Matlab 2014a mac yosemite patch

For anyone reading this, Image Analyst is incorrect. The advice provided by Mateusz below is correct -- updating both Java and X11 to the latest versions resolved this problem for me, restoring matlab ra to full functionality under OSX Yosemite.

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Image Analyst Image Analyst view profile. There is nothing incorrect about what John or I said. People were out of luck until they came up with a patch, just like I said. Fortunately there is now a patch for certain versions , and it's here as well as on a blue sticky note at the top of the screen. You can also find patch information by searching the forum for Yosemite, just like I said.

Clay Campaigne Clay Campaigne view profile. I had the java. NullPointerException followed by abrupt closing of the application in the current Yosemite version. Student version Ra.

Is MATLAB compatible with Mac OS X (Yosemite)? - MATLAB Answers - MATLAB Central

Absent any helpful material online from mathworks, I got a working but unverified patch from a sketchy link on stack overflow. I already had up-to-date Java and OSX. It was replacing info. Call them up on the phone. They will help you out and get you working. They give free telephone help for all installation issues, even the student version. Mateusz view profile.

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Answer by Mateusz Mateusz view profile. You just have to update Java and X11 to the newest version. Since then my Matlab b, a and b work perfectly. Tiago Ferreira Tiago Ferreira view profile. After updating Java it will probably ask you to install a legacy version of Java 6. Seems to be working fine after that update. Thank you! I have updated Java and installed newest version of X Now my Matlab is working perfectly! Brooks Emerick Brooks Emerick view profile.

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This worked for me. Thank you. I have another problem, however. I can get it running using the terminal.

Is there any way to get the icon working? Thanks in advance. Asim Mazin view profile. Answer by Asim Mazin Asim Mazin view profile. Edited by Asim Mazin Asim Mazin view profile. If anyone has a solution please post.

[MAC] Yosemite & MATLAB 2014a :( FIXED!!

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