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You can add as many entries to the hosts file as you wish by entering new mappings on each line. With the modified hosts file now in place, fire up your Web browser to test the changes. To get started, launch Terminal, type the following command, and press Return. To navigate and edit the file, use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

What is hosts file and how does it differ from DNS?

Just as we did with the TextEdit method, above, we can add, edit, or remove hostname mappings at will. Because we launched Nano using sudo, any changes will be authenticated and saved directly to the original hosts file, without the need to copy it outside of its home directory.

Our examples mentioned blocking and redirecting distracting sites in a work environment. You can also use these steps to manually block access to malicious websites or, of course, to play a prank on friends and family members.

How to Edit Hosts File on Mac

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How to edit your Mac's hosts file and why? Tips & tricks

Do not change this entry. Share this: A Better Windows Volume Mixer. Textedit changes the permissions on the hosts file, I am not sure that is a problem. It can badly and inexplicably mess up your Internet access. Advanced Mac users only.

Simple Way to Edit Hosts File on Mac OSX Lion

Disabling SIP is an awful idea. Shame for encouraging it for something as simple as editing a hosts file. This is how you edit the hosts file Jon, a prerequisite is not encouraging anything.

If you want to modify your hosts file, you have to disable SIP. You can re-enable SIP afterwards if you want. If this is all over your head, perhaps you should not be editing a hosts file to begin with. Complex stuff!

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