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However, if you're developing in Ruby, be it core Ruby or web frameworks such as Rails or Sinatra, you will most definitely encounter applications running on different versions of Ruby. This is where Ruby version manager, such as rvm or rbenv , comes in. In this tutorial, we'll use rbenv as our Ruby version manager.

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I find it easier and more intuitive than rvm. Rbenv intercepts Ruby commands using shims lightweight libraries that intercept API calls injected in the PATH, determines which Ruby version is specified by your application, and passes the command along to the correct version. We'll use Homebrew to install rbenv.

Update Bundler:

We'll also install ruby-build , a rbenv plugin, that provides rbenv install command to compile and install different Ruby versions on Unix-like systems. That's it! Older versions of OS X are mostly compatible so follow along as far as you can and then Google search for any problems you run into. There are plenty of people who have documented solutions for them. First, we need to install Homebrew.

macos - Change the path for ruby and irb to in OSX - Super User

Homebrew allows us to install and compile software packages easily from source. Homebrew comes with a very simple install script. We're going to use rbenv to install and manage our Ruby versions. We'll be using Git for our version control system so we're going to set it up to match our Github account.

3 Steps to Set up a Ruby Environment on macOS

If you don't already have a Github account, make sure to register. It will come in handy for the future. Replace the example name and email address in the following steps with the ones you used for your Github account.

Installing Rails on Mac OSX - The Simple Way!

The next step is to take the newly generated SSH key and add it to your Github account. You want to copy and paste the output of the following command and paste it here. Rails is now installed, but in order for us to use the rails executable, we need to tell rbenv to see it:.

We're going to install sqlite3 from homebrew because we can't use the built-in version with macOS Sierra without running into some troubles. Rails ships with sqlite3 as the default database. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

Step 1 — Using the macOS Terminal

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