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After you extract the File open the new folder that appears In the folder there is another Folder called Mac OS X Leopard You don't need to open that folder Move or copy that folder to the rocketdock Skin's folder The Skins folder is found by: What you think you're done? Now you need some stuff to put in the Dock Here i will suggest the stuff to put in it What i use: Download the icons Heres the info Download: Currently i'm using Aqua dock for windows which i downloaded after reading article here: But i think i should also give this one a try, because i've seen Rocket dock in number 1 for most of the articles.

Good Post. Reply 8 years ago on Introduction. Lastly, from the Style tab, locate and select the Sierra theme.

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At this point you can move to the dock any application that you want, in any order that you want. This is done by right-clicking anywhere on RocketDock and selecting Add Item.

RocketDock Download and Install Tutorial Rocketdock Mac Style Icon Manager Windows 7

If you wish to add a program, select File , and if you are interested in selecting a folder select Path. In order to select an icon for each application in the dock, right-click on it and select Icon settings. If you installed an icon pack in the previous step, then in the window that opens you will be able to see a list of all the icons included in that icon pack. Thus, select the icon you wish for the application, and click OK to save changes. Do the same for all applications. One last thing that you also have to change is the taskbar, so that it resembles the Mac Menu Bar.

Download RocketDock

From there, turn on the Use small taskbar buttons slider, and as for the taskbar position, select Top. Admittedly, the changes you had to make are not exactly few, but the result is worth it. Login or register. Why not Hackintosh?

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Windows themes The base for the Mac appearance is the main theme that shall be used in Windows. Installing theme The theme that you downloaded earlier is in. Then, navigate to the following directory and paste them in it: From there, navigate to the Themes section, and choose another available theme. Leftsider So, to do that, you need a very small program called Leftsider. OldNewExplorer Windows 8 and 10 have a different Windows explorer appearance, which prevents Leftsider from working properly.

Exit the application when finished. Dock One of the most characteristic features of the Mac appearance is the dock, which is located at the bottom center part of the screen.

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Then paste them in the following directory: After downloading an icon pack, extract its contents and copy them to the following directory: General settings From the dock, click on the button with the hammer icon Dock settings. First, from the General tab, check the Run at startup option. Icon settings At this point you can move to the dock any application that you want, in any order that you want. Taskbar One last thing that you also have to change is the taskbar, so that it resembles the Mac Menu Bar.

Mac OS X-like Dock for Windows 7

Start by right-clicking on the taskbar, and select Taskbar settings. The macOS Sierra look is now complete. Stay Connected Follow us to get the latest tech tutorials, news, and giveaways as soon as we post them. Have a Tech Question or News Tip? In order to receive feedback about your question please enter your email below or login register.

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