Logitech gaming mouse g300 software mac

Mouse still not show up in the software. G Mice. Jerburrr , james , and Psypastrin like this. What is the current LGS version installed on your computer?

How to download Logitech Gaming Mouse Software

If updating the software to version 8. Please try to test the LGS version 8. To quickly verify, please try to use the mouse on another computer. Please feel free to post back or any update and result. The latest Mac LGS 8.

Logitech G300s Software Download

Please let us know if this resolves your issue. Login to answer this question. What gives?

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Sure hope that it will not take another three years for a software update. I love my G13, but the Software barely made it. I have a G and Mac OS Sounds like an install issue. So, you could try a lot of tiny steps to fix it, testing each step along the way, or just do all of this at once: Repair disk permissions Restart Create a new Administrator user on your system Log into this administrator, download a fresh LGS for Mac download, and try the install again. After you successfully install, you can remove the new user you created. If you like the MX, check out the Gs: Same shape, but better sensor, buttons, grip surfaces, and uses LGS software.

Supported software for the Gs gaming mouse

I am particularly interested in G25 wheel. Cool racing games are finally coming to Mac, but are unplayable because G25 wheel is not supported by Logitech on Mac. Well it was about time!!! Great news and I hope this will increase the chances of better Mac support for my Logitech G25 steering wheel. I would have liked seeing that on the list, being part of the G-series, but I keep my fingers crossed.

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It works as it is, but some control options would be welcome. Im waiting too for support linux because I have a G but when I using linux the buttons dont work and is very annoying. For the time being, you can try something: The G mouse is listed as compatible above. May be a webpage issue. I would like an option or setting to only show the icon for the program in my top right menu bar with all the rest of my utilities such as growl, caffeine, etc. Having the gaming software as a open icon in my dock adds clutter to my workspace. There are my two cents on the subject. Hope it helps.

Logitech G300S Software Download

I moved away from logitech years ago when you guys left the Mac platform. However, I went to see if there was updated software for my G13 which was listed above , but not only did I not see updated software, but the old software download was gone. When can we expect to see updated downloads for Macs? For the time being, use the download for any other G-Series keyboard: I have the g mmo gaming mouse and on the download page there is no software for this mouse for mac.

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When the new software will be available for this mouse? For the time being, you can use any download link from the above products: Webpage issue. Dragging commands onto the mouse highlights the buttons but also gives me a crossed out icon. Help me out! I tried two different browsers incase it was a browser issue:. I have downloaded and been testing the software for the last day.

Almost everything is working really well.

Logitech G300S Software Download For Mac

However my beloved G15 is not working out so well. The keyboard itself is working fine, gkeys are all setup and working… but the LCD is not so lucky. The LCD will freeze every hour or two and will either require the computer to be put to sleep or a full reboot to get it working again.

I have tried two different G15s and they both exhibit the same issue. Frankly, this is rather absurd. This is the first driver update for 3 years, despite Mac users begging for one during that time. The mouse drivers are still broken, to the point where games developers have to patch in workarounds, and the LCC is almost a year old. That link worked. Hopefully logitech will update it so other people can find the download. Great news, but: Installed, rebooted.

Found that it locked up my MBP. Wow that was unusual. Anyways, just wanted to say great blog! The drivers for the racing wheels is what was really missing from the Mac platform. Thanks for the comment.