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Win32 fixed: We've create a development section. There you will find instructions on what you can do to help us and how to join the developers mailing list. Also we have updated the documentation and there is a FAQ now. This is the first official release of PearPC. Please note that this is an experimental program not meant for productive use. There are still unimplemented instructions, mysterious bugs and missing features. Don't use it on important data, it WILL destroy them sooner or later! However if you are brave enough to try it out fetch one of the builds or the source.

Don't forget to read the documentation , it will save you hours of frustration! And please don't whine if it doesn't work for you but fix the bugs.

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Welcome to the new homepage of PearPC! Here you'll soon find the 0. Repository moved to Github Submitted by Seppel on March 3, - Github Repository. PearPC 0. Submitted by Seppel on July 13, - Happy Birthday! Submitted by Seppel on May 10, - No, never in a million years. Also some doubters here. Wouldn't y'all rather have someone hack and port OS X to this little wonder first?

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Holy crap would I love that. Heh heh. Because the G5 systems can only use a GeForce Ultra or an ATI Radeon X XT, developers had to significantly reduce the image quality of their demos - which explains their lack luster appearance. Anti-aliasing wasn't enabled on any of the demos, while the final Xbox console will have 4X AA enabled on all titles that pretty much says it all.

Well first they'd have to run on OS X no? I'm not getting something. But why wouldn't third party developers like Square Enix or Sega want to publish their games on as many platforms as possible? Putting aside the question of exclusivity licensing, if games created for the xbox can be easily ported to the Mac platform why wouldn't they be.

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Further, I don't see how Microsoft could stop them using tactics like refusing to license a company that does develop games for the Mac without potentially hurting itself. Plus the xbox will have a triple-core SMT 6-way multiprocessing at 3. Basically the xbox2 is what a Mac would look like if Apple were serious about making killer hardware, instead of crippling their low end so as to not compete with their pro tower offerings. Apple is too protective of their pro tower market. The mini is shipping with high-end graphics oomph from ca.

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The iMacs are similarly crippled. Apple really sucks here, for it to attract square it would have to ship power on the low end, something it hasn't done since forever. Square wouldn't bother porting anything to the towers, these only sell k units a quarter. Not much of a market there.

So, essentially, the Xbox is vaporware I mean, if a Radeon XXT doesn't have anywhere near the horsepower of the upcoming console as MS is saying , that means that the technology behind it really doesn't exist yet. Anyway, it's been known for months that Xbox game development was being done pretty much entirely on Macs, so this isn't really a shock.

The reverse I should I don't get geekery. Uh, no. Vaporware implies it doesn't exist, and will never come out. It's standard practice to do this. I bet you 10 bucks we see the XBox in November. The similar processor won't help the porting prospects, since MS's biggest weapon in the game development world, DirectX, is very much still a Windows toolkit.

The children who want to play games will have their consoles, what Apple can hope for is to take advantage of some of the hardware innovations finding their way back into graphics boards and processors that they can use. Ignoring the fact that Microsoft'll never allow their libraries to be distributed with OSX games, do Mac users really want to get sucked into the annoying PC gamer upgrade cycle?

I mean, it's a lot more expensive than just buying a console.

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I thought so. The better question is, after Sony's press conference last Monday, who in their right mind would buy an XBOX with the much cooler PS3 coming out five months later? Dude, look how wide that box is. Those Macs could be used for anything.

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Has anyone tried to install OS X on their ? I've searched the 'net numerous times for just such an attempt and hopefully success , but I only get returns on OS X running on an emulator on the original Xbox. What is pc mac disc. Don't ask for or link directly to pirated software or copyrighted material without permission of the copyright holder. Simple tech support queries not fulfilling that requirement generally belong in the Weekly Question Thread, and will be redirected there.

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