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Open the image that you want to use as the login screen wallpaper with the help of Preview application. Save it somewhere on your Mac. You can use the Command-C key combination to copy and the Command-V key combination to paste. You can also add a message to the login screen.

Add a Login Message to Your Mac Using Terminal or System Preferences

Why would you need that? This is a good way to signify who is the owner of this machine or just express your emotions and feelings. How to do this? We use cookies along with other tools to give you the best possible experience while on this website.

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Help us improve how you interact with our website by accepting the use of cookies. You can change your privacy settings whenever you like. Our research We conduct security research to locate any data exposures in the databases of various companies, organisations, and institutions. Once we discover a publicly exposed database, we report our findings according to the following guidelines: On the Mac lock screen, OS X will display the top three lines by default, with a scroll bar to view additional text. If you wish to enter line breaks, press Control-Enter.

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Otherwise, the text will format as a single paragraph. While our screenshots demonstrated this process using OS X Mavericks, users can set lock screen messages in any version of OS X starting with There are four different ways to regain access so one is bound to work for you. Read More when you log in instead of just your password for additional security. You can also add a password hint and a message to the login screen. Hibernate Mode: Sleep Mode vs.

Changing the Login Options

What exactly does Sleep mode do? How is it different from Hibernate mode, which is an extra option on Windows computers?

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Which should you choose, and are there downsides to using them? Read More , restart, or shut down your Mac. Most of the login screen settings are hidden in a not-so-obvious place in System Preferences. Click Login Options at the bottom of the left pane. On the right, select the options you want to use on the login screen. All the Login Options become grayed out except for the Show fast user switching menu as dropdown list.

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You can change how that displays without unlocking the options. Here's how to speed it up. Read More.

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The next time that user logs in, the login screen will be bypassed and the system will go directly to the desktop. The Display login window as option allows you to display the login as either a List of users or Name and Password. Simply click the icon for the user you want and then enter the password for that user. The Name and Password option displays two blank fields, Name and Enter Password , and both are required to log in.

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This is a bit more secure than the List of users option because you need both the name and the password to log in. By default, the Sleep , Start , and Shut Down buttons are not available on the login screen.

Easy Way To Change Mac Login Screen

You must log in to perform one of these actions. However, enabling the Show the Sleep, Restart, and Shut Down buttons option adds these buttons to the bottom of the login screen. If you regularly switch between languages or keyboard formats, you can enable the Show Input menu in login window option to add the Input menu a keyboard icon to the upper-right corner of the login window. But how can you possibly remember Make sure the user for which you want to add a password hint is selected on the left. Next, click Change Password on the right.

You must enter an Old password , a New password , and then Verify the new password. You can enter your current password as both the old and new passwords. Enter a hint in the Password hint box that will remind you what your password is. Then, click Change Password. After you enter the password incorrectly three times, the Password Hint automatically displays.

Can users read and edit each other's files? What happens when you delete a user account? Read More is not shown on the login screen, but it relates to it.