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Animations and rich graphics are extremely resource-hungry. We are not suggesting you should switch your Mac back to style simplicity. But in case of a slow Mac, the less is sometimes more. Click on Minimize windows using and change Genie effect to Scale. Scale is a much simpler zoom and less taxing on memory. Quite often SMC preferences get broken and your Mac gets slow.

If your Mac is old and you have more than one drive, re-indexing the large file tree becomes a problem. Just as we did with Finder, you can limit the search area for Spotlight. This should gain your Mac a few points in speed. Now click the Privacy tab. Here you can exclude folders from Spotlight search and thus lighten its load.

4 Best macOS Optimization Software to Clean and Tune up Mac

As a result, the Spotlight will not be indexing the specified folders and volumes. The less time it spends indexing - the better the performance of your Mac. A fact which often escapes attention: The same goes for all temporary files. Without leaning to either camp, restarting has its benefits, though. To start with, restarting does free up your RAM. To free up RAM, reboot your Mac every now and again. This will erase all temporary files generated by macOS and all your applications. Additionally, it will close the apps you thought you closed, but are still working in the background.

Now your Mac is refreshed and performs better. FileVault protects your files from being copied.

How to Speed Up Your Internet (Mac+Windows)

For older Macs, enabling file encryption is reported to slow down the hard drive performance. Now you should be able to make the Mac running faster because FileVault also weighs on processor cycles when it encrypts and decrypts your files. Files on your Mac OS X have permissions that determine which applications and services are allowed to access these files. Over time, permission problems occur, causing your Mac OS X to lag, freeze and even crash.

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Once in Disk Utility you need to highlight your startup disk and click on the First Aid tab. Now click on the Repair Disk Permissions button and your Mac will scour your drive, finding and fixing permissions so that next time an application needs that file, your Mac can find it immediately. However, not all apps receive these automatic repairs.

With CleanMyMac X you also gain the ability to run other powerful scripts that will optimize your Mac in a number of other areas as well. The utility will automatically take care of the rest. As an outcome, your drive space shrinks and performance drops. Right click on Trash bin and choose Empty the Trash. Now, go to your Downloads and sort files by size. The good solution to remove duplicate content is an app called Gemini 2. It can tell copies from originals and even locate look-alike files not exactly identical. Give it a spin — the download is free. Some downloaded apps will additionally install their extra shortcuts to System Preferences.

These icons may remain and occupy space, even if the app has long been deleted. To do it, go to System Preferences. Examine the pane and if you find any app cons other than regular ones, right-click the app and then click Remove. Finally, empty the Trash to get rid of the item completely.

So we have run over the main methods to speed up a slow Mac. They all boil down to one simple idea: Eventually, any Mac is going to fill up with all kinds of garbage that's consuming resources, memory and disk space. More realistically, you will devise your own mix of automatic and manual solutions that will bring your Mac back to speed again.

To make your Mac run faster while in browser, minimize the number of opened tabs. Many IT consultants recommend to always have no more than 9 opened tabs at a time.

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    How to Speed up Mac? — 15 Steps to Improve MacBook Performance

    Drag any app to this window, and you can also delete all related files, including caches and configuration files. Or, if you prefer, you can browse a complete list of your apps and delete them from there. But which ones? Explore this, and see if there are any large files you want to delete or move to an external hard drive for long-term storage. We get it. When was the last time you used the Dashboard? It was fun back in , but in , a collection of widgets that take up the entire screen just amounts to unnecessary clutter.

    If you still love the Dashboard, apologies for what we said earlier. Having too many apps open can seriously slow down your system, so make closing apps a priority. OnyX is a free application that runs all sorts of Mac-centric optimizations.

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    Download the appropriate versions for your system, then install it and start it up. First, the application will verify your hard drive, which is already useful. From here, you can force the regular Mac maintenance script to run. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Editors' Recommendations How to clear cookies Tight on space? Don't Miss.

    How to speed up your Mac

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