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Daniel Buccheri said he was "so humbled" to be the best man at his brother's wedding, so he decided to surprise the soon-to-be newlyweds and do something a little more than just an ordinary boring speech.

He performed it on their wedding night and judging by the constant laughter and huge smiles on their faces, it's pretty obvious they loved it! Instead of selling a picture of their baby to the tabloids, they produced this time-lapse video to share the experience from the bump to baby. They took a picture every day for nine months and the musician's original song, "Something New," made the perfect soundtrack to this beautiful video.

The Fastest Rapper in the Game

He had been corresponding with Marc for a while, and they were able to plan and execute the perfect concert proposal! From heart-shaped pizzas to donuts, we are crushing on the deliciousness of the video. More Love is in the Air videos. However, you know who doesn't love those kinds of cameras? A waddle of penguins on the Falkland Islands blew past the camera, knocking it over. If you look to your left, you'll see your life flash before your eyes! The adults were feeling especially protective of their babies that day, and they charged at the car a couple times as a warning.

Eventually, the guide decided it was time to drive off, but not before getting some pics of the incredible animals.

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Veggies though, not so much. More animal videos. Heughan sat down with a group of kids to ask them for their best dating tips. Surprisingly, some of the kids had very good advice. More celebrity videos. But because Randy is an absolute beast, he was able to finish the burrito in under five minutes. Since then, it's absolutely taken off in the beauty YouTube community, and everyone is trying their hand at what they're calling the "Bratz Doll Challenge.

The Fastest Rapper in the Game

Basically, it's the perfect challenge for makeup artists. They're heading to some of the most luxurious locations the city has to offer and his subscribers get to decide who wins: More Take the Challenge videos. Who doesn't love puppies??!! It's no surprise that Puppy Dog Pals is a smash hit on Disney Junior but you might be a bit surprised to learn there's a familiar face behind the series. Still, never before have we seen such a graceful and faithful adaptation.

Five fathers, NO! The Perfect Smartphone according to Mac Lethal.

What happens when a speed rapper gets low battery? Featured Products. Popular posts.

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Camera comparison: ZenFone 3 Zoom vs iPhone 7 Plus. Our very own in-house photographer went out to compare the 12MP shooters of the ZenFone 3 Zoom and the iPhone 7 Plus against each other.

However, when you try to capture it on your phone camera, the images usually turn out more disappointing than dazzling, with slow focus, blinding flash, and small sensors all causing problems.