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Will it be permanently moved? Aug 27, 7: Aug 27, 8: Sorry Niel but still no further forward! I suspect you'll be close to giving up.


Now I try to do so, the Doc icon does drag away from Finder window, but won't drop into Dock. It won't drop anywhere on the Dock, right or left!?

Launchpad and Full Screen Apps - Back to the Mac: OS X Lion Review

I won't be surprised if you don't write further, but I am getting frustrated with this, and any advice will be very gratefully received. Aug 27, 4: I certainly am. It moves when I drag it down all the way, but as soon as I release mouse with it over the area of dock with Trash can and the App Folder, to the right of the break, it 'pings' back to the finder window to the spot it came from. Sep 3, 9: Afraid I am a bit nervous about Terminal although very conversant with changes in my old Microsoft days!! I have however recovered the Folder in Dock by using keyboard option found on Forum.

Lo and Behold, Doc Back in Dock. Nevertheless, many thanks for your perseverence.

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I will have to try and start getting familiar with Terminal!! Where is Launchpad? More Less. Communities Contact Support.

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Review of Quickpick Mac OSX Lion Launchpad Clone for Snow Leopard

User profile for user: I have no Launchpad icon on my iMac. Users can place icons for applications, folders and even documents in the Dock, which is always on-screen by default; just click an item to launch it. If an application hasn't been added to the Dock, users generally find it by browsing through their Applications folder which itself can be added to the Dock for easy access to all its contents or by doing a Spotlight search.

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While the Dock is good as a basic application launcher, it has limitations. As more and more items are added to the Dock, it automatically shrinks their icons in order to accommodate them all. Even if you don't add every installed application to the Dock, a moderate load of regularly used titles can make it crowded and eventually too small to be really usable. The Dock's limitations as a launcher are far from new. Over the decade since Apple introduced Mac OS X, a number of alternative application launchers and managers have been released.

While none of them offers exactly the same functionality as Apple's Launchpad, some of them come close -- and some take a better approach, in my opinion. Jump displays an icon in the corner of the screen that, when clicked, pops up an overlay containing applications that you've selected to include for easy access as well as commonly used folders and files. This free tool works with OS X Leopard and later. If you're a longtime Mac user, you'll find the effect very similar to the Apple menu in Mac OS 9 and earlier.

Mac OS X: Make Snow Leopard (and other cats) roar like Lion

You can group related items together and assign global hot keys to open specific items. Current Job Listings. The company has announced several new features for the upcoming Macintosh operating system some of which are lifted straight from iOS , Apple's mobile platform including the following: A feature called Launchpad for organizing and launching apps, similar to the iOS home screen. The ability for apps to auto-save and auto-resume as in iOS, and a feature called Versions that saves multiple copies of files over time so you can easily revert to a previous iteration after you've made changes.

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Easier, more secure file sharing among Macs, with a feature called AirDrop.