive this folder and all subfolders: Highlight the desired folder. Specify the date emails prior to which say, this year's January 1 you want to move under Archive items older than: