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It is usually provided and made available by the LMS using a standard name to make it easy. Without connecting to the API adapter, the course cannot make any requests for information nor can the LMS provide them. That means no bookmarking, no recording progress or completion, no assessment scores — nothing. There are many reasons this could be happening with your course, but usually, it boils down to one of three causes.

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It will then request information about the learner and the course. As you go through the course, it will typically send information to the LMS about your completion status and what page you are on. All this builds one on the other. If the course cannot find the API adapter, it all comes to a screeching halt. In other words, since the process is intended to work in a very structured way there is rarely a need to change it.

The API adapter has a standard name so the course knows what to look for. What that means is that the course is automatically looking for something with a known name in a known location.

why cant i get on - Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

The course, as created, also may or may not contain its own frameset. How to make Marinenet work at home computer? I think I'm missing some kind of software, it brings up the window and shows the bottom options previous, next, etc Also, sometimes it brings up all kinds of Asian characters instead of the video Anyone know how to make this work???? I've used Marine net at home I've used Marine net at home before so idk what i'm missing.

Thanks in advance!

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