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The first is to run Boot Camp. The other possibility is to try using software called Virtual Box to run Windows. Virtual Box is free software. Hope this helps. Hi Scott, I am just starting my practice and would like to get Nuance and a handheld Dictaphone, but I am generally a mac user and would like to get a mac in my office too. If you were just starting out would you do that or go ahead with a Mac? And what is Parallels? Thanks for the advice! Will you be using regular Dragon or the medical version? If you are just using the regular software, I would still think long and hard before going down the Mac route.

While it has improved and is relatively stable, it is still nowhere near at the same level as the Windows version. This is going to be particularly evident if you are transcribing files as Dragon for Mac still cannot improve recognition from corrections in this way something the PC version has done for many, many years. Parallels Desktop is software that allows you to run Windows software on your Mac, so you can have the best of both worlds if you wish. You can see it working here: So no issues there! Like Liked by 1 person. Hello Jenzhou, Hope it is going well.

Version 6 I skipped the training on version 6 and just did the microphone setup. Surprisingly it has not missed a beat. Version 4 I had to train for weeks to get descent results. Much of the vocabulary that I added to 4 is already in 6. I am using it on fast machines with SSDs and plenty of ram. OS is I for one do not understand the issues others are complaining about.

Possibly there is a need to fresh install the Mac OS. If it were not for one well written review on Amazon, I would not have made the leap. I am glad I did. Hi, I complained a while back about how High Sierra really broke the latest version of Dragon Dictate. Especially with the Mac version of Microsoft outlook, editing was completely screwed up. In general, Dictate seems far more stable under Mojave. Bottom line: I installed my 6. Did you just do the base install and then download 6.

Please share. Seems like it is too late. Nuance has announced they are discontinuing many of the Dragon products including DragonDictate for Mac.

As a longtime user I am very sad to see this go. Although having said that I am dictating this post with it right now And it is done pretty good except for some random capitalisation. It is likely that this is a move to push customers to consolidate to their Dictate Anywhere product in the age of always-online for most world. Just written about this today: Very sad to hear that Dragon Mac is discontinued. I for one have version 6. I am wonder why so many have given it bad reviews.

Possibly they need to do a fresh Mac OS install. They finally reached a descent and mature product only to abandon it when they really have something viable. Reading their forum, there was a lot of bashing which was to some extent justifiable since they put out products not yet ready. Version 4 worked great if you properly trained it by stopping and opening and closing the Vocabulary menu item which forced it to update the voice profile. Version 6… perfect. Too bad someone decided to drop the product when it had finally arrived. I just purchased a new Mac, which runs on My problem is Dragon cannot run on the new operating system, and when I called to inquire, I was told that they will not be making a newer version for mac.

I wanted to know if you could recommend a dictation software that will work with the new Mac operating system. Thank you. Dragon for Mac has indeed been discontinued. Read my initial thoughts here. The interface between the operating systems is flawless — you just open a word document on your Mac in word for windows and off you go. I too used Dragon on my Mac until Mojave issues and the discontinuation of Nuance support.

Thanks for all your tips and info. You can, however, copy and paste from, say, Windows Notepad into Mac Word. See the demo here: When you close it, it will still be there on your Mac, with all the changes. Will this work ok via Parallels? Will there be any issues i. Select that as the default input in System Preferences and, in Windows, choose the Parallels Audio Controller as the default Recording input source.

This should simply pass the audio through. I purchased 2 MAC pros. It sucked. Works much better. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. A familiar sight for Mac users of Dragon Professional Individual 6. Share this: Twitter Facebook Google. Like this: Like Loading Any thoughts on this? Thanks you Scott. Hi Scott great name, by the way. It learns as you use it, customizing itself to your manner of speaking, pronunciation, etc. It is relatively easy to create special words and even phrases and macros that you use often.

Customer service is a drag. It has been my experience that they are slow to respond. I also find that the knowledge base and online support is not fantastic and often get better results with a Google search than I do searching Nuance's knowledge base. It needs a better Chrome extension so that it does not need to be reset each time you close and reopen Chrome.

Also, I cannot seem to train it to recognize how I pronounce certain words, which is regretable because those are almost always the inaccuracies in any document. I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking daily for practically everything I do, including e-mails, correspondence, documents, and Outlook entries.

It is accurate and effectively eliminates the need for a typist. It has a few drawbacks, but they are overwhelmed by its advantages. I have been using the Dragon line for many years and it has gotten considerably easier to use and more accurate with each new release. Gone are the days that you had to spend hours on end training the product to recognize your speech patterns, idioms, idiosyncrasies and accents.

The accuracy continues to improve and the formatting and command options are, at times overwhelming. The help menus have a lot to be desired, if you are looking to find a quick answer, forget it! You have to know the exact terminology and context that is used in the help section or else spend a lot of time searching. When you do find an answer, the writers assume that you are a programming genius that knows exactly what is being discussed - if you need plain language answers, you won't find them.

The manufacturer's support is, bluntly put - non existent, you will find more helpful information in user forums and blogs. Time saved and ease of use. I have never been fond of typing and prefer to be able to express my thoughts orally - I can do that and still have a written record or response easily available and legible. I am neither a fast nor accurate typist and this software lets me dictate all my documents, saving me hours of time. I can create or edit all types of documents and forms as well as dictate on line with email or Web forms.

The commands are simple to learn and it didn't take long to get up to speed, especially since I used to dictate in my prior legal position. The program is powerful and seldom makes a mistake and I speak quickly. It has been a life-saver, freeing me from the keyboard. Invest in a good headset mic to increase accuracy and make the most out of this software. It also frequently freezes if I have multiple windows open or programs running when Dragon is in use.

This doesn't stop me from using the program, as it is an infrastructure issue, but it's worth mentioning as a heads up. I might just have to get more RAM to solve this problem. I also would love to see a less-cumbersome way to change capitalization or edit grammar with verbal commands but I am still getting used to that side of the program. First of all this is really all about the Medical edition of the software.

I support 50 doctors who use this software on a daily basis. I have users who speak at barely a whisper and then I have doctors who will speak so loudly and fast to dictate you would think they are having a shouting match with someone. It can be trained to pick up speech patterns and accents. It's a very accurate piece of software and each version keeps getting better.

The dedicated support team we have access to with Dragon is top notch as well. On average they respond to my odd ball problems within an hour and have some potential fixes. There are times when Dragon will start lagging and not properly dictate, this is annoying but it can be fixed. Since we use Citrix in our environment we have to occasionally run a program to restore vSync and after doing so Dragon is back to picking everything up.

I talk really fast, but it still manages to write down almost all of it. You can get so much done in such little time and ofcourse earn more. You can't really multitask if it's open. If you are in language transcription business or medical transcription business or just have a lot of tying to do, don't give it a second thought and just buy this.

It's incredible at what it does with Speed and Accuracy. It could really save you a lot of time but it takes a while to get to know the commands and get your voice recognised in all scenarios.

Dragon Professional Individual for Mac, v6 Review — MacSparky

Overall a great product. Voice recognition allows me to produce an enormous amount of writing without taxing my wrists and other body parts. It takes some time to train. Partly you train it, and partly it trains you. You have to proofread very carefully as errors frequently slip in. It is not faster than typing - but it is easier on the body. It can also be hard to transfer your user files to a new computer. It's possible, but I had to get help from an expert. I started using Dragon to reduce tendinitis in my wrists. It made a huge difference, and when I later broke a finger, it was great to already have the system in place.

I use it for almost all "typing" on the computer, from e-mails to writing novels. When I started, it was really the only voice-recognition system out there. I keep using it because I'm so used to it, but I don't know if it's better than other options that may be cheaper. I liked that I could talk to my computer and write my articles. It was supposed to make my life a little easier. The whole idea is to make it simpler for me.

For the most part, it picked up accurately. However, there are times when it didn't work like it was supposed to. Where to begin? It takes forever for the software to install. It worked great at first, but after a while, it lost accuracy. It wouldn't pick up the words correctly, and when I would try to correct it, the program didn't respond accurately.

I often would have to use the keyboard and mouse to go in and fix the words later. I ended up taking two to three times as long to write my articles. On top of that, even after exiting the program it would continue to run in the background.

You can dictate your work and emails which allows you to think through the problem. It does allow you to control the computer as well. I love that the more Dragon is used, the better it recognizes words and voices. I use Dragon in clinic when dictating notes, and the program transcribes flawlessly. The program seems to remember previous notes and is able to spell things like medication names and medical conditions with no problems at all. Can add multiple users all with unique voice profiles. Slows down the computer, especially when needing to switch from Word to EMR.

Seems that in order to use this software, you would need quite a bit of memory to support it. No need for transcriptionist as Dragon is more efficient, and can keep up with fast talkers like myself. It works to capture your speach pretty well. It has the ability to do training for acronyms. You can set it up based on your style. Wonderful learning, so that you can train in new words, or Jargon very easiliy. This all combines to a method or preparing documents that is faster than if I were typing.

I can write stream of concsience, then clean it all up. Must speak with a distinct cadence for the software to be accurate. Weird at first but then becomes natural. Crashes if you have too much going on in the computers background. Overall wonderful. This streamlines my report writting to a small fraction of the time that it would take for me to type out.

Dragon Dictate

It also allows me to get my thoughts down faster than if I were to type. It's the best on the market. If you put the time into it, you can get excellent results. It can be lifesaver for your hands and wrists if you type a lot. It's clunky and is prone to glitches and issues. When it's working it's great. When it's not, it can be a pain. Instead of fixing issues and issuing a patches, the company is more concerned with frequent paid upgrades without fixing the problems in the version you already paid for. I haven't found anything to top DNS for what it does. I wish the company behind it was more interested in product support than pushing out paid upgrades that aren't ready yet.

I'd been using Dragon Medical for years when I transferred to a new position. When I arrived my dragon had not moved with me I considered it a deal breaker. Professional version is easy to use. Minimal teaching needed. Still misspells some words, not sure why. Works in word and libreoffice but not in EMR software that is web-based. Can still cut and paste into it but it's an extra step.

The voice dictation is amazing. We use this product mostly for our customer service staff. To be able to use the same microphone to answer a call, then to write an email response or a chat response saves them so much time.

Dragon for Mac Goes from Zero to Hero – But Is It Too Late?

It doesn't matter how quick the speech, Dragon is able to keep up and make very minimal errors in the dictation. There is occasional lag, but nothing too bad. This might be be due to how the program is written, it seems to take a up a lot of memory on the computer while it is running. This software saves our transcriptionists hundreds of hours and keeps them happy!

We use Philips Speechexecutive software for our dictaphones, and then cue up the dictation, and it will run through files in less than an hour, giving us minute recordings into Word documents with ease. We re-listen through the files, correct as necessary, and at the end of the day, re-train the Dragon software to be even better through our changes.

It is resource-intensive. We did not have a dual-core processor on the first computer, and it gave us errors about that, but kept churning out the transcriptions without a problem. Other than that, it's really a no-brainer! Instead of spending 45 minutes per dictation, we spend 5.

The software paid for itself in the first day. Without a doubt the best investment in software we have ever made! Dragon Naturally Speaking is a great concept and saves me a lot of time when writing long emails. It is much quicker than typing. You have to proof read the writing thoroughly, otherwise you may have completely random words thrown in.

Also, when used for gmail on a browser there can be quite a bit of lag. I suffer from dyslexia and use this software everyday at work to help me write emails and documents. The more you use it overtime the more efficient it becomes at understanding the word you want to say. Set up is simple and once you get the hang of using all the voice commands it just becomes second nature. I could not work without this! Correcting mistakes, for example adding in a hyphen between words, is still not that intuitive and I'd love to see some more work done to help improve this feature. The software is a huge time saver if you are a hunt and peck keyboarder like me!

You will need to correct it on common words - like 2, two, too, to etc. Overall Dragon has saved me time. There are quirks and frustrations that need to be fine tuned, but overall it is good software. Easy to use, especially with different dialects. Makes manual transcription a thing of the past. We used this when I worked in a physician's office. Even though English was not our doctors first language, this software was able to understand and record all of her office notes with very few errors. Highly recommended. I compared with Microsoft Speech Recognition, the accuracy was much better.

I don't like a headset so I got a "Blue Yeti" microphone and the combo works very well for me. And the ability to insert a whole paragraph with just speaking a macro is invaluable! And even personal names and technical words are already in its dictionary! This helps all of us that have large thumbs. It is more accurate that hitting the keys on a small digital keyboard. It does take alittle bit to learn what words are commonly used on a regular basis. With that you need to go back over your sentences and read what was typed. I used this software with a student that needed encouragement to speak clearly.

He was a special needs student and being able to speak and see his spoken words was very motivating to him. Also, if he didn't use his best articulation skills, his words would not appear correctly on the screen. It was a fun challenge to him to say his words clearly so they would appear correctly. This may not be the intended purpose for the software, but it was a great program to use for Speech Therapy.

As with any affordable voice to text recognition software, there are times when you speak fairly clearly but it still displays an incorrect word. Generally, a second attempt will produce the correct word. This software provided encouragement to a special needs student so he would make better attempts at speaking loudly and clearly. I benefited by making progress with a student and he benefited because it made him focus on producing clear speech. Good accuracy, quick use. Commands functions work well.

Accuracy improves with time. Multiple licenses help. Australian accent pick up sometimes not accurate. Works extremely well at converting voice to text East to install Easy to configure Ability to launch and use apps from voice commands. Cost is a little high, especially for the professional versions App launching was a little tricky to get used to, but worked well once you get it operational.

Compared to other products that I have used, I was extremely impressed with the accuracy of this products voice conversion to text. There is a short period of time to get the app trained for your voice, but once configured, would convert voice to text with very very little mistakes. Makes note taking a simple task. Works pretty well in environments that aren't especially quiet.

I try to think I don't have a Boston accent but Dragon disagrees! For the most part the software understands what I say but having to fix the text after you are done talking can be frustrating. Sometimes it will stop listening and I don't notice so I have to start again. I love the fact that I can type a letter hands free. I just close my eyes and talk. You can tell it what you want edited as well. Works great across all PC programs, browsers and more. The voice editing has a really big learning curve. But you can easily jump onto your mouse and keyboard and edit along with it.

If you use multiple microphone, the set up can slow you down. The Control panel gets in the way on the screen at times as well. I can type fluidly now with a stream of consciousness and get my point across better and faster. Because I heard about the this software very good so that is the reason I want to use this software.

Hi, I am working as transcription so I am looking for best software for convert audio to text. So today I got that software. Recommendations to other buyers: No any other advice about this software because I didn't use this software. So when I use this software then I'll give you advice. Having a rare for of arthritis I shelled out my money for DNS hoping to use it for just about everything on my Mac. I had the software for about 6 months when Apple released a new version of OS X.

Dragon, naturally would not work with the new OS. Expecting to be able to upgrade or even get a maintenance release for my less than one year old software.

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Going to the website I could not find mention of the OS X package at all. I wound up having to call sales in order to find out what my options were and where to find the support section of the site that was completely segregated from the many "PC" purchase options support. It looked like it was added as an afterthought to the site and questions submitted seemed to go straight to the bit bucket.

Calling after getting nowhere with my support questions I called in again and was allowed a fix which consisted of the new version. Just as that version was becoming usable it was time for another OS X release. This time I was told that I could purchase the new release for full price! That was all that I could stand and the end of my use of their product. Having to pay full price for a new release every year was impossible for me especially when Apple included dictation and control capability for free. There were some selection tools I missed but they were not worth the price and terrible support.

Once installed and you've gone through the set-up, it is super easy to use. I can't tell you how many HOURS it saved me on school and work projects because I can speak or read notes instead of having to type them. I have to be very consistent at times in how I speak or it doesn't get it right.

But newer version have gotten better and better at this and I'm sure it will continue to improve with future editions. I like how quickly I can enter reports by speaking. Much quicker than typing material. Sometimes the program misinterprets words and I have to go back and correct. I have enjoyed this program. I can get information entered much more quickly and it frees up my hands to do other things. The ability to get my notes done faster by having dragon transcribe all of my words directly into the document.

What I least like is the amount of errors that happens during transcription. Most of the time I have to go back and proofread the document before sending it out. I have used DNS as we call it for over 10 years now, but every time there is a problem, which usually occurs with every upgrade or new installation, I am horrified by the lack of help from the customer care people. The most recent upgrade is a good case study for this.

As an early adopter I was sucked into buying the new upgrade from DNS 12 to 13, which Nuance offered as a download. Over 3. Excruciatingly slow. Then the downloaded installer didn't work, so I contacted the customer care. They after 4 days 8 hours suggested that I should uninstalll the older version - DNS Incidentally there was a stage in the abortive install that said it would do this for me.

Bottom line

They suggested that I re-download the ware - but by this time the downloader had expired yes it is date sentitive so they wanted more money from me to extend the download period. It is a real pity - because the actual speech recognition, transcription and PC control function extremely well - once you get through the training period for it to know how your voice sounds. Good luck if you get any problems! I haven't seen Dragon struggle with any accent or types of speech. Mumbles, fast talkers, it's all there. And the way Dragon constantly learns and improves is a service in itself.

Finally, Dragon features a vocab training tool. The only real issue I've seen is that Dragon features a fairly limited set of accents to train to. That hasn't caused an issue yet, but I could see it being problematic in the future if a user has a thick accent that Dragon doesn't yet know. Happy providers, efficient and easy set ups, speedy and accurate dictation. Using this for our transcription needs and very much satisfied.

There is an advantage using this software over others as they are the market leader in the speech recognition space and truly discern speech better than all other alternatives to date as per my experience. The technology still has a long way to go before making it efficient for someone with not English as mother tongue and not fluent in English make use of this software. Once you spend some time training the algorithm, you start getting a pretty accurate recognition of the dictated sentences. The Mac and the Windows version work both comparably well.

Their customer service basically is terrible, to give them a compliment. Expect few crashes here and there, so save often or you'll lose your work. I have a feeling that my smartphone does a comparable job if not better in terms of voice recognition. The old software was awesome.

We had some issues that were resolved by adding RAM to the computer. Then, it was great. Now, we have been "upgraded" to the cloud based "Dragon 1" or "DMO," not sure what it is called. It is awful. It is almost unusable. It was virtually perfect before, but now is almost unusable. I asked why we can't go back to the old one, and I am told, in typical IT speak, that we just can't.

I will probably go back to dictating by phone. I've recommended that if Dragon 12 no longer exists and this is the new product, that the hospital go to M-modal. It is the way Dragon 12 was. This is awful. It is very accurate. I don't have to do much correction to the words it picks up from me. I didn't have to "train" it like other programs. It saves me so much time and I don't have sore wrist, hands, and fingers like I used to. The shorthand text is a great tool and helps speed up the process. It is very user friendly. The customer service was not very helpful when I ran into an issue.

You will use a lot of space on your computer for the program. Lots of upgrade add ons that I wish were included. I am a freelance writer. I type out up to 10, words a day. I have tried lots of talk to text programs but this one works better than any other I tried. It is a huge game changer for my writing career. We have been using Dragon for years - while the concept is excellent, the execution is only fair.

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Easy to use, easy to set up, very nice "canned comments" and functionality to use. Errors are frequent enough to cause concern - going into, then back out of records for recording and re-recording can be problematic. Incorrect translations are frequent enough to cause concerns - translation of words like "thymus" into "time us" is not acceptable. The company does appear to come out with real-time improvements and efforts to correct, however, the errors that make it through are concerning. I was really excited to buy this product because I was hoping it would take the strain of my back from typing articles and books for long periods of time.

I could not for the life of me get this thing set up and working properly. Setting it up to use with my Yeti microphone was surprisingly easy. I use Dragon Naturally Speaking to speed up the writing of online articles and ebooks, and once I got the hang of it, it has saved me both time and typing. Best of all, you can also use it in Evernote. At first, training the software and yourself, by learning all the voice commands so you can use it effectively can be a bit tedious. However, it is greatly worth the effort in the not-so-long-run. It has every feature imaginable but that actually makes it too complex for the average user and you get too many choices most of which you don't use.

It crashes ALL the time. As a teacher who is dyslexic i purchased a site licence for my school. It is almost impossible for the kids to use as they have to READ a pre prepared article into the microphone to train it. It made the kids even more frustrated! How is it that this technology has not really evolved. Having used Dragon myself for many years I agree with others it has gone backwards and the crashes have increased.

Easy to set up and can be used in multiple applications. Features in using the controls of the software can make it frustrating. Additionally, it sometimes feels more natural and flows better when writing to use keystrokes rather than talking into a microphone. I like that transcripts can be made out of my podcasts. Not necessarily a con just a heads up: You need to take the time at the beginning for the program to learn your voice and speech pattern.

It will take hours, but well spent in the end. I only use Dragon for very long projects, i. Being able to dictate hundreds of pages is fantastic, since I used to experience neck pain after work. It also includes a long list of control commands for other programs as well as your OS. I myself don't use this capablity, but it can definitely come in handy if you are injured or disabled.

I have been using the software for about 7 years now and I don't think it has kept up with the times. There are other great options for speech recognition that you don't need to train beforehand. I use Google Docs on my phone and it picks up virtually everything in all 4 of my working languages. Before using Dragon, you will need to set up and "train" the software by reading several texts into the microphone. I used to be fine with this 7 years ago, but in it shouldn't be necessary.

One last con: I don't like how Dragon seems to run in the background even after I've closed it. I'm pretty sure this isn't a problem anymore in newer versions, though. Less neck and back pain. Dictating long projects can be faster and easier than typing. It allows me to grade papers much more quickly than typing out comments by hand. I actually give students more feedback when I use Dragon. It sometimes misunderstands me persistently. For example, it types "point" for "poem. I also wish it did not use so many resources in the computer. It takes a lot of memory. I also wish it were easier to save files and transfer them to another computer when setting it up on another computer.

Dragon for Mac was never very happy when you combined dictating in the same document, except with just a couple of apps. In the past, if you dictated a couple of sentences, then typed or pasted something, Dragon lost track of the text and the position of the cursor in the document, making it harder to edit text. With version 5, every time you paused after saying something, you would see the text appear on the screen one letter, one word at a time, very quickly. But now, with apps that correctly use the accessibility framework, Dragon actually pastes the text, the entire utterance in one go.

You can see a list of these applications here. Dragon 6 was designed in such a way that if a new application supports the accessibility framework it can automatically allow you to dictate and type, and insert text quickly. Nuance has long recommended that one use a microphone designed for speech recognition, and, in the past, I did so.

The results with this microphone are nearly as good as what I have seen in the past with microphones specifically designed for speech recognition. My only criticism of this version of Dragon is the price. For non-professional users, this is a pretty steep price, and is likely the most expensive app on their Macs. Instead of leaning over my keyboard, I sit back, relax, and talk to my Mac.

And my words appear on screen.