Linux change mac address ip command

However, virtualization can be used to create virtual networks among virtual systems.

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Since virtualization does not use real hardware besides the host's hardware , it is possible to create two virtual machines with a specific MAC address or randomized. The command will list all NICs on the system and list various information for each one.

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The MAC address will be in hexadecimal form Alternately, type "ifconfig grep HWaddr". If the "ifconfig" command fails, then try executing the command with Root privileges.

MAC address spoofing

To temporarily change the MAC address on a Debian-based Linux system, log into the system as Root or open a terminal and type "su". Here is a single-line command that can change the MAC address like the above paragraph - "sudo ifconfig NIC down hw ether However, the "ip" command is used instead of "ifconfig".

How to Change Your MAC Address Using the ifconfig Command in Linux

To make the change permanent on Debian-based systems, add "pre-up ifconfig NIC hw ether To undo this permanent change, remove that line from the file, or comment it out using " ". Remember to replace "NIC" with the proper interface like "eth0", "wlan0", etc.

How to disable changing the MAC on each reboot with systemd

Log in to hide this advertisement. Attached Files: I am using RedHat Linux 6. The instructions for changing the MAC address worked using the manual method ip link set First, in the ifcfg-NIC file there was an entry: So then I added the line you suggested: XX" with and without the quotes and neither of these worked. FF in our case and turn the interface back on:.

How to Change/Spoof a MAC Address in Ubuntu

FF eth0 sudo ifconfig eth0 up. You can find all the MAC adress related articles here.

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What is a MAC Address

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