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8 solutions to fix external hard drive not mounting in macOS Mojave

This is one of those situations when it was working one second and literally not working the next, it seems like. I had my external HD plugged in via firewire on my Macbook when a system update popped up. Went ahead and installed that, now running Tried restarting the hard drive, restarting the macbook Plugged the drive into my Windows machine and it works fine. Plugging it back onto OSX and nada.

How to fix external hard drive not mounting in macOS Mojave issue?

The drive is cross platform compatible, so I'm fairly certain it's not a formatting issue I've switched back in forth between the two systems with the HD before , but right now I'm all out of ideas. Repairing disk permissions also did not seem to solve anything. Anyone know how to go about dealing with this? Thanks a bunch. When you open disc utility on the Mac, does the drive show up there?

Secret of "dead" external HARD DRIVES! How to QUICKLY fix the problem, its cause and solution

If so, can you mount it? I had the same problem, and this seems to only happend when you disconnect the USB or Firewire from your macbook without ejecting the drive first. I just left the external hard drive plugged in for about 10 minutes and it eventually mounted.

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  4. External hard drive won't show up on my MacBook!

Someone told me that it takes that long because it has to verify that no data was damaged when you removed the USB or firewire connecting without ejecting it first. So just leave it plugged into your macbook for about 10 minutes perhaps and see if it mounts. BTW when I left it in plugged in for the 10 minutes I found that if i opened disk utility that it ran extremely slow and I got that beach ball thing.

External hard drive not recognized | Mac Forums

Hi, I'm new here. I recently just had a problem with my external hard drive. It's a WD essential 1TB. My laptop couldn't recognized my hard drive. I called the WD company, and they said that either i format it or replace but there are important files inside.

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    Some external drives come with optional power adaptors especially smaller and more portable drives. If you have one, try plugging it in so the drive is not reliant upon bus power. Low power can definitely prevent a drive from working properly. When troubleshooting USB or firewire devices, unplug all except for the problematic device and your keyboard and mouse, of course and plug it directly into your system. Give your computer a once-over maintenance run. Then boot normally and reboot again the first boot will fill caches and be a little slower than the second before trying the problematic external drive.

    Last but not least, there may be problems with the drive itself, which can be caused by a number of issues including power or connection interruptions without properly unmounting the drive a frequent occurrence for external drives. For information on how to tackle partition and volume problems, see this recent MacFixIt article. Post them below or e-mail us! Mobile World Congress Complete coverage from the world's biggest phone show. Everything you need to know about Fortnite: Get the lowdown on Fortnite: Battle Royale, which is now in season 7.

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