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Source , and Half-Life 2: Previously these tools were distributed together under the "Source SDK" tool, which resided in a totally different folder from the games.

Team Fortress 2

Valve moved towards a model more similar to L4D and CS: The SDK tools are currently shipped with the game by default. Note that the tools are only available for Windows. The tools are located in the respective bin folder for the game e. The following instructions are appropriate if you need to download Source code.

If you only need the authoring tools, they probably do not apply to you. Click here to install the Source SDK. This is because the Spy's revolver and knife will not do a remarkable amount of damage in direct combat. When safe, disguise as a different class and return to enemy lines. Understand the nature of your cloak: The cloak, as expected, will render you invisible. It's very useful, yes, but it doesn't make you invincible.

Keep these tips in mind when using the cloak. You will be partially revealed if you take damage using the cloak and dagger or the vanilla watch. As such, don't run into oncoming fire while cloaked, such as toward a Heavy's minigun. The Dead Ringer will not shimmer when you take damage, and damage will be greatly reduced.

When you uncloak, you will glow your team's color. That is, if you are on the RED team, you will glow red before fading back into visibility.

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This happens regardless of whether you are disguised as a red or a blue player, so this will quickly give you away if you are seen removing your cloak. Note that you cannot use any of your weapons or reload your revolver when cloaked or uncloaking.

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You will need to wait a few seconds to uncloak before being able to attack again. Remember that you can still bump into enemies while cloaked.


This makes running around corners tricky, as you'll probably end up bumping into a player by accident. You will still block and be blocked by enemies with the Dead Ringer, but you will not flicker. Keep in mind that you will only bump into enemies. You can easily pass through your teammates. Uncloaking right behind enemy players is generally a bad idea. Becoming visible takes about two seconds, and in that time someone can easily see you.

Furthermore, uncloaking makes a distinct sound, especially with the Dead Ringer, which an aware enemy will notice. Use the Cloak and Dagger for infiltration. The cloak and dagger allows you to regenerate your cloak while you are cloaked and standing still. If you are moving, the cloak will be reduced more quickly than your normal cloak, but when you run out you stay partially cloaked. This makes it much easier to hide in an enemy base and disguise yourself without any trouble.

The cloak and dagger makes cloaking a much more powerful weapon because you no longer need to be visible at any point in time during the round. Just be careful that when recharging you stand in a place that you won't get bumped into. If you run while you're out of cloak, you will glow your team's color as if you were bumped or uncloaking. However, crouch-walking will allow you to remain fully invisible. Use The Dead Ringer when under enemy fire. The Dead Ringer cloaks you when you are dealt damage and shows a death animation to your killer. As such, it is most effective when your team is charging the front line, or you're getting Spy-checked.

Even after the fact, you may not be revealed to have the Dead Ringer if you have another Spy on your team. Try not to use it too much though, or you may find yourself still getting Spy-checked after you cloak. Just be warned, when you have the Dead Ringer out and you're not cloaked, it acts as if you are cloaked, so you cannot fire your weapon. Find a safe place to uncloak with the Dead Ringer. The Dead Ringer makes a loud crackling sound upon uncloaking, which will instantly reveal you as a Dead Ringer spy. Find a place far away from enemies to uncloak. Be particularly careful of Pyros.

The Dead Ringer can extinguish flames, but if you use it while under fire from the flamethrower, you will be lit up again. Stay out of the way of enemy Pyros: In general, Pyros are one of your arch nemesis, since they can burn you and render your cloaking ability completely useless. If you are spotted by a Pyro , it may be in your best interest to cloak and get some cover. Be sure to stay out of the range of his flamethrower.

Backstab your enemies: One of the primary associations made with the Spy is his ability to kill any enemy with one knife strike from behind. When disguised, try to sneak up on an unsuspecting player and stab them in the back. Always attack the farthest player in a group. If you manage to sneak behind a group of five players, start from the back and slowly start backstabbing forward, making sure that no one spots you in doing so. This works well when playing a Payload game since all of your enemies should be focused on pushing the payload and killing enemies ahead of it.

Avoid using the knife as a melee weapon. The knife is excellent at backstabbing, but it comes at a cost. It is the weakest melee weapon in the game when not backstabbing, on par with the Scout's bat, but much slower, and does not deal critical damage. It is generally a good idea to switch to your revolver if you have given up on backstabbing your target.

SDK Installation

The Spy is not suited to close quarters combat. If you are discovered, cloak, get out of the area, and try again. The Sniper class can unlock a secondary item named the Razorback. If you bump into a Razorback-wielding enemy Sniper, simply shoot him in the head instead of using your knife. Set your target priority: Going for "Personal Glory" and landing four backstabs in a row feels great, but may not be the most beneficial way to help your team.

Get behind enemy lines and observe the other team. Do you see well-positioned sentries or teleporters? Does their Heavy wreak havoc to your team, and is he being healed by a Medic about to Ubercharge him? You constantly have to make the decision as to which target you attack first. Understand how your sapper works: Sappers slowly damage an Engineer's buildings sentry guns, teleporters, and dispensers and disable them, making them useless unless the Engineer removes the sapper in time.

Since sappers disable sentry guns. It can help to shoot a sapped sentry with your revolver or stab it with your knife a few times to help destroy it quickly. It will not shoot at you so long as the sapper stays in place.

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Be careful when doing this with an Engineer attempting to repair it, as you may get killed in doing so. With your sapper out and trained on your target object, a white outline of the sapper is displayed on the object. Bear in mind that this is visible not only to you, but to everyone present. Place your sapper and put it away quickly to avoid attention. Don't forget that using a sapper will not remove your disguise. Like for the other 'weapons', you will need to remove your cloak in order to be able to activate your sapper.

Enemy sentries are usually target priority, because they tend to cause a lot of destruction on your team. Don't sap a dispenser immediately. Sap the sentry in an engineer camp and then let the dispenser refuel your ammo and health supplies. Then, when ready, sap the dispenser. What to do if discovered: Most of the time, if you are discovered, you are easily killed; however, in some situations you can spy yourself to safety.

If you are close to your team, or there are not a lot of enemies covering the route to your team, you can just walk backwards while shooting your revolver to safety. If you are not on fire, you can attempt to fool your pursuers by running in one direction, cloaking it doesn't matter if you take a few hits then running back in the other direction. It is also smart to take on another disguise while cloaked. Usually your pursuers will keep running in the first direction and checking everywhere for the cloaked Spy. This also leaves their backs wide open for a backstab if you are bold enough.

If you are near an Engineer and his buildings, do not simply sap everything. Typically, an Engineer would have no trouble removing all of these sappers and you will have lost time you could have spent killing the Engineer. It is best to sap a sentry first, kill the Engineer and proceed to sap the rest of his buildings. In rare cases the Engineer can be stabbed first, but the sentry must be sapped quickly after. Remember your revolver: While it can be tricky to aim, the revolver is still very powerful, and can be devastating if you get a critical hit.

Use the revolver as a cleanup weapon in case you see an enemy with low health escaping from a teammate or if you whiff a backstab. The Ambassador is the more effective pistol over long range, due to the initial shot being almost perfectly accurate, and able to deal crit damage when you hit headshots; this strength is balanced against poorer body-shot damage, slightly lower accuracy, and a slower fire rate.

Choose your pistol according to your play style and map design. A spy can let the opposing team "accidentally" discover him and lead them away from a battle or into a trap. A quick cloak and the enemy has been led on a wild goose chase. This won't work on all classes like Pyros or Scouts though, so be careful. Conversely, enemies in combat don't have opportunities to check their backs. It is often easier to kill enemies in the middle of a fight than to kill them on their way to one.

Sapping teleporter entrances near the enemy's spawn will slow down their advances and sometimes distract Engineers into leaving their buildings to run back to spawn to build them up. Sabotage and Thievery. With the Dec. Use this to your advantage in enemy territory and strip enemy Engineers of respawning ammo boxes. This will not only slow down their construction but hopefully lead them further away from their buildings and teammates to find more metal.

You can take this opportunity to sap or stab accordingly. Also with this update a Spy can stay cloaked next to an enemy dispenser and drain its metal slowly.

Similarly to ammo boxes, stealing health packs in enemy territory can hamper them. This means less health for the enemy team and can lead to people dying sooner, Medics burning to death, etc. Know how sentry guns work. Sentry guns cannot shoot through their own team's dispensers. If an Engineer is positioned in a way that won't allow a Spy to stab and sap quickly, consider stabbing the Engineer, hiding behind his dispenser, disguise, then sap the gun. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare La guerra moderna firmata CoD.

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