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If you would rather use your own photos as icons, there are a number of apps that will convert your favorite picture to the icon format, which you can then use with your Mac. One of my favorite apps for converting photos to icons is Image2icon: Tom's Mac Software Pick. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About.

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He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Updated November 10, In the Finder Preferences window that opens, click the General tab. You'll see a list of devices that can have their associated icon displayed on your desktop: Hard disks: This includes internal devices, such as hard drives or SSDs.

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Place a checkmark next to the items you wish to display on the desktop. Close the Finder Preferences window.

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The selected items will now display on the desktop. Continue Reading. We hope that Apple will publish an update for If this is the case, the next version of TinkerTool which will support preference settings of Jaguar more specifically can be expected to come out four weeks after the release of a Jaguar build with higher product quality.

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The preference setting that controlled the smoothing of fixed-width fonts in Cocoa has been removed because it did no longer have an effect in recently released versions of Mac OS X Language packages for Russian and Ukrainian have been added. The software itself has not been changed.

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See http: Language packages for Finnish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Polish have been added. Partial support for Icelandic has been reactivated. This is a minor update which addresses very specific installation problems on some systems. It does not add any new settings. This is a maintenance update which fixes an issue on machines that have been updated from Mac OS X Under certain conditions, the modified multi-monitor features of This bug has been fixed. TinkerTool has now become a module for the System Preferences application. The feature set is subject to change until the official version of Mac OS X The tool was adapted to work correctly with future versions of Mac OS X.

Release 1. Future updates will work on Mac OS X Under rare conditions, TinkerTool could set the gamma correction to zero which resulted in a black screen when starting the application.

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The maintenance release will automatically repair corrupt screen settings and does multiple security checks to avoid the problem. If you used an older version of TinkerTool and have the "black screen" problem, you can easily repair the tool by deleting the file "de. If you start TinkerTool for the first time, you should avoid that a Classic application which comes with its own color calibration or gamma correction tool has already run in the same login session. In this case, log out, then log in again and start TinkerTool without running Classic first. Overview Details What's new?

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Screenshots Download Notes. Most recent items are listed first. What's new?

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  4. TinkerTool Version History Release 7. Added new option to prevent macOS from suggesting iCloud if available when saving documents. Added new option to restrict dark mode to menu bar and Dock, keeping applications light. Added new option to keep Finder light even if dark mode is enabled.