How to plot two lines on same graph in excel mac

For example you may want to plot actual revenue with forecasted revenue to compare the two values. I am going to walk through the same scenario used in that article so you can see the differences.

How to add a line to an existing Excel graph

I would like to create a single chart like the one below so I can see both data sets in one view. To follow along, use this sample workbook. Click the All Charts tab and select the Combo category. At the top of the dialog you will see a couple pre-canned combo charts to get you started and Clustered Column — Line is the default. You can then use the table below the chart to change each series to a particular chart type and move series to the secondary axis. Given that units sold and total transactions have different scales we need to move one of them to a secondary axis so we can clearly see the values for both.

Plot x-y data in Numbers - Apple Community

As you can see it now takes four steps to create a simple combination chart instead of the eleven steps outlined in the earlier post! There are a couple steps in the previous post that are no longer necessary since they are the new defaults for Click the Add Chart Elements button next to the chart.

Right click on the secondary axis Total Transactions and choose Format Axis. Set the Category to Currency and the Decimal Places to zero. I think you will find that creating combo charts and modifying them to get to your final polished output is much easier now. I found a way. Part of what was confusing was that I was expecting the first selected column to be the x-axis and the second column selected to be the y-axis - when adding data to the chart what the help file indicates to do.

That never occurred. Instead, I'd always get two graphs. In the inspector with the chart selected I selected the Axis tab and then Category x. In the Label References field you will see those cells that make the x-axis. The large screen capture below shows this. Next, I added new x-axis data by using mouse pointer to select the data values in my column containing x data.

Clicking the header in this instance did not select the entire column - I had to click and drag. After x-axis data had been added I could add the y values in the normal way, by clicking on the header.

Dec 11, The Line Plot is a Category chart. The labels on the category x axis are 'categories', not 'values,' and are equally spaced with no regard to the numerical difference from one to the next assuming they are 'numbers'. A Scatter chart has two 'value' axes, and distance from the origin on both is proportional to the values in each series. Scatter charts can show individual data point, with no connection from point to point, or can show the data points connected by line segments or by curves, or can show only the connecting lines, omitting the data points.

Here's a pair of examples, using estimated Y data in the small chart shown in your post. X 'data' has been chosen to demonstrate the differences between a Category chart and an x-y Value chart.

Working with Multiple Data Series in Excel

Note that the Category labels are in a Header column and the Y data series are in two non-header columns. The selection feeding the chart is rows of columns B and C. Note the spacing of the 'numbers' on the x axis.

Note that the blue selection rectangle encloses rows of columns A, B and C, and that the table does not have a Header column. The grey shading in part of column A is applied by Numbers to show these cells are selected—the three unselected cells at the bottom of the table show the default 'no fill' condition of non-header cells.

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Note also the horizontal spacing of the data points, and the resulting change in the slope of the lines connecting the data points. The choice of Line Chart vs Scatter Chart should depend not of the perceived aesthetics of the chart as can be seen above, both can have a very similar style , but on which gives a truer picture of the data. For an x-y scatter chart using two series of y values and a shared series of x values, begin by selecting a single x-y pair of columns A and B , then choose the chart type.

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With the chart created, and selected, click the Edit Chrt References button below the chart, then go to the table and drag the small white handle right to add the second column of Y values:. Dec 12, 2: Numbers automatically includes both Ys and automatically sets Share X Values click on bottom left of the numbers window. Plot x-y data in Numbers More Less. Communities Contact Support.

Need to combine two chart types? Create a combo chart and add a second axis

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