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The next one has Mail. And iTunes is on its own. If I need to work with other apps, I add them to other spaces.

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I also keep an empty space with a white desktop background for when I need to take screenshots of windows without anything distracting behind them. You can set a different desktop background to each space. On my iMac, where I do most of my work, I have a couple more spaces, for apps like Evernote and Todoist, and a space for my calendar app Fantastical , which, while not in full-screen mode, is large enough to fill my display, making it easy to see my appointments and tasks. You can add as many spaces as you want.

How to split screen on Mac OS X

This adds a new space to the right of the existing, numbered desktops, but to the left of any apps that are in full-screen mode. But the next time you open it, you may be in a different space. One way to stay organized with Spaces is to pin apps to specific spaces. To do this, open any app in a specific space, and click on its Dock icon. I use this for the Finder, so I can always access my Finder windows.

Setting an app to This Desktop means it only shows up in a specific space; when you switch to the app by clicking its Dock icon, or by pressing Command-Tab, El Capitan takes you to its space. And setting this to None means that apps display only in the Spaces where you open them. El Capitan introduces the new Split View. You can have two windows display side-by-side without having to manually resize the windows to get them to fit.

To do this, click and hold the green zoom button on one window. Release this button, and that window fills the left half of the display. Move your cursor to the right side of your display and click a window. That window expands to fill the other half of the display. You can also initiate Split View by invoking Mission Control, dragging a window to the top bar, then dragging another window on top of it.

You can drag the divider between the windows, if you wish, to show more or less of each one. To exit Split View, hover your cursor over that space and click the double-arrow button that displays at the top-left corner. The double-arrow button attached to a split-screen space lets you restore your windows to their previous sizes and locations.

You can also click the green zoom button again for one of the apps in Split View. That app returns to its normal view, but the second app remains in a space in full-screen view.

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When you are ready to leave Split Screen mode, click on the green button again and the app you closed will reduce to its previous size and the remaining app will increase to full screen. You can also press the ESC key. With Split View mode in El Capitan, you may discover your productivity will increase while you make better use of the screen space on your Mac.

Resizing Windows in Split View Mode: Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Top Rated Comments View all. Microsoft did a better job of implementing this. Its so much easier and I don't actually use this features as its a little longer to do BetterSnapTool. I've been using BetterSnapTool for years also. It's fantastic. Its so much easier and I don't actually use this features as its a little longer to do You can also drag your window up to the top thumbnail of the full-screen app where you want it to end up. This is much easier to do than to describe: I guess Safari is not compatible: No it is compatible. I use it all the time. Its so much easier and I don't actually use this features as its a little longer to do On other hand, I always dislike it would accidentally put snap.

I actually like this feature where you have to press button. Because in Windows you have maximised window, not fullscreen. Try to switch from VirtualBox to your desktop in Windows and you'll see it's a pain because the app is maximised, and hiding everything else.

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