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I would presume it's like iTunes.

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Not like it's ripping twice, then comparing the two rips against each other and an online database. That said, as long as you have a good-sounding rip, call it good. I don't think that this was always built-in behavior of the MacOS? In any event, it appears to have allowed me to completely bypass Copy Control.

Software to rip bought Copy protected DVD on Sierra?

Sometimes the easiest way is indeed the best way? West Yorkshire.

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I post so often recommending dBPoweramp I should get commission. The only CDs that eluded me were a couple of very badly scratched discs where a couple of tracks were unplayable.

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AccurateRip is supported. Sevoflurane , Dec 14, I had to use an external drive for a couple different CC discs, so it may just not be software related Went through 4 different drives to finally be able to get Gabriel's Up promo to rip.

Convert DVD using Mac OSX Handbrake and VLC

South Florida. JPagan , Dec 14, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. All of my ripped music is from CDs that we own. I don't like copy protection, but I also don't like piracy.

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Being an Australian who has also come accross this issue, here's what I know: These are not, by definition, 'CD's and should not be labeled or sold as such. If you feel that you have been sold this product under false pretenses you are able to return it for a full refund in Australia check the details on the ACCC web-site if you need to pursuade the retailer of your rights I recently bought the Norah Jones CD fantastic, by the way , which showed two disk images on my first insert.

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  • The Audio CD image contained the These can be ripped straight from the CD There is some kind of crazy-ass encoding that introduces pops and crackles to the music if not played through the aforementioned MacPlayer you may want to listen closely before you get too happy about your ripping efforts I think there is also a duplicate set of tracks encoded in MP3 format that MacPlayer links to somehow I can't find them, but a friend with a PC assures me that they're there Sounds kinda crazy, I know My solution: This is the first 'CD' I have pirated and the really stupid thing is, I only pirated it because of the 'Copy Control'!

    I did try ripping the CD with iTunes but I soon realised that I was getting one huge audio file, all the songs end to end, instead of as distinct tracks.

    Copy Control CDs vs. XLD & the MacOS

    I don't fully understand this sh! Sorry, long post and not much useful info.

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