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Posted on May 20, 4: Page content loaded. May 20, 1: Burn it to disk.

Excellent virtual CD/DVD drive emulator

So unless you can find a free one, burning to disk will be the cheapest. This even assumes you can find some app that fully emulates a drive, which I haven't found yet, at least for Mac. With enough money, you could even pay someone to make a custom app just for you Having listening to a helicopter-like noise of spinning disc for couple of hours makes me wan't to kill someone with a blunt instrument If this is to install, then it would only be a one time thing, so I'd argue that the noise is an acceptable cost. So I suggest you get an external drive, then with a long enough USB or Firewire cable, you can move the drive away from you, put it on a shelf.

Even put a cardboard box over it. Some drives are quieter than others. Often faster drives are noiser, so get a "slow" drive. In the past with old impact dot matrix printers, you could get foam lined housings that greatly reduced the noise. I have two sitting in my office and with the covers closed, I have to force myself to remember to check for paper jams, they're that quiet. And it's something you can make yourself so cost is minimal. May 22, May 27, May 28, 1: May 28, 3: The issue is that some manufacturers will require the physical disk for program operation.

How to Create & Mount Disc Images on a Virtual Drive

In the past, this was often because you didn't want to copy all the contents of the disk to the hard drive. But as hard drives increased in capacity, storing the CDs as ISO or using a "virtual CD" program to auto-mount the images became popular. But to prevent piracy, some disks are copy protected and the program will check for a physical disk.

Usually games.

So the usual methods of ISO and virtual disks don't work. There have been some apps for Windows computers e. Game Jackal but I haven't found any for OSX, at least none that work for those that check for a physical disk, especially for a copy protected disk. May 28, 4: Yeah gotcha. Never used it thought, so can't tell you what it's like. But it's on their website.

Virtual CD-RW

Aug 11, 3: This one works great with games, as it sees it as a physical disk, rather than just an open disk image for CDs and DVDs So for those games that insist you have the physical disk, this takes care of it. You can try it for free as well. Mar 12, 4: Beyond belief. Apr 3, 3: At least the latest version does it for sure. May 9, 8: Toast Mount It! I archive various instructional DVD's as. I remember when this used to be easy, but Apple scuttled it, intentionally, I suspect. For example, most Linux distros offer free disc images. Now you can move the disc image wherever you want, such as an external hard drive for safe keeping.

No Problem! That way you only need to install one thing. To mount a disc image, right-click on the DAEMON Tools icon in the system tray, select Virtual Devices , select the drive you want, select Mount , then navigate to the image file to mount. Some people use disc image creation as a way to spur online piracy and encourage copyright infringement, but most users simply use it for legitimate backups and copies.

Virtual CD Drive

It must be said that we only condone the latter. Think of it like insurance: If you're wondering what, how often, and where you should back up your files, we have straight forward answers. What kind of discs are you backing up? Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. Your article didn't warn us about that - is it ok? Sorry to say this In other words, how to have some virtual hard disk My virtual disk K has no space.

I really enjoy Your work and would like to know if there is any way to keep a virtual drive mounted so that when I restart My computer I won't have to remount the ISO file again?

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Sort of like having a permanent G,H or any other letter drive which won't erase after I turn off My computer and turn it back on the next day? I've now stored the original CD safely away. Thanks once again for this article. As a netbook user, I am wondering if I can use the app on a desktop external hard drive , create virtual drives as needed, and then connect the hard drive and copy them to my netbook? If there is any help, I sincerely appreciate it! Another very simple tool to mount iso images is WinCDemu. It doesn't need to stay in system tray.

Whenever you need to mount open an iso image, just double click the iso file - a dialog box will appear for mounting the image on any available drive letter. I've never encountered any problem in creating disc images, but I think it will depend on what kind of protection the disc has. Read also the input from Duckeenie above. Don't know, but I remember a time we tried it with some program and never achieved success. So far, I've encounter no problem with the method. I always assume that imaging a disc would always create an exact copy.