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According to a survey conducted by Smashing Magazine , a majority of websites have already adopted non-standard fonts as their primary typeface in , which shows a growing variety and increasing liberty of typographic style on the web. Chinese character set is huge. A standard Chinese character set consists of about 10, unique characters, with only 3, of those characters common in daily use.

Because of the huge set of characters, Chinese font sizes normally range from 5 to 10 MB per file. For Mac OSX users, there is also a good choice: Hiragino Sans GB. It is a high quality sans-serif typeface similar to Microsoft Ya Hei on Windows.

Chinese Calligraphy Font

Doing this allows the browsers to choose the best font available to display for optimised legibility. However, Chinese typography does have a much wider variety in styles. Throughout the history of China, the building blocks of the Chinese written language has evolved with time. In general, the Chinese character styles can be categorized into roughly 12 different styles, ranging from ancient oracles that symbolise natural objects and animals to modern sans-serif Chinese characters.

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Currently, there are two different sets of Chinese characters used in different regions of the Chinese speaking world — simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. Designers working on Chinese web projects often wish that they could choose from a wider set of webfonts to fulfil their creative pursuits. This need creates opportunities for Chinese font providers to develop innovative technologies to solve the problem. While serving Chinese webfonts in a stable and bandwidth-friendly way remains a technical challenge, there are several promising Chinese webfont providers that utilise innovative technologies to make it more practical.

Most of these providers adopt a technique which is to use a block of JavaScript to collect all the character needed for the current web page and automatically downloads the minimised font file. In this way only the required font characters are downloaded, which reduces its font file to a reasonable size. This Japanese inspired font includes a license that allows free commercial use: This allows you to install the font on a computer and use it to create posters, web graphics, game graphics, t-shirts, videos, signs, logos and more.

Read the license agreement for more details on this Japanese free font. Originally conceived as two separate Japanese looking fonts, the upper and lower cases are designed for use separately, but can be mixed when logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead. Will you see free Chinese fonts with sans-serifs and serifs?

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What is considered to be the Helvetica in the Chinese font world? Web and graphic designers are constantly being asked to make Chinese-language versions of their materials, both the digital ones and the printed ones.


However, many of them have evolved into distinct, unique languages, yet retain some of the Chinese characters. And, last but not least, Chinese is actually pretty to look at.

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A Chinese font adds an aesthetic appeal to the design. When Chairman Mao and the Communists rose to power, back in , Mao considered that if he made the language less complex, he would increase the national literacy rates. Therefore, he got a couple of linguists and they got working. Instead, they kept the original, traditional Chinese. There were also a lot of immigrant communities and Chinatowns overseas before the new language was released, and they also decided to keep the original, traditional characters.

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There were therefore many people still writing in an original Chinese style font. If they want to release professional Chinese letter fonts, they need, first, to create a character set of at least somewhere around 20, characters, and then they have to do the same thing again.

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One is for Simplified Chinese, and one is for Traditional. Even despite the simplification, a professional Simplified Chinese font must have around 20, glyphs, sometimes a few thousand less, but sometimes a few thousand more.

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This also includes the English alphabet, both English and Chinese punctuation, as well as a big dictionary of Chinese characters. Ming I.

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