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And don't forget: Macs are expensive.

Games and Apps

Expect to pay a couple hundred dollars more than similarly spec'd PCs across the board. PC hardware is - in a word - diverse. Your PC can look however you want it to, whether that's something budget-level from Toshiba or HP, a top-of-the-line gaming machine from Alienware or Razer, or something as crazy as Recompute's cardboard computers. Most PCs are easier to modify than comparable Macs, so adding RAM or replacing a hard drive yourself is more manageable.

If you ask us, the out-of-the-box quality of an operating system's UI will be more apparent to someone using it for the first time than to someone whose first move is to tweak it beyond recognizability. There are lots of tools for improving i. OS X's growing adoption rate means that a lot of folks using Macs today grew up trained with PCs, so certain signature elements of the OS X interface might seem counterintuitive to them, no matter how logical they actually are. Take OS X's tricolor window-management buttons: Minimize behaves like it's supposed to.

But closing the last open window leaves an application running. And that green "re-size" button doesn't work like Windows' predictable Maximize function. But that's because they aren't designed to: Interestingly, Windows 7 has the same issue introducing its new features and just wait for Windows 8: If your ideal computer is the one you already know how to use, chances are Windows 7 is your best bet.

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With better-looking buttons, and with Jump Lists and Aero Peek for managing recent or open windows, the taskbar has come a long way since Windows It's hardly a chore to open a program in either OS, but Mountain Lion's Launchpad feature, modeled on the simple icon management style of Apple's iOS devices, is easy and feels pleasantly modern. Windows 7 and OS X both handle window-management pretty well, and it's almost a tie. OS X might take the round though, for offering dedicated keys and multitouch gestures for each breed of navigation.

There's no shortage of decent programs available for OS X, but there are thousands more on Windows 7. That's to be expected, as the install-base for PCs is way higher. But as so many apps are garbage, does it make a difference? Short answer: Very few "essential" apps remain unavailable for Mac. Where the difference shows is when it comes to rarer stuff: The examples range from analytics and payroll software to drivers for outdated electronics. And, oh yeah, games.

Same deal with low-budget indie games: The reason for this divide, if you're interested, is that many games developed for or ported to Windows rely heavily on Microsoft's DirectX software for graphics. Apple hasn't invested in an equivalent tool, so in order to port games to OS X, developers don't just have to re-write their game; they have to also write a bunch of underlying software from scratch too.

As you can imagine, that would be expensive, so it just doesn't happen. Whether or not support for games is a must-have feature is up to you: Just do yourself a favor: We aren't going to compare iTunes with Windows Media Player because they both suck. For audio, we recommend a streaming service like Spotify or Rdio. Android, too, has strong support in both the Windows and OS X environments. There are some factors, though. If you stay all Windows, all the way down to your phone, Microsoft has some excellent compatibility features, including the ability to dock your phone and get a traditional Windows desktop UI.

Likewise, if you're all Apple, you get the ability to smoothly use your iOS devices with your Mac in a nearly seamless way. Android doesn't have quite as seamless an integration with either desktop environment, but there's also no clear desktop winner for Android users. If you use Windows phones, you're a very small minority. By contrast, so many people use iPhones that the iPhone's smooth integration with OS X is a clear advantage -- but only if you're an iPhone user. If you happen to be one of those few Windows phone users, then Windows will clearly provide you with an advantage.

There will always be more security risks on Windows than on the Mac, simply because of Windows' market share advantage. Windows, as they say, is a target-rich environment.

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  • That said, Microsoft has done wonders with system security since the days of Windows XP, and even the days of Windows 7. Windows 10 is a much more secure OS than Windows 7,. There are fewer exploits and hacks into Macs, but that doesn't mean the Mac is perfectly safe. Most Mac users can get away without using an antivirus program, while Windows users would be suicidal to do so. But the Mac has seen its share of exploits and it can't be considered bulletproof.

    When replacing your Windows 7 PC: Should you switch to Windows 10 -- or a Mac?

    There are simply less security hassles on the Mac side, although Windows has gotten much better. Apple recently enacted a policy of free OS upgrades. You won't have to pay for an upgrade when the new OS comes out. By contrast, Microsoft has made Windows 10 upgrades free, but only for the first year after release. That can add up quickly. Granted, Apple makes most of its money from hardware and Microsoft has historically been a software only company, you won't ever have the question of how much you'll have to pay to upgrade your OS when you're using Apple products.

    Not so with Microsoft products. How to block Windows 10 upgrades on your business network and at home, too. Here's how to say no to the new version in 30 seconds or less, without installing third-party software. We talked about the fact that high-quality PCs are as expensive as Macs, and we talked about the cost of upgrades. But what we haven't talked about is licensing or switching costs, which fall into two categories: If you have existing licensing agreements or contracts, you may or may not pay by the seat vs.

    For example, both Adobe and Microsoft charge by the seat. Microsoft doesn't care which platforms you use Office on, just that you keep it inside your seat limit. Same with Adobe and Creative Cloud. I have one Mac and one PC on my 2-license Creative Cloud account and it works just fine other than I think two licenses is unnecessarily stingy on Adobe's part. But some license agreements may stipulate platform. If so, you may find switching to the Mac considerably more expensive.

    Windows 7 vs. Mac OS X Snow Leopard: competitive origins

    This also applies to software where you don't have existing agreements. When I moved to the Mac, I bought a whole pile of new software -- mostly utilities -- and while not terribly expensive, it did add to my switching costs noticeably. You may run into extra licensing or switching costs when moving to the Mac.

    When it comes to the actual devices, Apple offers some options. But Windows You can do laptops or you can do tablets or you can do detachable laptops that turn into tablets. There are an almost uncountable number of configuration varieties out there for Windows users looking for solutions. But all magic comes with a price, and the price of the variety in Windows machines is there is also quite a range in reliability and driver quality. Some machines are going to be rock solid and others, well, not so much.

    Choosing a solid machine involves more than reading specs, you will often need to rely on reviews by other users and IT professionals to get a feel for what sorts of problems you may encounter down the line. Windows by a mile , but with a caution: This one is a no brainer. While the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil is reputed to be sublime, the Mac platform does not offer touch or a stylus. So if you want to use Photoshop with a stylus, you're either going to have to step off the Mac ecosystem or go with a Windows 10 machine.

    Unlike Macs, nearly all Windows machines are touch-capable. Gaming has gotten better on Macs and, without a doubt the gaming market for iOS devices is huge.

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    • But let's be clear here -- when you're considering Macs vs. Windows machines, you're probably not looking towards iOS. So don't confuse what you can do on an iPad with what you can do on a Mac. Windows users face a dangerous world with end of support for older Internet Explorer versions. Mac gaming, while not bad on some machines, is still nothing like PC gaming. When you're looking for the ultimate gaming experience, you're going PC.

      Windows 7 vs. Mac OS X: Differences in Everyday Operating System Use

      There's just no question about it. There are some challenges, though. While Windows has better gaming support from the game vendors, and much better joystick and gamepad support if you're into such things, some PCs with graphics cards support very odd configurations and drivers. My last Windows machine was a high-end gaming laptop which came with both an ATI graphics processor and a regular Intel video processor for non-3D applications. The drivers on that machine were just never quite right -- and, in fact, the reason I'm not upgrading that machine to Windows 10 is the vendor says any attempted upgrade would just nuke the machine.

      The drivers just can't handle the upgrade. As a result, most basic users won't need too much training to make the jump to Windows 10, where they might need more training to get used to OS X. At the admin level, that's a bit different. Each operating system revision has its own quirks, and Microsoft has fiddled with settings and configuration options, so Windows 10 will take some getting used to. But if you make use of the search and of the Google , you should be fine.

      Moving to OS X will require more of a training load for your users than moving to Windows For admins, both will have annoying behaviors and changes, but there's nothing that some good old-fashioned search engine jujitsu can't solve. If your shop is using Active Directory, you are not limited to Windows only. There are quite a few add-on Active Directory products that fully enroll Macs into an AD environment.

      We've looked at a lot of factors and attempted to answer the question, "If you're a Windows 7 user getting a new machine, should you upgrade to Windows The real bottom line is this: Microsoft has done a much better job with Windows 10 than with Windows 8 and so if you're buying a new machine, choose based on what you need. Neither OS is vastly better or worse than the other. By the way, I'm doing more updates on Twitter and Facebook than ever before. New rule: FAA requires all drones to externally display registration numbers as of February On the eve of Samsung's Galaxy S Is there any innovation left in the smartphone market?

      Why I replaced Google Wifi with Synology's mesh networking gear and why you might, too. Getting started with the Dremel Laser Cutter: Before the beam. Samsung Galaxy Fold: I want a foldable phone, but no clue what to do with it. Samsung's likely tease of a foldable device will highlight something well beyond vaporware, but the use cases remain a bit of a mystery.