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  • Tech How to View ‘Hidden’ Files on a Mac | Other World Computing Blog!
  • View Hidden Files and Folders on Your Mac With Terminal.
  • How to show hidden files on your Mac.
  • How to see hidden files and folders in macOS.

But did you realize that there are also hidden files and folders on your Mac? These are usually files that are hidden from users for one reason or another — configuration data or system level files, for example. These files are hidden by one of several methods.

How To Show Hidden Files & Folders On Mac OS X

First, a period. Next, it can marked as hidden in Terminal using the chflags command. Changing the Default Settings of macOS to Show All Files This method of making all files visible to users requires familiarity with the Terminal app, which is found in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder. The same view before changing Finder defaults to show hidden files. The hidden files and folders can now be opened, modified, and deleted. Rather than firing up the Terminal app and entering a command, this method uses a simple keyboard shortcut to make the hidden files appear.

Good candidates for finding hidden files include the HD root directory, the Computer view as seen in the screenshots in the previous section of this article , or in a user Home folder.

Master the command line: Navigating files and folders

Command — Shift — Period. Many of the hidden files are configuration files for apps or are critical components of macOS, so changing or removing the files can affect the way your Mac functions. These hidden files all have dots. From the command line, you use the cd or change directory command instead.

What's hidden is revealed with the help of Terminal

Remember to always type a space after any command that has an additional argument, such as the name of a directory in the previous example. That should be enough to get you started. Try playing around in Terminal, exploring your folders and files with just those two commands. He's also the author of Take Control of iTunes The FAQ. Type Less in Terminal.

How to see hidden files and folders in macOS

How to make a bootable Mavericks install drive. Master the command line Master the command line: Last login: Tue Apr 23 If you type cd..

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Master the command line. Currently reading. Master the command line: Navigating files and folders.