How do you remove keys from a mac keyboard

YouTube Video Screenshot While it would be ideal to keep our computers in pristine condition for the entirety of their use, sometimes there can be some slip-ups that can cause issues like MacBook sticky keyboard keys.


Step 2 Disp a q-tip into the rubbing alcohol, and wipe around each of the sticky keys. Step 3 Use a toothpick in order to remove crumbs and debris from underneath the sticky keys. Step 4 See if your keys are working correctly. Step 5 Use a spudger or other such plastic opening tool in order to pry up the sticky keys.

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Step 6 Put soap and warm water in a cup. Step 7 Wipe down the keyboard where you removed the keys again with q-tips that were dampened with rubbing alcohol. Step 8 Dry the keys completely with a paper towel in order to ensure no water gets into the Macbook. Step 9 Align the cleaned key and push firmly into place in order to put the key back on, and then move your finger side to side until you hear a double clicking sound. Never Miss A Story!

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Once the bottom is hooked let the key fall naturally, then wiggle a little with your finger as you push the top in place. I have a PB4 and the Apple key popped up from the lower edge. I thought it was going to be a big problem but I followed your instructions and in less than 5 minutes it was fixed. Thanks for taking the time to offer your DIY site. I live in Chile, and macs are gaining popularity but im probably one of the few with a 24in imac, which I brought with me from the states.

As such, its a popular item when people are over, and I find when I stand up to go to the bathroom, upon returning, without fail, someone will be taking hundreds of photos of themselves with the distortions. On one of these occasions my knucklehead cousin spilled a glass of coke on the right side of the keyboard and kind of just stared at it for a bit.

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  • How To Effectively Clean MacBook Sticky Keyboard Keys.
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Being my first aluminum, I thought it would be resistant. Whole left side is sticky and, worse, the keys actually make noise now. Gone are the days of smooth stealth key stroking. I was going to go buy a new one, but after looking up cleaning the mighty mouse due to the wont scroll down issue, second one to do this, I figured id look into cleaning this sexy beast. Thanks for the info! I successfully repaired one stuck key.

A drop of epoxy would work perfectly. Thank you, Andy!! Very useful info. Key removed and replaced with no problem. Really was the best info I could find on how to remove the keys to clean the beer from under several sticky keys. Top tip: Thanks again! Thanks a million for this description.

I also managed to remove the larger keys even Caps Lock without damaging anything. You can unpin in the same way like skeltoac described, but mind to slide the metal support hoop back into its hangers before putting them back in place. The membrane switch itself feels normal. My environmental hazards are the usual: Obviously, I try to be careful. Any clues? Having pulled it off, I noticed that the top section of the round membrane is not stuck to the base unlike the bottom side.

How to remove and clean Macbook Pro keyboard keys

Likewise the key started off being a bit sticky which lead me to invistigate it further. I wasted a lot of time and put my keyboard through unnecessary wear especially having to swap keys back just because of some assholish decision at Apple. Why did it take SO long for me to find this amazing howto? The arrow keys are to be pulled off from the left side etc. Try to carefully lift and check each key before pulling! I was eating an egg sandwich when some egg yolk squirted onto the keyboard.

My arrow keys started working funky on account of the dried egg yolk in the keyboard. Thanks to this message I was able to restore my keyboard to its pre-egg condition. Many thanks! I was just able to successfully reattach the space bar. During the downtime, I pried hard enough with a knife on the space bar to get it off. The hard part was getting it back on. The key is to pull out the two metal pieces that run the length of the key and place them into the keyboard before snapping the key back on.

Thanks man. I have a 15 inch and after removing several keys about half of them broke in some way on reseating or would never reseat properly despite following the guidelines given here and elsewhere. Two additions: I used the thin plastic toothpick of my penknife for lifting. Good luck, everybody! Great work, Andy. Thanks for the tips! I thought maybe you would know? I just got my nail under the top of the letter and gently pulled until it clicked out of place. Good lookin out with the site. I had better luck getting the space bar off from one short end at a time.

Had to remove the metal bars from the plastic space bar — they are what was really the stickiest, I found out. Limoncello liquor Pay close attention to how the tips of the metal bars are turned in before you remove them — you have to put them back the same way. A bit of a beast to put back on. I found that slipping the top metal bar slightly in first, followed by bottom metal bar worked best.

I would not try the running water trick unless I had tried to clean individual keys first. Thanks for this. I found a quite good improvised tool: Push it in on the front side facing the screen of the key at about a 75 degree angle, and it will insert between the key and the metal frame rather easily, due to the shape, size, and slipperiness of the plastic. Pull the top towards yourself towards the space bar , push the bottom of the key downward so the bottom edge is below the frame, and pull key towards yourself towards the spacebar.

How To Fix Sticky Keyboard Keys on a MacBook

It will pop-off rather well. Beware of damaging the plunger by inserting the top too deeply. The esc key is clipped on the left. This worked. My 13 year old daughter spilled chocolate ice cream on our iMac watching videos. I used a paper clip bent out to pry up the top of the key and then used my finger to press the base. Used rubbing alcohol and swabs and blew out the excess.

Everything works perfect and I used the keyboard to type this. Total time for 5 keys, 15 minutes. Well, 3rd day on dvorak. I started by converting a Dell Quiet Key, and had to deal with fixing the sideways f and j problem. Messy but worked. Then I found this and converted my apple keyboard. No broken keys or sideways problems. Thank you VERY much! Great help. Using the info I was able to remove the keys without damaging them, thoroughly clean them on the underside and clean the latch bar with a q-tip.

Great info. I pulled the top left and right corners simultaneously and lifted it up keeping the bottom side down. There are small wires, one on each side, that can get bent as a previous post mentioned. Think of it as opening the hood on your car with the spacebar on a hinge. Extremely helpful. Spilled a very small amount of water on mine in he lower right corner and pulled the keys off to clean. Everything went back together perfect except most of the keyboard does not work. This has helped me alot to remove the keys. But i got a few drops of water on my spacebar and took it off to try to dry it.

All my other keys work but my spacebar doesnt register at all on my computer. Do you think its fried? Awesome advice!!!!!!! I spilled orange juice and champagne on my keyboard and thought I was going to have to buy a new one. I followed this advice removing 29 keys and cleaning them. The keyboard works like a charm without any problems. This was great…. I used a nail file to get under mine, and it came off perfectly… my return key was half stuck!

This is great information- thank you. I spilled some water on my keyboard, and had to take a keypad or two off to dry. Thank you very much!!!! I was going to an app store to replace the keyboard, but you saved my time. This guide was great. Now I can go home and clean it! I was able to remove, clean, and replace a sticky ESC key by following your instructions. Thank you so much for this. My brand new aluminum keyboard had a stiff 3 key. I took it off with this method and found absolutely nothing under or around the scissors. But when I put the key back it feels exactly like all the other number keys.

The cuplrit was Coke in my case. A modification that might be helpful: Thanks for detailing how to remove these keys, it was very helpful. Any suggestions? Thanks so much for posting this. The steps here were clear and helpful. Once I figured out how the little pieces worked, it was a lot easier to remove and replace the other keys. Again, many thanks. The Shift key gave me some trouble. The little plastic things came out different than the others and I had to reassemble them a few times… tricky little guys but I got it.

Thanks alot for this Andy, I wasnt sure how to start, but I whipped a bottle of isopropanol out and followed your instructions. My favourite spillages are Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. Removing the key caps has been an easy task.

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Cleaning the remaining cavities with cotton swaps removed the grape stains and left the little contraptions shine again. The mulfunctioning regions of the keyboard, however, did not experience resurrection. When I popped my keys back in using the Dvorak layout, I noticed that certain keys J, U, F, and H had to be put in different directions.

Did anybody else face this issue? I followed these directions and it worked with all the keys except the shift key. Is there anywhere I can go to get a replacement shift key? I tried this on my iMac keyboard, as I also prefer the Dvorak layout. F, J, H and U still fit into their new spots just fine, albeit turned. Push down and snap into place. You will be able to feel immediately if it has worked. Mine was squeaking really badly every time I pressed it so I took it off to clean but was having a devil of a job getting ut back on.

Something to watch out for is that the space bar has a right and a wrong way up, so if you find that it is not clicking into place even when you have the metal pieces in the right place, try turning it round. You might find it useful to mark your space bar before removing it.

Thank you so much for this! I spilt juice on my macbook pro and as a consequence two keys fn and ctrl were sticky. I followed your instructions and cleaned the keys, without breaking anything! I am very grateful for your advice, it was the most helpful article I found on the matter of sticky keys on the web, and gave me the confidence to take my keys out and clean them. The above advice was very helpful. I would like do add that if you are trying to reinsert a key with the metal u-bar attached to it like the above mentioned space bar but in my case the delete key.

First thanks so much! I got my period key off with no problem and was able to clean under it and fix it really easily.