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The sender always encrypts.

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Decrypt takes an encrypted message, combined with the your secret key and the sender's public key, and descrambles it. The recipient always decrypts. Sign ing a message lets the recipient know that you the person with your email address and public key acutally authored the message. Signing also provides additional cryptographic integrity: The sender always signs a message.

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Verify ing a message is the process of analyzing a signed message, to determine if the signing is true. It is unnecessary to sign and encrypt every outgoing email.

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Well, then: And when should you encrypt? And when should you do nothing? Whenever there is confidential information -- business plans, credit card numbers, bank numbers, social security numbers, corporate strategies, etc. I define confidential information loosely, because I'd rather sign and encrypt unnecessarily than do nothing and leak sensitive information.

As for the third option, I rarely sign, but do not encrypt. Your profession may warrant radically different usage of PGP. My email address is jerzygangi gmail. Try sending me an encrypted, signed email.

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I'll reply. In it, I will: Unlike other tutorials for PGP, this tutorial does not care what program you use. If you install or uninstall apps, PGP will keep working. If you want to encrypt email, you can use any email program -- Mail. Or, you can encrypt something besides email, you can do that too.

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You can write an encrypted letter in Word. You can encrypt a formula in Excel. You can encrypt a URL in Safari. You can encrypt a text with Messages. You can encrypt a bash command in Terminal. It does not matter. It is Mac friendly. There is a certain way of doing things on a Mac. If you're not a Mac fan, you won't understand. That's okay. Many want you to install bloated, Windows-like software; or, install questionable add-ons. I've done the opposite. This PGP tutorial is super Mac friendly. Above all, this PGP setup is simple. Once you understand how it works, there is nothing you cannot do.

Step 1: And uncheck the GPGMail package: Then press "Install. Your window should look like this: Press "Generate key. A brief word about your passphrase The entire PGP encryption will rest on your passphrase. Back to Step Do it, and press "OK: Your PGP key is ready to use: Step 3: Next, you will enable and set four shortcuts: Enable "OpenPGP: Step 4: How to send a secure email You can encrypt anything with PGP, but most people will want to encrypt email. Start off by writing your email: This will search the public keyserver for your friend's PGP key: If your friend has more than one key, select his most recent one: You can press "Send" safely.

How to receive a secure email With our secure message sent, the recipient will now want to unscramble it. I have recieved the message: Open your favorite text editor, and paste it: You will see a message confirming the verification: You can press "OK. Encrypt and decrypt can be thought of as opposites.

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Signing and verifying can be thought of as opposites. When should I sign? When should I encrypt? You have three rational choices when you are sending a message: Do nothing. If the contents of the email are public non-confidential , and the recipient does not care whether you or an impostor sent the message, then do nothing.

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You can send the message as you've sent messages your whole life: Sign, but don't encrypt. If the contents of the email are public non-confidential , but the recipient wants assurance that you -- not an impostor -- actually sent the message, then you should sign but not encrypt. Simply follow the tutorial above, skipping over the encryption and decryption steps. This ensures that recipients can read your signed messages.

It is especially important if your recipient is using a Web-based or mobile mail client. Select Include my certificates in signed messages. This option includes your public encryption key so that someone else can use it to send you encrypted messages. In the Encryption area, click the pop-up menu option.

Select your Encryption certificate from the list. In the Encryption area, we recommend that you do not select the option to Encrypt outgoing messages and attachments by default. Send an email to yourself as a test. Based on the options you selected, when you compose new messages, Outlook shows a lock and one of three options: To change the options on a message-by-message basis, when you are composing a new message, click Options tab, click Security, and then click Encrypt Message, Digitally Sign Message, or both select both.

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