Instalar windows 7 en mac mini sin bootcamp

For instance this support article from Apple on installing Windows 7 doesn't list anything more recent than models as supported. Or see here for information on other versions of Windows. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Cómo formatear un equipo Mac para instalar macOS o OS X

Ask Question. Nathan Walker Nathan Walker 5, 2 16 I'm pretty sure it works with an EFI system as well. In any case, the boot drive I'm trying to make includes an EFI folder in the root directory. Seems like it should work with EFI. Installing Lion seems to have disabled it, and I was afraid to enable it again in case it's not compatible. I'll do some research and see it if still works with Lion, despite not being updated recently.

I'm not going to even think about trying that. Oh, and I tried booting from a DVD too. It doesn't work. If I hold option at boot, it doesn't show up. Glenn H Glenn H 11 1. I've verified this. The only problem I had doing it is that the destination HDD had to be partitioned in a very specific way: You'll know if you run into the same problem because WinToUSB won't show a radio box for the System partition when it asks you for the destination for the clone.

Hardware I'm using: Vishal Patel Vishal Patel 11 2.

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I want to install windows 7 on my iMac 24'' mid but my optical disc drive is broken. I tried to install it with an USB flashdrive, but the system don't recognize it as a bootable device. I have the windows 7 ISO, vmware fusion, refit i searched on the interet for the solution but i couldn't find any.

Installing Windows 10 without DVD or Third Party Tools

Posted on Jun 15, 2: Feb 26, 9: I had a similiar problem where I wanted to install windows on a macbook pro early that had a broken optical drive, using a bootable windows 7 USB, but the mac wouldn't recognize the USB because it only checks in the optical drive. Download the Windows 7 ISO file here: Use Daemon Tools Lite free, found here: This tricks bootcamp into thinking that a windows 7 install disk is inserted.

Run Boot Camp, I chose to skip downloading the drivers and did that separately here: Once windows was installed, it was easy to open the USB and run bootcamp settup. When the computer restarts after bootcamp finishes, insert the bootable windows 7 USB into the mac when the screen is black, and then hold down the C key as soon as you hear the mac turning on sound.

This command tells the mac to boot from USB. I did not find any discussions of simply pressing the C key to boot from USB in similiar threads, and people just said that you need the disk if your mac has an optical drive. I finally found this trick out here: The windows installation should now be running, and all thats left now is to choose the Bootcamp partition when it asks, and to click on it, click drive options, click format, and then click next to continue on with the installation.

How To Install Windows 8.1 On Mac Without Boot Camp

Page content loaded. Jun 15, 2: Check the drive in disk utility.

Expertos: Instala Windows en "El Capitan" Sin BootCamp, Sin PenDrive y Sin DVD

You can only install Windows from an external disk if you have a Mac that didn't come with a SuperDrive: If you haven't got one of these computers, you can't install Windows from an external drive. Firmware doesn't allow it, so you will get a no bootable device message if you try to install Windows. It will ask you for the source you want to use to install Windows, so insert a DVD with Windows and choose it to install it.

Jun 15, 3: Nov 11, 3: You are able to install windows off a usb key in any mac you choose regardless if it has an optical drive or not!

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And use a third party boot menu such as refit, which you already have. From what I'm reading your trying to format the key in a "mac" format and then just simply dropping the iso onto the key.

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Thats never going to work even on a PC scenario. I forgot to ask what version of osx you are running, because later version of bootcamp do infact have usb support built in. Nov 17, 2: Nov 21, Hi CamdenY, I tried your procedure but it didn't work as expected. Jun 16,