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I am using OSX The issue is that every minutes the connection ends, no warning, no nothing. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Where to look for error logs? I would not even have known about the purported incompatibility, except that I was advising a friend how to get set up on his new Macbook Air, and while hunting for a link to the RDP client to send him, I happened to notice the statement from Microsoft.

I have not experienced any sluggish behavior such as the keyboard lags reported by others. The only trouble I have is that I will occasionally be unable to establish a connection, and only a reboot will restore normal function. I have used the 2. Now that I know about the official incompatibility statement, I may think twice about upgrading to Mountain Lion, and I hope that perhaps Microsoft will eventually provide an update pretty please! In the meantime, may I suggest keeping track of: Connecting to a R2 server, the client has an issue with TS licensing.

This is a known issue and MS does not have a fix. Other have tried mucking about with permission settings on the mac, but to no avail. A shame really. I have several Windows computers running various operating systems using different RDC ports. I can connect to the SBS server on a non-standard port but not to the Server nor the Windows 7 box both using different non-standard ports.

I checked the Mac firewall but it is turned off. Any ideas other than trying CoRD? Hi Terry, Thank you for your comment. That is definitely an odd issue. I use 5 or 6 remote machines on a Mac Mini with twin monitors. I usually need to take screen captures on dev. An equivalent to the Windows RDTabs is CoRD for the Mac, but it lacks the multi-monitor support where I want to run a remote machine full screen on one monitor — the remote machines only have a single monitor or are headless.

Anyway, what I noticed was that the machines I interacted with the most would usually start to eat memory. When they started using 1. So, I copied the. I started the same 5 or 6 remote sessions and within minutes the memory started being eaten away by at least one Remote Desktop Connection process. So the only other thing I could think of was when I moved to using the Mac Mini, I lost that binary clipboard capability and so started using share folders. Their Virtual Memory size double click a process, then Memory tab , are Mb lower than when they are leaking memory — now between and Mb, same low to high order as Real Mem.

I still need to try this out in anger back on the Mac Mini for a several days worth of work — I usually leave the sessions connected until I get disconnected — VPN weekly timeout or other network issues. One final thing. There is still an audio issue with RDC 2. For instance, the stream of sound from unlocking a locked windows 7 machine plays back very choppy. They started out with iTap Mobile for iOS devices. But they now have the app available for the Mac. Hi Adrian, Thank you for your excellent comments! To test 5 or 6 simultaneous connections with the demo version could be tricky!


Is there any way to resize it? I checked the resolution settings on the remote computer. I know there was a security preference that I had a hard time finding, as I do not regularly use a Mac. If not, let me know too and I will try to be of more help! Thanks for pointing that out. Works fine now. Connects and works, but occasionally crashes the app. I cannot keep an active connection for longer than 15 minutes.

The RDP session locks and the only way to fix is force close and re-open. MS RDP has always had memory problems on all version of Reading this blog inclined me to give the latest version of Cord version 0. At this point I have not had any problem with Cord running on I typically connect to 6 to 8 machines at a time.

I have try couple of RDP and non works perfect. Its fast. I can leave my session open while I work on my other application. Hi Daniel, Thank you for your comment. So for people having issues with non ports, please try specifying the hostname instead of the IP! Try Thinomenon RDC. It supports connection broker, application publishing, local devices and works on any Mac OS X version starting from All radio buttons are not displayed. The only trick I got from a forum is to drag another window slowly over the radio button location and it will appear while dragging.

Hi Gildas, Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you mentioning that bug so other readers and maybe even MS will be fully aware of it.

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The current 5. It lags a lot. So, usually I use TeamViewer on other side to make it faster. Never heard of CoRD. But perhaps the most important point for me as a heavy keyboard user, is that CoRD allows Left Command through to the remote machine as the Windows key. I use the Win-key shortcuts all the time in Windows environments, and the official MS client I found really annoying for intercepting Command-E. Hi Simon, Thank you for your comment and for the great tip! Of course, the app is not as robust as it is on Windows but it works.

That said, it would be nice if MS would put a bit more effort into this app, like certifying it for newer versions of OS X. Thank you to whomever mentioned iTap mobile previously.. Hello Guys. They have been doing okay with it so far. Now we changed the connected server from a Windows Server to Server R2. Result is that the original Microsoft Client no longer allows connections, stating: Same Issue.

So I gave CoRD a shot version 0. So moving the cursor within a text by arrow keys or by clicking leaves black bars where the cursor was. This one gets pretty annoying in editing texts. Another one is the disappearing mouse pointer during text editing. But I myself would consider that a minor issue. Our favourite would be using the MS client.

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On the other hand: Or may iTap be the solution to make everybody happy? I do not know a solution to that connection issue, but hopefully some of the other readers will know how to resolve it or have a good alternative for you! I will make sure to email you if anybody posts a solution or suggestion.

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I just discovered it while looking for an alternative to CoRD, which is buggy and crashes a lot. Only a couple of downsides to the 2X Client: So if you want any settings other than the defaults, you have to manually change them for each connection. I have to access dozens of servers, and it gets tedious setting up all those connections individually. It sounds like your idea of duplicating connections would really increase the usability of the app. Performance is fast — and is as simple as entering an IP address.

About remote desktop clients: I use iTap Mobile because on my retina macbook pro the fonts look clearer. It lacks some functions that the MS client has but I love my eyes more so I prefer to see clearer fonts. Hi Nick, Thank you for your nice comment. It is great to hear that iTap retains maximum font quality when used on retina displays. I also appreciate you pointing out the issues you encountered with other RDP clients when used with your retina display. It would certainly be a shame to let such a good display go to waste!

Looks like iTap was discontinued. Says to look for new official MS app this month. Your email address will not be published. Do you want…. You may be interested in: Here are some apps that allow you to rem. MacBook Air dropping wifi? Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thank you for your comment Zachary. Best regards, -JD. Friday, Security Tab. Saturday, Thank you for your comment oha.

MS Remote Desktop Connection ver 2.1.1 & MAC OS X Lion ver 10.7.2 crash quite frequently

Gotcha, that is a real bummer! Hi DF, Thank you for your comment and for the additional troubleshooting info. However, no answers at this link yet: Thanks, DF. Hi JD — I have the solution! How about vnc server on your windows machines and run the native apple remote client? Monday, Thanks in advance. Please advise Claude.

Hi Franck, Thank you for your comment. Thanks for your answer. Hi Craig, Thank you for the additional information! Let us hope Microsoft releases an updated client that is fully functional and performs well.

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Best regards, -J. Don't have a mac not even an older one so i can't trial it for you. You can get it from the link posted by Edwin but v2 and v8 are very different so you training guide might not be the best! Thanks for the quick responses.

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That version 2. This version 2 does seem to be simplified from the Windows version and the version 8 I've seen in screenshots. At the moment with this connection we get a "Server cannot be verified" warning box pop up the first time someone logs in.

Best RDP client for Mac OSX Lion

Normally we have just been clicking past that until we get that worked out. I would still like to find a way to get the 8. At work we don't have any Macs and I'm not crazy about borrowing someone else's computer to install software on it. We'll see if it comes to that. App Store should tell that the current version is not compatible and offer to download a previous compatible version.

Or if you can borrow someones newer machine to "purchase" the app with your own Apple ID, you can then use purchase history to download the older version on the older Mac. For a small project here making an instruction manual for some very non-technical users to show them how to connect in remotely using Remote Desktop Connection, I wanted to do a small section for the Mac users with illustrations To continue this discussion, please ask a new question.

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