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It is begrudgingly included in this list of the best Twitter apps because it is now the only official client for macOS, with Twitter for Mac dead. TweetDeck is the only client that can show polls in tweets for instance, as Twitter does not yet expose polls in the API available to third-party developers. As a first-party client, it also has a real Activity feed of likes, retweets and mentions. The trademark feature of TweetDeck is its columns. You can set up many timelines of various views side-by-side in a single window all updating in real time.

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Columns for users, columns for search queries, columns for lists, columns for trending, and much more. TweetDeck is a great fullscreen app if you just want to get absorbed in real time content; this is a big reason why social media managers depend on TweetDeck.

The above was a summary of the defining features and drawbacks of each of the clients. Below are some more subjective thoughts, if you are interested in my personal choices. In testing Twitterrific, I noticed that the unified timeline design forces you to more liberally set up muffle rules. There is definitely a convenience to seeing everything in one scrolling waterfall though and color-coded themes make it clear which type of tweet came from where.

As someone with a job that at least partially depends on keeping up with current news, TweetDeck is appealing but I would never use it.

How to Add & Effectively Use Multiple Accounts on Twitter Mac App

It just reeks of being a web app. You can feel the HTML in the fabric of the app, with everything you click on. Even if it was a native app, TweetDeck is a case of information overload.

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You can snap windows together and release them on the fly. Oh, also the TweetDeck dock icon is ugly. I like how Tweetbot looks the most, it is close to the design of Twitter of Mac after all. Something that I really miss though is persistently visible action buttons for each tweet. Tweetbot for Mac only shows retweet and like buttons when you hover over a row, and even then they are very tightly packed in the corner of the cell. I wish there was an option to make these buttons always visible in a dedicated bar below the tweet content. Tweetbot is also the only client out of the three I tested to have decent scrolling performance.

TweetDeck seems to load a very small number of tweets at a time so even if you can scroll fast, you constantly have to wait for it to load in more.

Twitter Multiple Accounts Using Safari?

But the age-old question remains: A lot of people hate the Twitter web app, which is fine for checking out individual tweets but terrible for staying on top of busy feeds. For the full Twitter experience on Mac, visit Twitter on web. The app was pulled, downloads were made unavailable, and official support ceased in March. That app received an update on February 27—just 11 days after the company discontinued Twitter for Mac. So what can you do now instead?

Adding Multiple Twitter Accounts

Starting with OS X Mountain Lion, you can tie your Twitter accounts to the operating system itself and read incoming tweets or post new tweets right from the Notification Center. To set up your Twitter account:. Add the Social widget, then click Done at the bottom.

What Happened to Twitter for Mac?

Now you can effortlessly send out tweets right from the Notification Center. Incoming tweets will also show in the Notifications section, allowing you to keep up with your Twitter feed without having to keep an app or browser open all the time. But if you need more power and flexibility, then a third-party Twitter client may be more your style. Here are the best Twitter clients for Mac. Tweetbot is what the official Twitter app tried to be. It serves as an all-in-one app for all serious Twitter users, offering tons of customization through features like special columns and mute filters, integration with third-party services like Pocket and Readability, plus animation eye candy.

Twitter debuted in March and Twitterrific launched less than a year later in January This app is beautiful, responsive, and feels great. Tweeten is the best free Twitter client for Mac, bar none.

Using Twitter in the macOS Notification Center

You can set up and customize multiple columns, and even customize the look and feel of Tweeten itself using CSS styles. Other nifty features include advanced mute filters, multiple account management, tweet scheduling, activity tracking, an emoji picker, and the ability to directly download videos from timelines. Tweeten integrates with the Touch Bar on MacBooks for even more convenience.

And not only does Tweeten offer more features than TweetDeck, its existing features are improved and optimized for performance. Echofon is a fantastic choice when you need a powerful client but want it as minimal as possible. Tweetdeck is a free-to-use Twitter app that lets you easily add multiple accounts to your computer. You can add multiple Twitter users to the same Tweetdeck account so they can all tweet from the same location. Click Log in. Sign in to your Twitter account. Enter your Twitter username and password into the blanks, then click Log in.

Click Accounts. Click Manage team. Click Authorize. You have now authorized your other account to tweet using your primary account. Click Settings. Click Log out. A confirmation will appear. You are now signed out of Tweetdeck. Log in as the user you just added.