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Just unlock, turn the Guest User off, re-lock. Nov 15, 7: This is just BS!

Turning Guest user "off" just means Guest users can no longer login, but it still appears on the logon screen. Before High Sierra you could click the minus sign and the guest account would delete. Unfortunately, this no longer works. I agree with "tomcib" above and I don't share my "personal" [Mac] computer and would like to just delete the guest user.

I wish Apple would just fix it and make it work again. Nov 24, Nov 28, 2: Nov 28, 7: This just hides that fact that you quite possibly have the root user enabled, likely without any password. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question.

Disable the Guest User Account at Mac OS X Lion Login Screen

User profile for user: Logging in, a user gets to see the Safari app only and all the installed apps on the Macbook remains hidden as well as the user files used by the owner. To safely hand over the Macbook to someone else for a couple of hours, the Guest user is very useful. However, some Mac users may not entirely feel comfortable about sharing their computer and turning the Guest account off in that case sound like a great idea.

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Follow our guide below to quickly disable guest user on Mac. These are older versions running in older machines, but a lot of Macintoshes are out there with these two OS.

Disable the Guest User Account at Mac OS X Lion Login Screen

C Desanth C Desanth 1. I have High Sierra and this worked for me. Go to users and groups. Unlock the page.

Go to Logon Options. Join Network Account Server. Open Directory Utility. Unlock Directory. Go to menu bar and open Edit dropdown. Disable Root User. Lock and close all windows. That's not the Guest User, that's the root user.

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Very different things. Yes,if you follow the instructions it disables the "Guest User" form appearing on the login screen ,which that is the question. Wasn't that the question? Even though enabling the root user may disable the guest account as well I didn't try myself , this is in this case merely a side effect. Enabling the root user has its own issues, I wouldn't recommend to do this only you really need the functionality. I was talking about enabling the root user, i was talking about disabling.

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