How to install mac os x lion from usb

Make a Bootable Mac OS X Lion Installer from a USB Flash Drive

Find the InstallESD. You will need this file to create the USB drive. Select the drive in Disk Utility and then thePartition Tab. He loves helping others get more out of their devices! Subscribe to Maciverse.

How to Create a Bootable Mac OS X Lion Installation USB Drive

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If you've already installed Lion—so it's too late to move the installer—you've may find that the Mac App Store claims that Lion is already installed and prevents you from downloading it again. As I explained in our main Lion-installation article, you should be able to force a re-download using one of the following three tricks: One of these three procedures should get rid of the "Installed" status for Lion and let you download it.

How to mount OS X Lion to a flash drive/hard drive and Clean Install Mac OS X Lion

Apple appears to have recently made this process easier: If you previously purchased Lion from the Mac App Store, the button next to Lion in the Store should simply say Download—click it to re-download the installer. Here's our guide to installing Lion, from the best way to get your Mac ready, to undertaking the Apple bills Lion as the easiest-to-install version of OS X yet, and that may be true.

But there are If your Mac was released after Lion, it's not quite as easy to make a bootable Lion install disc or Some Mac users prefer to do a "clean install" of each major new version of OS X, erasing their One of the most significant new features of Lion is that it lets you boot your Lion-equipped Mac Apple has released a simple utility for creating a bootable Lion Recovery volume from any external How to create a bootable macOS Mojave installer drive. How to create a bootable macOS High Sierra installer drive.

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How to install Windows on your Mac using Boot Camp. Change Apple Watch app grid to list view. How to Install Lion Installing Lion: What you need to know How to make a bootable Lion install Create a bootable Lion install drive Should you do a "clean install" of Lion?

Show More. Part 1: Drag the InstallESD. Connect to your Mac the hard drive or flash drive you want to use for your bootable Lion installer. Follow Steps 1 through 4 in this slideshow to properly format the drive.

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In Disk Utility, find this destination drive in the sidebar and then drag it into the Destination field on the right; if the destination drive has multiple partitions, just drag the partition you want to use as your bootable installer volume. Click Restore and, if prompted, enter an admin-level username and password.

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The restore procedure will take anywhere from five to 15 minutes, depending on your Mac and the speed of your drive.