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We will see I have a full load iMac in the studio 3. Besides the exorbitant price though I know graphic and video artists will benefit mightily from the latest specs the big issue is NOISE. Can I assume they've done something to address that? Let's see Or, do I want to wait until Apple comes out with a modular Pro truly computer and redeems themselves from their failed attempt in ? Looks like I'm waiting another year.

Will The New iMac Pro Be The Center Of Your Music Studio?

My core cheese grater is still an incredibly powerful machine, and I will wait for true customizability. Have you heard the fans on the MacBook Pros when you use them to their capacity? Imagine what it will sound like on this iMac "Pro. And if they do, they will very quickly regret their decision.


I want internal storage I don't want a dozen peripherals hanging of the computer, sprawled all over my desk with the inevitable rats nest of cables. It is very powerful but not for me. Maybe next time? Well I'm excited about the iMac Pro for music. I use a crazy amount of samples for orchestral pieces and my iMac is choking. Before that I had mac pros and they choked. For what I do the only other choice is linking several computers together and running Vienna Ensemble.

I tried it but it can be clumsy and timing issues pop up. If I was simply recording a band or one instrument at a time then I would agree with the comments here but if you are high end midi based driving Vsl dimension strings plus sample modeling, cinesamples and 8dio choirs etc. Sample based midi music production is the most gpu intensive task there is, more than most video processing and even all but the highest end vr work because there is no background rendering.

Every thing happens live. Yep the iMac pro isn't upgradable. But seriously, what sound cards do you use on a mac? Why do you need a pci card?

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The apollo is probably the hottest ticket right now and it doesn't require a pci card and has its own gpu. Does anybody honestly think that the Mac Pro will be the last computer they will need and upgradable forever? I used to replace my computer every years, now it's more like At that point the motherboard and buss speeds will have been eclipsed by new technology and the chip sockets and will have changed to the point where you need a new computer anyway. What if you take pictures as well or have an audio recorder like the Zoom H6 that uses SD cards? You plan to connect your Macbook Pro to an external monitor in your studio?

I must say, the Touchbar feature looks amazing and cool. There are so many features that I could think off, would be really cool on the Touchbar. Touchbar seems like a nice feature for the music producer, but do you really need it?

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I figured using a touch screen to control the knobs and faders on a DAW would be much more intuitive than trying to fiddle on a thin Touchbar strip. Good enough for music production? As a music producer, producing with lots of VSTs and effects through the years, you probably know how important RAM is for your setup. Before you throw hate on Apple, understand that the Macbook Pro is a laptop. It is designed to be small and portable. The SSD speeds on the MacBook Pro will aid with any heavy audio recording or processing in the studio or on the roads.

It also has a bumped up battery life to 10 hours between charges, so producing music on the road will be a breeze. And this model is without the TouchBar, which in my opinion, kind of defeats the purpose of upgrading to the new MacBook Pro. I used to recommend fellow music producers who wanted a Macbook Pro, to go for the base inch model as it comes with higher disk space and also with a maxed out 16GB RAM.

Even though Apple is a company that prides on their higher priced products, the price increase this round has caused lots of grumbles. Many users are talking about going back to run on a refurbished unit instead of getting the new Macbook Pro Mac used to be the computer you want to get if you are into music production.

The New Macbook Pro For Music Production

There is also a few great reasons why you would consider the switch to a Windows machine. You get more power for the price you pay for in most Windows based machine. The laptops recommended here are near the Macbook Pro in terms of portability and battery life. Coming with a new 7th generation processor, this is one of the best MacBook Pro alternatives you can find for music production.

Enter the Lenovo ThinkServer.

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See prices for the Acer Aspire: When it comes to the best music making and recording desktop PC, we have a few options. Depending on which model you grab, there will be very feasible specifications to get your music making going out of the box. In fact, there will probably be people who scoff at the thought of making music anything but this. There are many specification combinations available to fit within your budget range, too such as screen size, memory capacity, processor speed for a price and more.

Flying under the radar at times unfortunately due to the lack of heavily marketed brand names, PC Audio Labs brings us computers literally made for the tough processes of music production. We were unfamiliar with what they brought to the table until a few years ago, but after heavy research and asking around with other producers what their thoughts were, many had zero complaints and actually scoffed at the fact that we recommended any other music production computer aside from these guys.

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  4. They have quite a few models to choose from depending on budget — you can up go to a few thousands to grab a tank, or perhaps just under a thousand for a decent budget-friendly workstation for beginners. Check pricing for the Dell Inspiron: Dell Inspiron help is always available, too. The HP Pavilion is another popular and highly reviewed pre-built computer series in the market right now that brings us great specs and power for handling music production tasks. Just another decent computer series here that can act as the best music recording computer if you want a known brand and Windows desktop.

    These things are tanks. View price of the Acer Predator: Check price of the ThinkCentre: You are here: How to choose your computer for music production Your budget — As perhaps assumed, this is our first and foremost the biggest deciding factor. Many reading this article may be just starting to build a home studio , so keep in mind what other gear you need to balance your money out. However, we do recommend saving up as much cash and being as patient as you can, since computers will be a long-term investment for the next 5 or so years.

    Mac vs. When it comes to music production, this debacle is quite overplayed. However, you can also read our PC or Mac for music making article for more detail into this popular argument before you continue on.