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Goodbye Baby lyrics

All artists: Log dich ein um diese Funktion zu nutzen. Goodbye Baby Songtext von Fleetwood Mac. Don't take me to the tower and take my child away Was I who was hour glass and sands of time like Shattering glass went past me Like a tunnel to the sea And I who went to sleep as two Woke up as one, now only you remain You'll close your eyes and travel back To the time, when the light went fading fast And the words you'll never, never forget, oh no As you slipped away Goodbye baby I hope your heart's not broken Don't forget me Yes, I was outspoken You were with me all the time I'll be with you one day.

Fehlerhaften Songtext melden. Stevie went through a lot for the child and she couldn't even have it. I think Stevie really wanted to have "Sara" but after Don left her and her being on the road all the time she saw the abortion as her only option I do agree with everyone's speculations on this song, but I can also she how it could be her goodbye song to Lindsey.

And I who went to sleep as two Woke up as one, now only you remain. Goodbye, baby I hope your heart's not broken Don't forget me Yes, I was outspoken You were with me all the time I'll be with you one day. I think this is Stevie's way of saying, yes I broke up with you, but I felt the tears and pain. Even though they were broken up, they were never apart and had to say their real goodbyes. I was thinking about this song, especially when I heard Stevie do it live with Fleetwood Mac, at the Meadowlands.

Songtext von Fleetwood Mac - Goodbye Baby Lyrics

It came to me at that moment when I was crying my eyes out, for my own miscarriages, that this song could very possibly be about Robin. She died very soon after the birth of Matthew. Maybe Stevie wrote in her poetry what Robin herself was feeling and never had a chance to express I believe in my Heart of Hearts this song is about Robin.

My second thought was that it could possibly be about her abortions.

Fleetwood Mac - Goodbye Baby Lyrics

She has had more than one. Perhaps Lindsey starting a family affected her more than any of us could ever know..

But still, we are happy that he finally found happiness and had a family - all of us who love him so much as well. This song hits everyone who loves her, very deeply.. There wasnt a dry eye in the Continental Arena in New Jersey that night.

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And I felt her pain, as deep as I felt my own. God how she affects us all, and makes us also think of our own lives and tragedies. It is very hard for me to listen to it without breaking down even now on the CD. I agree with you Nancy [Webmistress]. The abortions were Stevie's choice alone. A miscarriage is quite different.. Those of us who have survived them, don't have a choice But both I believe take one's Soul away until we are reunited with our lost babies in Heaven. It's always with us I send this message to share my feelings with my fellow Sisters and Brothers out there. I think in the beginning it could be about her lost children but later I think baby is refering to the lover.

Maybe this was a letter to the fathers and the child but I feel that we are not supposed to know unless Stevie decides to tell but no one should ever ask. I think the song is a goodbye song to Lindsey. He wrote " Say Goodbye ", for her and she wrote "Goodbye Baby", for him. Twas I who went to sleep as two woke up as one now only you remain. One day Lindsey was not there. When I think of this song Goodbye Baby, and the tower mentioned in the song, it completely blows my mind. It was Stevie's choice to go to New York by herself, as she stated in her journal, she wanted to go ahead of her entourage.

New York and the rest of the world died a terrible death that day. Stevie was understandably beyond coping with it all, and wanted to stop the tour and come home.

Fleetwood Mac GOODBYE BABY* live.

But it was Don Henley who told her that if there were paying fans coming to her shows, she'd better not show up at home. And her mother told her cheerfully to do her best and make people feel better. What a responsibility! Here is my major point: The tower Her child--one or more of the children taken in the tragedy, and of course, her own children. Knowing that it all fits together makes me all the more devastated. But also because of the way this song told her own personal story of her abortions. If so, she hit home with me, and I will never be the same. It makes Stevie Nicks even more important in my life.

Added to the fact that it was Robin's birthday. I read an article that FM went to a midwest city, can't remember which one, but Matthew Anderson was there, and the article said she sang just for him. Oh, and yes, Lindsey and his kids. I think that definitely affected her.

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