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Diese alten Systemen sind ueberwiegend in Laboren mit alter Messsoft- und -hardware im Einsatz. Wo dies nicht moeglich ist Softwarehersteller bietet keine Updates, alte Messhardware etc. Diese alten Systeme ohne Securityupdates etc. If Your mailprogram requests You to accept a new security certificate You should do so. The new mailer does not use the public domain product "SPAMAssassin" as antispam engine any longer, a professional product "PureMessage" will be applied instead.

Along with the previously implemented "greylisting" we expect a significant improvement in the detection of spam. Sat, 6. Sat, May , Praesentationen die mit Versionen vor Office SP3 erstellt wurden und eingebettete Fonts enthalten, koenen von allen spaeteren Office Versionen nicht korrekt geoeffnet werden.

Die einzige Loesung ist eine alte Version von Powerpoint zu installieren, und die Praesentation darueber zu starten bzw. Thu, 21 April , Info: Mail server rejecting some email Wrong header. Some erraneous mail transport agents send the e-mail with an 8-bit header the part of a mail message that contains the sender, recipient and much more, most of this is usually hidden from the user , that does not correctly describe the 8-bit content within. If a mail client Outlook Express, Outlook, Netscape, etc.

There have been certain mails that crash e. Outlook every time it tries to display them. Tue, 22 Feb. This happens if the new communicator was used for the old one "haber" before. Fr, 4 Jan. The update will be made on request -].


Thu, 3 Jan. Home-Dirs will be moved to the new servers. The moves will be announced. Netscape users must delete the old certificate to get the new one accepted. For Tunderbird etc: Tue, 30 Oct. Su, 7 Nov. Fr, 29 Oct. Mac users should use "cupsd" for printing and "smb" for mounting.

There is absolute no need to use this service pack on systems on our local network. Some of the software we use is not able to work with this service pack eg. Samba fileserver. Unknown -Ports blocked: Unknown -Does the school care?: There are strict policies against P2P. They actively detect BitTorrent traffic and will disconnect a student if they discover it. They are usually pretty effective at finding this out. They also have a fair use policy of 5GB traffic per month, although this is not known to be currently actively enforced.

Queen Mary, University of London -Can you download. No - Note that this is subject to change. Previously torrenting was not possible, but they opened it up recently. Yes - fair use. But no reports of anyone being warned due to it. Torrenting is fine, probably don't want to overdo it. Seedbox is helpful and will give you faster speeds University of Manchester -Can you download. It's variable. From some trackers they download fine, others give a I would not risk it.

See leech. Automatic detection systems in place. Violation of their policies will trip it they are quite sensitive and the port you are connected to on the switch is disabled. Disconnected for a certain number of days depending on the violation and you have to pay a reconnection fee. Don't risk torrenting on their network. In theory UDP connections shouldn't trip their systems, but I wouldn't risk it. Get a seedbox or use a VPN. If you have a seedbox you'll probably have to use SSH tunnelling to download.

Amount of data you're allowed to transfer per month is truly not limited. If you're a Computer Science student my flatmate discovered a way for you to bypass their detection systems and get around the speed limits you're completely bypassing everything so you get the full port speed - Mbit download and upload.

Access and uploads:

We made full use of this and it's completely undetectable. Only for CS students. No Changes needed - At least, I have never had a problem with ports. No - but speeds are very poor without it -Does the school care?: Yes - In theory. I have not heard of anyone being caught for torrenting, and have heard that the email was sent out just to please one of the administrators. The two cases I know of of people losing their connections were both due to downloading excessively large amounts in a very short period of time.

One of those was downloading games via Steam. You can torrent, but I'd personally play it safe and use a seedbox. I still keep uTorrent open every now and then to seed , but I never leech on the network. Amount of traffic is more an issue than type of traffic. This is all based on my experience in Gateley Hall. Romero should be much the same being on the same road but I can't make any accurate statements for the other halls. Some public sites won't resolve TPB for example. Friends living at Orion's point have told me they have faster home connections, so make of that what you will.

Another user has found all incoming ports no outgoing blocked at Glen Eyre. Teesside University -Can you download. Forced encryption and a port between and yields best speeds. Fortunately this agreement carries no backing and is nullified due to the policies you are accepting not actually being on the server and resulting in a page. Speeds are mediocre at best, usually between 1. Imperial College of London -Can you download. Not really - see ports -Ports blocked: Yes Ports are blocked, there isn't really any way to get them opened up for you. Yes - P2P is illegal and the university cares big time, they have banned several people for P2P or going over the quota.

They've also said that some people were expelled from the university for piracy. You can leech off private trackers no problem, but that will kill your ratio really fast, better to use a seedbox -Notes: Download speeds are pretty good, I clocked a mbit down, mbit up speedtest , but you can't really use it.

They enforce a 5GB per 24hour rolling period transfer policy. You have three strikes, first time you go over the quota they will warn you, second time you get banned for 48 hours, third time - they ban you until the end of the academic year. University of Bristol -Can you download. Generally - ports being blocked means that you cannot port forward which results in occasional 'Red status' in uTorrent, but mostly seeding is fine. Yes, sort of - Theoretically they can open ports up for you, you have to come up with a good excuse though. They refused to open ports up for me. Not really - The official stance is that you cannot use your connection for anything illegal.

Anyone who is caught however can get reconnected without too much hassle small fine and sign to say you agree not to do it again. On private torrent sites getting caught is much less of an issue. A seedbox might be useful if staying connectible seems to be a problem. But when uploading speeds are good so maintaining ratio especially on freeleech torrents is easy.

Base package is 48GB of traffic per week, higher package is 81GB. You can buy more traffic allowance too if you need it at any time. They say they do. They refuse to turn names over to RIAA.

They claim they can't tell which student is which -AUP: Unknown -Recommendation: Super fast download speeds. Random ones like worked. Encryption -Notes: Encryption gives better speeds. CSU Northridge -Can you download. Tunnel, use different ports -Notes: Unsure -Ports blocked: All of them Yes, if you have a torrent client installed the network software warns you every time you connect.

Seedbox , or at least only use private trackers , and not often, as network traffic is monitored. I tend to just download music every so often, torrent traffic encrypted, private trackers only. I also get seedboxes from time to time. UCLA -Can you download. Also, wireless internet is pretty terrible; wired is recommended though not required for all torrenting. UCLA will not actively seek out or throttle any sort of P2P traffic, including all torrent-related traffic. However, if they receive any sort of notification from a copyright holder--whether it be a cease and desist notice, a subpoena, or some sort of DMCA takedown notice--they will temporarily revoke your internet privileges pending participation in a P2P education workshop.

Torrenting on a College Campus

Any further offenses will have much harsher penalties. For this reason, it's highly recommended that only private trackers be used, as these sorts of notices are much more common on more public trackers like Demonoid and TPB. University of Southern California -Can you download. None that I know of. Yes, here is their official stance on it. They limit ResNet computers Personal Computers to 3. Use private trackers.

Tip4U #32 - VPN mit Ubuntu Linux

This will give you faster speeds and no bandwidth limitations. Smaller libraries will usually give you faster speeds if they're on a different subnet. Very Limited -Ports blocked: Build up a buffer! I can download just fine and at blazing fast speeds, but seeding is very sporadic and limited i. While, at orientation, the school tells you that you are prohibited from downloading, friends in ITS Information Technology Services , whom are the ones who monitor the network, tell me that no one on campus actually cares if you download.

Still can't figure out the seeding, though, as it is very sporadic. In some residence halls, torrenting does seem to be blocked, but in others, it works just fine. Private tracker , use wired internet when possible -Notes: My roommates and I while living in the dorms built up enormous buffers by downloading and seeding well into the TBs of data using the wired internet. Never had an issue or report come across our way. My recommendation would be to take your laptop to a computer lab, unplug the ethernet cable and have your way downloading from your seedbox with blazing fast speeds.

The school states it does not allow P2P software including bittorrent, but does not actively enforce. Seedbox -Notes: Torrents are slow; bandwidth unlimited. They only care if a student really slows down everyone's connection or if the RIAA contacts them about an infringement. If a group like that does they feel obligated to give them any information they can to help.

Yale University -Can you download. Out of ports 1—, the following timed out i. SYN packet silently dropped: Unknown -AUP: Recommended for AHD use. Tested using the wired ethernet LAN connection. When you use the wired connection you are assigned an external IP that is connectable. Not connectable on the standard wireless, but SOME of the school networks are. Haven't tried forwarding ports. They will warn you if you are in the top percentiles of downloaders each month as I learned the hard way. The RIAA once tried to get names, but the school didn't hand them over, although the students may have faced school sanctions.

There are two main methods of getting on the internet: Find a student that knows the login info, and you're golden. Fiber Optics in most dorms, and wireless access almost everywhere combines for great a BT environment. The school receives letters all the time. I've used my ResNet to torrent from What quite frequently and have never been caught.

Others that have used public trackers have received emails from the university. The last time the university sold out its students was in Florida University of Central Florida -Can you download. Bit torrent works very good with speeds of up to mbit up and down. However, torrent at your own risk. They have monitoring systems that are not always active.

However, they will randomly check to see if people are downloading anything via p2p services. If you get caught once, it's a warning. The second time you will have your internet access disconnected for one year. University of Florida -Can you download. Very powerful in-house network monitoring system.

It is possible to torrent, but they will find out, and those who torrent will be banned. First ban is 30 minutes, then 5 days, then permanent. They detect usage patterns, as well as protocol, to identify traffic. As of fall , non-linux system are required to download safeconnect, a spyware tool that reports back all installed software.

Master of Arts Visual and Media Anthropology

It is currently unknown if internet is blocked when safeconnect is installed. Linux systems are unaffected. University of South Florida -Can you download. Yes there is a wireless network that does not require encryption, though -Does the school care?: Somewhat there is a strike policy but it is lenient when you're on a Macintosh -AUP: This has been tested - when you torrent on a Windows computer you are prompted with a screen that forces you to accept an agreement to not use Bit torrent as a means to illegally download files about every 2 weeks.

On an Apple computer you are never prompted with this agreement. Either way, you are able to get away with p2p as long as you agree to not use Bit torrent illegally.

VPN Access • Graduate School of East Asian Studies

University of Miami -Can you download. Connectable yes, forwarding no. Seedbox and VPN. All network users are required to register MAC addresses of their hardware to their student ID upon arriving on campus - there are no formal bandwidth limits, however, so you can move as much data back and forth to a seedbox via sFTP as you wish. There is a three strike system, and on each strike you will be required to bring your computer to the Telecommunications department for them to either verify that you do not have any software that could be causing issues or for them to watch you remove the software.

Overall, my experience is that the telecommunications staff are very competent and the school's network is exceedingly well controlled.

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Florida International University -Can you download. No - Downloading via SSL works, but not by plain http. You'll recieve a zero byte file. Extremely limited -Can you seed?: Yes - Data transfer will be extremely limited, but you are connectable Cisco Clean Access login is required to connect on housing Ethernet ports or wireless network. There are a few random places, notably in faculty offices, where rogue routers will get you past this.

The university does not snitch out Bittorrent users themselves, but does severely throttle BT traffic. Complaints are handled by issuing a warning letter to the student that must be signed and returned within 30? Some exceptions have been made, for instance, you can easily download and seed Ubuntu Linux images to Ubuntu's tracker. SSH and FTP are not restricted at all, so you'll be able to upload and download to a seedbox rapidly.

Georgia Georgia Institute of Technology -Can you download. Yes, if you disable inbound security when you set it up -Encryption required to connect?: Cap Upload, Stick to private sites -Notes: Previously had a 3 strike system: As of the Fall semester, the rules have become more strict. How strict is not known--ask your local Computer Science major. Companies pay the school to look for students stealing their software such as MatLab You are safe as long as you stick to private trackers.

Cap your upload. University of Georgia -Can you download. Stick to private sites and you should be fine -Notes: They throttle Bittorent, but a seedbox or VPN should get around it. Idaho University of Idaho -Can you download. The University is very strict when it comes to public trackers. I just forced encryption and tried to stay away from public trackers. They only care about uploading, but if you force encrypt and use private trackers they tend to not care.

I was brought in after I started force encrypting because I was using a public tracker and was uploading over 75GB a day for 5 days straight. They only crack down when they get letters, calls, etc.. The biggest problem is the first week or so of the year because of all the people who think they know what they are doing because they watched the one kid in their hall so they think they can do it too. If you accumulate 5GB of bandwidth in 24 hours they put you in Class B which is an aggregate of kbps for the entire class B section. If you get caught they shut your internet off for a week.

Second time they shut it off for the rest of the semester. Private certified dorms i. Bromley Hall, Newman Hall, etc do not seem to care about how much bandwidth you use, and how you use it. Mchenry County College -Can you download. Maybe -Can you seed?: Maybe -Ports blocked: The staff will care. All computers except the library computers require personalized login. I have not heard any horror stories but I haven't been there long. I have heard of people getting through, but I don't know if it's bullshit or blind luck. Use a secure connection at all times; you can also bring an external harddrive to the library computers and leech off the FTP programs that are installed on every computer.

I have yet to try and remove a LAN cable from any of the computers in any lab and connect that directly to a laptop obviously spoofing it's MAC address ; though it may work. As far as I know, they do not care about bandwidth used and go through north of 5TB every month for the entire campus. Leech , Seed -Notes: Indiana University monitors torrent activity primarily through bandwidth activity. If they notice that there are a lot of connections coming to one particular computer, they can then pull up such information and then identify what you are uploading or downloading.

One can successfully download and upload on the Indiana University - Bloomington campus network if they limit the amount of peers that are allowed to connect to their computer, say, to under peers. That way, the university's networks won't spike with thousands of peers when you leech and seed. There is also a running rumor that the network admins do not monitor the wired ethernet connection as much as they monitor the "IU Secure" network.

So if you use too much bandwidth, chances are they'll notice. It's best to stick with private trackers while using the IU wired network. They do care about people using public trackers. Second offense was like a stiffer fine. Third was a week or so suspension from the network, and the fourth offense was a semester suspension. And that doesn't include what the RIAA or whoever would do to students privately.

Valparaiso University VU -Can you download. Leech , Don't Seed -Notes: Valparaiso does not seem to care about downloading as long as you are not perpetually downloading massive amounts of files. Uploading is also monitored. It's not ideal, but they won't notice you. Generally speaking Valpariaso will not actively seek out users unless a they're hogging bandwidth or b they get a letter asking them to find a specific student from a media organization. Somewhat They care about quantity of data uploaded and forbid downloading or uploading of copyrighted material, but do not care of quantity of data downloaded and very few people are caught pirating.

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  • If you live in the dorms, watch how much you seed I'd suggest capping maximum upload. If you are connecting elsewhere, you shouldn't have to worry about anything. If you upload over 8 GB over a Resnet connection the one in the dorms in a seven day period, your internet will be automatically shut off until until the amount uploaded in the last seven days drops below 3 GB. AFAIK , there are no other consequences for passing this limit. I passed the limit many times while I lived in the dorms with no other action taken or warnings given other than my internet being temporarily shut down.

    Iowa is pretty good as big universities go. Iowa State University -Can you download. Somewhat The only thing mentioned in the AUP is "Setting up file sharing in which protected intellectual property is illegally shared", which is vaguely worded and open for interpretation. I've been fine, but I think it's safe to assume do everything in moderation to be safe.

    Kansas Kansas State University -Can you download. No - They do not have any cap on uploading or downloading. I have uploaded over gb within a week and nothing happened. There official stance is obviously that you shouldn't do it, but nothing is done to stop it. The only problem I would ever have is that sometimes I would not be connectable anymore, so I would have to change the port in utorrent, and I would be fine. Louisiana Louisiana State University -Can you download. Only at on campus housing -Can you seed?: Only at on campus housing -Ports blocked: Yes, can only connect from on campus housing -AUP: Force encryption through utorrent -Notes: Only on campus housing has unfiltered internet with the exception of very few facility labs.

    Nicholls State University -Can you download. There seems to be a daily cap of about 10gb a day. It resets at midnight. The on campus apartment's internet is separate but has horrible latency depending on where you live. I was the person monitoring for copyright violations, I never cared. Guy who took over after me just likes to play FFXI. Take it for what it's worth. Southeastern Louisiana University -Can you download. If you don't live on campus, use the internet in Fayard Hall; just remember only the 24 hour lab is open around the clock. CMPS labs close at 11pm.

    None of the computers in either 24 hour lab have optical burners - bring a usb device. Most dorm managers don't care with the exception of the one lady running the apartments where Lee Hall used to stand but she's really computer illiterate. Tulane University -Can you download. Use utorrent and be sure to follow their instructions on possible ways to download in college.

    Make sure to download in txt files or they will detect you. Possibly setting a upload cap may be useful. DL is a maximum at 3mbps and upload is high as well. If you are caught blatantly torrenting they will notify you and shut down your internet. They will warn you once, but after that you will be filed action against. Be careful at Tulane. Sometimes -Can you leech?: It will be hard, but doable, to maintain a ratio at a private site. Encryption is required.

    JHU changes their policy on torrents regularly. Generally speaking they place a limit on how many connections an IP address can connect to at once, so you'll find that not all of your torrents will be able to seed simultaneously, and you'll have to stop seeding some in order to download another.

    At times they block the downloading of.