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Does this story ring a bell? It took about 15 minutes. Clean up was easy. Kids were happy, therefore mom was happy. Homemade Mac 'n Cheese. This blend of creamy cheeses and sour cream will be a hit with your family!

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Carey World of Pastabilities. To prepare ahead: Enter your name and email and get weekly recipes in your inbox Share this: Facebook Pinterest Twitter Email Print. Related Recipes. I love bacon. My family loves bacon. We are bacon obsessed. We are used to late nights, late….

Comments I love that I can even prepare this ahead and just bake it off the next day!

Why Macaroni & Cheese Shapes Taste Better Than Elbow Noodles -

I would make a four cheese mac and cheese with brie, gorgonzola, blue cheese gouda. That sounds absolutely delicious!

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The more cheeses the better! Thanks for sharing! Leave a Reply Cancel reply You have to agree to the comment policy.

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  6. Join our email list for a first look at new products, sales, recipes, and exclusive offers! The Pasta Shoppe We are a "boutique" pasta manufacturer of fun shapes, healthy grains, and organic pasta. The World is Full of Pastabilities! All Rights Reserved. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Expensive cheese does not equal delicious cheese sauce. Shred your own cheese. Ever look at the ingredients list on the back of pre-shredded cheese?

    This is bad for two reasons: Taste as you go. The first time I added blue cheese to a mac and cheese sauce, I dumped in a verrrrrry generous handful of the stuff. And it tasted horrible. Stir a little bit of cheese into the sauce, then taste it to see how the flavors are developing. You can always add more cheese! Balance strong flavors with mild ones. Cheeses like white cheddar, havarti, and fontina are great mild cheeses to use alongside those stronger flavors.

    In recipes like Havarti Spinach Mac and Cheese or Roasted Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese , for example, a single cheese addition means the other flavors can shine through. But fear not! Totally Rad Roux Tip: You can tell the roux is done when it smells like toasted almonds. To make a great cheese sauce: I like to use a 1: Cook for a minute or two until roux has thickened and is fragrant, then whisk constantly as you slowly add in the liquid.

    See the video at the end of this post for a demo! Season the sauce with a pinch of salt and pepper, then simmer over medium heat, whisking occasionally, until milk has thickened to just about the consistency you want for your cheese sauce. This generally takes minutes. If something looks off, never fear!

    Here are some easy fixes to the most common problems:. Sauce too thick? Stir in a splash of milk and mix until the sauce has loosened up. Sauce too thin? Add another handful of cheese! You can also return the sauce to the heat and let it simmer until it thickens, but this can cause the cheese to separate. Grainy or separated sauce? It happens to the best of us. I actually really love mixing vegetables and fruit-tomatoes into macaroni and cheese. Blanched veggies. Blanch some broccoli florets, peas, cauliflower, or corn in boiling water for a minute or two I actually like to add these veggies in with the pasta when it has about 2 minutes of cook time left!

    Roasted peppers. Roast a poblano, jalapeno, or bell pepper at degrees F until the skin has charred. Put hot pepper carefully! With tongs! Other favorites: Some sliced onions.

    Bunny Shaped Pasta with Yummy Cheddar

    A few sliced mushrooms. Maybe a garlic clove. Salt and pepper. Fry up a few bacon slices until crispy, let them cool, then crumble the bacon into your mac. Lump crab with a bit of lemon juice is also a tasty topping for your everyday mac and cheese. If you use seafood, be sure to source it sustainably! Cook some spicy Italian sausage or ground beef in a skillet, drain the fat, and stir it into your pasta. I love mixing various vegetables and proteins into mac and cheese, but there are times that I want all the flavor of another component without changing the texture of the dish. Blending new flavors into a cheese sauce can elevate the flavor and bring new depth to an old classic.

    Whisk basil, kale, or arugula pesto into a white cheddar sauce to brighten up classic mac and cheese. Add roasted butternut squash or pumpkin to your cheese sauce I love using white cheddar or goat cheese here! Blend sun-dried tomatoes into a sauce with an immersion blender or blend in batches with a regular blender. I love adding goat cheese and fresh chopped basil to this version! Avocado adds an amazing depth and creaminess to sauces. Blend half an avocado into a white cheddar sauce with an immersion blender for a silky smooth sauce.

    For my part, I tend to fall in the stovetop mac and cheese camp, but I still occasionally crave the crispy, buttery, bread-crumb-y goodness of baked mac and cheese. The trick to a perfectly golden brown baked mac and cheese is to toast the bread crumbs before you actually put it all in the oven. By a LOT. Bake at degrees F for minutes until bread crumbs are a deep golden brown and pasta has crisped up around the edges.

    See the pot in action in the mac and cheese how-to video below! I love to buy cheese in bulk and shred it myself see our cheese section above!

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    With the food processor attachment, I can shred a huge block of cheese in less than a minute. Average Amazon rating: This post contains some affiliate links for a few products that I use and love. Thanks for supporting Life As A Strawberry! I'm Jessie, and I like to talk about food. Tag your recipes LifeAsAStrawberry on social media to share your creations!

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    Quick question, can I freeze the Mac and cheese? I will try this out soon. If I was to use beer what kind should I use a stout, ale, lager, porter, Pilsner? What have you found that works best? I do not drink beer but I like things that have beer in it.