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Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. MacAssistant Support. Recommended Posts. Posted July 27, MacAssistant 0. Features Version 0. Feature Requests: Instructions for the First Run: Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Hey It looks really good and well done , but can't seem to get the assistant to load my game. Thanks, can you please upload your savegame somewhere and file an issue with the link in the issue tracker mentioned at the post?

Posted July 28, Doesn't work for me, says it's not available for my version of Mac. Posted July 29, Posted July 30, How about us Or will I be forced to upgrade to be able to have this program? Posted August 1, Posted August 2, Wow, nice to see this. Unfortunately I'm also on Posted August 6, I send a link to an uploaded savegame as a PM. Did you get it? Posted August 7, Posted August 9, Thanks, I got the link.

It will be fixed in version 0. Posted August 11, Crashes for me, i'm on Posted August 12, Posted August 13, Does it work with my version now? Or is that a while away? Can you please try this file: Posted August 14, If I start a new game I have the same problem as prezero with it only loading clubs and not the players, however if I use my save game it doesn't load anything, if your after my save game to debug its uploaded here , looks like when I can use it it will be a great scout tool so keep up the good work chief. Posted August 15, Posted August 16, Firing it up now mate.

MAC USER - Where do I download/extract FMScout 19

I'm running Mac Works great mate, does exactly what it should. Cheers boss! Still getting the force closes on mine for some reason, no idea why. Posted August 17, Mine's crashing as soon as it finishes loading. Posted August 18, Posted August 19, Mine's doing the same, same laptop but not downloaded the latest Mountain Lion. Sorry, that's my mistake, thought the update was for mine, completely my fault, sorry. Tested with Fulham; 14 matches, 55 goals.

Discussion: FM Genie Scout 19 - Exclusive

Update scoit FM Touch Play a patient passing game. I'm proud of how this place has grown into a vibrant community and I try my best to improve it every year. It's interesting that you spent time to login and post this comment instead of either reopening GS18 to tell you there's a new version or reading above or below there's a new version you can download. I've alerted Eugene and he'll make an effort to prepare update tonight, despite being extremely busy with work these days. Is there a way to get it in line to buy players??

FM19 Genie Scout - FMScouts Genie Scout overview

In genie scout17 I was able to search for a club and the names of the players and the potential of them etc The public edition of Genie Scout comes with 2 banner ads. Keep up the good work. AVG has alerted me to potential issues with sdout files. Genie Scout public edition is always free to download and use.

Does it work for Mac or Linux? In-Game Scout Click the i icon next to player's name within FM normally shows up a pop-up box with his attributes acout some quick details. Progress Rate Shows the predicted speed of player's development, depending on his ambition, determination, professionalism etc. Genie Scout 17g has no ads and includes a scotu of extra features, such as search by role rating and probability of development. FMS Chat — Stam hey, just wanted to let you know that we have a fb style chat for our members.

FM Genie Scout 17 - Exclusive

We are always looking for quality content creators, capable of producing insightful articles. The actual asking price is impossible to crack I'm afraid. Do YOU have what it takes? Top Free Agents on FM Absolute Best Coaches in FM I think people should be refunded, I paid my fee and never even got to use the service it's a scam.

Not happy about buying the licence, and then there not being any updates. I have already paid my bill by Alipay, but I have not received the confirmation mail or a license, please help me. I bought the license over a week ago now and haven't been able to use it because it's not been updated. I bought the key but cannot import it from my download folder on mAc Safari. Please help. No longer works with the new FM update. How long before macassistant is updated? I'm loving it and now I can't play without it lol.