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World of Warcraft. Forums Technical Support Problem with oceanic latency. The World of Warcraft community forums have moved! Prev 1 2 Next. May 11, I've took a lot effort to work out how to solve this problem, stop treating oceanic players like poo and put some data centers here, like diablo 3. Pretty sure they skew that stuff. They try to make your crappy MS seem good because it's good by oceanic "standards" It's also not like Oceanic players haven't said for quite some time we'd be happy to pay a higher sub fee to get oceanic servers, it's not like Internode?

It comes down to Blizzard, plain and simple, people keep paying for substandard service so they have zero reason to do anything about it. Yea that's a common rumor but blizzard actually has never contacted any Australian ISP to set up servers. In fact its more the opposite, telstra, optus and others have contacted blizzard and bent over backwards to get them here. But I believe they are going to continue ignoring every third thread in oceanic forums as long as we still pay for their American servers and support the American player base.

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Then when more of the already depleting oceanic player base leave they can hide behind the "oceanic has no playerz! Its not a rumor its a fact. The "number one" isp blizzard contacted was optus, not telstra..

But, again, while we frequently do those things and will keep doing so , its obvious that the best answer is in-country server facilities. If Blizzard wanted to re-engage with us on the notion of winding up with Blizzard server resources in our extensively peered data centre facilities, we'd be just thrilled.

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That door is still open, has been for years, and its not closed now. The Diablo servers have never been or ever will be in Australia. The are located in Singapore. Which the last time I check was its own country. Its nice to know the US does not have a monopoly on bad journalism inetnum: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. SG admin-c: Uhhh no man, they are in sydney. Which they dont, but they are clearly abstaining to gain more money.

No other reason. This way we both win.

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If wow decided to make a server in oceanic at this point it would isolate you from the group finder and the US battle grounds. The only player base you would have to draw on with group finder would be other oceanic players.

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  • I can feel your pain. But most likely its not going to happen. The way the oceanic under seas cables are run is part of the issue. I travel a lot for my job. Most oceanic countries get better ping times to the US then any central location in the area do to how the ocean fiber cables are run. Diablo 3 servers have a lot less to make them function then wow servers.

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    The offer ended by the end of Since then, I haven't seen any request for a Garena-to-Riot transfer entertained within any of their public support channels. Quoting a post from player support for the Philippines server,. You would need to start a new account if you want to play on other LoL regions. The best case is to contact support , I've done some looking and a page they had called " Transfer " is no longer available, so it seems the only way to transfer, if it's even possible, is to contact support and request a transfer.

    They may be able to do something. Failing that, it seems making a new account might be the only solution to play on a different region. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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    Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to move account from Garena? Ask Question. Thanks in advance! Luciferangel Luciferangel 1 7.

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