Single spacing in word mac

Word adjusts the lines but makes sure there is, at minimum, the number of points you enter in the At box between each line.

Choose this one and enter a number in the At box if you want a specific amount of space between lines. The Before and After measurements place a specific amount of space before and after paragraphs. Truth be told, the Before and After options are for use with styles.

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When you create a style, you can tell Word to always follow a paragraph in a certain style with a paragraph in another style. For example, a paragraph in the Chapter Title style might always be followed by a paragraph in the Chapter Intro style. In a case like this, when you know that paragraphs assigned to one type of style will always follow paragraphs assigned to another style remember that any line that ends with a Return is considered a paragraph , you can confidently put space before and after paragraphs.

Change the default line spacing in Word for Mac

It also automatically adds 8 points of space after each paragraph after a hard return. You can change the default line spacing by following the steps below.

Keep in mind that this is a machine-specific setting, so you will need to repeat these steps for any new computer that you log in to. What is your opinion about the content? Suggest new content or let us know how we can improve this content optional:.

Q. How do I remove double spacing in my Word document?

If you desire a response, please provide your email address optional:. Directory Share. Change Default Line Spacing. To change the default line spacing: In the lower-right corner of the "Paragraph" group, click the arrow.

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  • A "Paragraph" dialog box will open. From the "Line spacing" drop-down list, choose the spacing you would like Word to use by default. From the "Before" and "After" drop-down lists, choose the amount of spacing between paragraphs you would like Word to use by default.