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Git, originally designed by Linus Torvalds the father of Linux , is a distributed version control system that makes every Git clone a full-fledged repository and mirror of the original repository. Your clone contains the complete history of changes and full revision tracking facilities, and is not tied to a central server.

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Other features include fast branching and merging operations and the ability to efficiently handle large projects for example, at this time, both Linux and Perl , among many others, use Git. It is a port of TortoiseSVN see elsewhere on this page. At the time this mini-review was written, TortoiseGit is still under development that is, not yet feature-complete , although it can already commit files, show the log, show a diff of two versions, create branches and tag revisions.

Fossil is a distributed version control system DVCS , bug tracker, wiki and technotes software all rolled into one. It has an integrated web interface, can serve as a web server with support for CGI, and has the usual facilities a version control system has. The repository, and in fact all its content, is stored in an SQLite database. The entire software system comes in a self-contained standalone executable file.

It is released under the BSD licence. Mercurial is a source control management system meant for handling large distributed projects. It allows arbitrary merging between developer branches, provides SHA1 integrity checking on repository data, has an append-only storage model with transaction journalling, features a full-repository verification, is optimized for disk layout and access efficiency, is scalable and supposedly does not degrade with large numbers of files or changesets, has a convenient backup facility, includes an integrated standalone web interface, etc.

In fact, it probably works on other systems that has Python and SetupTools installed as well.

Bazaar-NG is a decentralized revision control system that allows users to commit their own branches of the source code for particular software without requiring special permissions. It also comes with a CGI script that allows you to browse through your source code repository via the web. Monotone is a free distributed version control system. Its features include a single-file transactional version store, fully disconnected operation, history-sensitive merging, lightweight branches, integrated code review, third-party testing, cryptographic version naming, client-side RSA certificates, internalization support, and no external dependencies.

It integrates directly into Windows explorer, and yet allows you to limit the amount of integration so that your system does not become sluggish.

Tower - The most powerful Git client for Mac and Windows

You can simply right click on the files or folders you want to manage using version control, select the necessary procedure to apply, and Tortoise CVS will do the necessary. GNU RCS is a revision control system that allows you to manage multiple versions of your source code in a space efficient manner.

Instead of storing multiple versions of your sources in entirety, RCS stores only the differences between the versions. You can then use RCS to retrieve different versions of your source code. Although the software is command line driven, you can easily integrate them into the menus of many modern editors for automatic checking in and out. Note that the link above leads to the source code archive. You will have to compile it yourself for your operating system. If you need help on using this package, there's even a book on this: Vesta is a portable SCM system that is able to handle both small and large software projects eg 10 million source lines.

This version control and project management system can be used on a local computer, across a LAN, WAN, the Internet as well as in mixed environments. It offers secure data transfer for transfers over a network or the Internet using a bit Blowfish encryption algorithm. Data is stored in SQL database tables, and may be accessed with other database tools as well. It has an IDE, context sensitive help, Zip compression for the archived files, etc.

Comparison of version-control software

It runs on Unix and Linux systems with the Korn Shell and awk. This is a source control and versioning system that is written in Java , and as such should be able to run on any system that has a Java virtual machine. Subversion is a version control system designed to be a "compelling replacement of CVS". Stunning new features like Pull Requests and Interactive Rebase as well as countless improvements make the new Tower the best Tower ever. See All New Features. Tower is the tool of choice for over , users worldwide.

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