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Go with a G-Drive if you need a large reliable drive, or T1 if you want something small and reliable. The first two use 3.

Both use USB 3. Pick the one that appeals to your personal taste. That said, USB 3. Go with the one that best suits your needs. I currently use the latest version of Time Capsule, which has been completely redesigned and has fast That sounds admirable, but it's useless if the crucial data is never completely backed up in the first place.

The photographer dropped the service, and was given a refund by Carbonite. Initially, Carbonite gave her a pro-rated refund only for the remaining months of service. However, the photographer argued the case that Carbonite hadn't actually ever backed up her data, and convinced Carbonite to give her a full refund.

It seems fair--until all of the data is backed up, Carbonite isn't really providing the protection you're paying for. You should back up your important data, and you should store that backup data safely off-site somewhere.

A good, safe backup strategy

A cloud-based backup service makes sense. Just make sure you read the fine print, and don't assume that the blazing fast upload speed you're paying for from your broadband provider will actually make a difference. Make sure you're aware of just how long it will take to get your data backed up in the first place. If you have a lot of data--like the photographer in this story--you might be better off to choose a cloud backup service that will let you seed the initial backup by shipping an external hard drive to the provider rather than uploading the data across the Internet.

The Carbonite spokesperson explained, "Carbonite spends a lot of its focus on the speed with which all files are restored after a data disaster. Carbonite can restore data at up to 10 Mbps, although most consumer Internet connections may not be able to maintain this rate consistently. I have a passion for technology and gadgets--with a focus on Microsoft and security--and a desire to help others understand how technology can affect or improve their lives.

Best Way to Backup Your MacBook and iMac

I also Jul 23, , Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin Cloud-based backup services sound good in principle. Not every single gb needs to by backup three times, but maybe the most important gigabytes does. For example, some people would value their official documents and photos more than their movies or music.

Other won't. Me myself, do and I have envise a way to use some small storage device to do that and keep it same with me in case of fire. Like you, I use SuperDuper! And I make a fresh backup every week. I can and have booted that backup on another machine and been back in business in no time. I also use Time Machine to make incremental backups. I rely on the bootable backup for full system-level recovery, and the TM backup to recover an individual file or directory. It's saved my bacon more than once when I accidentally deleted something - permanently.

Alas, these backups are both onsite, so in the event of a disaster fire, flood, theft, etc.

Why you want a macOS home server, and how to get one going

I could still be out of business. So, I've been considering off-site backup for awhile, now, and your article was pretty much the push I needed to get off the dime and do it. I've got a good backup plan, but as I always say, "Good enough is not good enough. On another note Consequently, such files are often excluded from TM backups in order to prevent rapidly chewing through backup disk space. But one really needs a solution for these types of files, too. Since my bootable backup is wiped every week, I could be screwed if I needed to recover a file beyond the age of my bootable backup.

What to do? I'm thinking about this particular problem right now, because I just lost a corrupted 16GB email database and I had no backup that wasn't also corrupted. Although Time Machine is a nice backup tool, it keeps incremental backup. But, you can not make bootable backup via Time Machine.

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I prefer Stellar Drive Clone software to create clone of my Mac boot volume. It is one of the famous backup tool, you can keep your data either in the form of image or clone. They provide an app for your Mac that will reconfigure Time Machine to store your backups online. This tool also has an clone option, a sync directory to sync files between computers , an online directory to share files with others and an iphone app to access the Sync- and Share-directories.

The Myth Of Online Backup

So i can increase the ammount of folders i want to backup which is sufficient for me right now I only clone carbon copy cloner once a month, let time machine run all the time and use Crash Plan. This means that I can run my production system on any machine that is running VirtualBox. It'll run slower, but I can still work with it. This P2V backup is only done when installed software changes or major reconfiguration of software happens. The resulting vdi is saved on a second internal hard disk and also replicated out to another drive in a 4-bay eSATA toaster. The same process is done on the XP partition on the primary drive.

Data resides on a third partition of the primary drive, the second internal drive and 4 other drives that are plugged into the toaster as needed. That toaster along with another single-bay toaster will house the appropriate drives for backups. VHDs used for alternate boot scenarios primarily for software testing so it won't corrupt my normal operating environments are stored on the second internal drive for usage and backed up to one of my toaster drives.

These backups are done manually as required and exempt from the automated backups for the rest of the system as the smallest VHD is 40GB. I have two copies of one full data backup that is used as my baseline. One copy is kept here and the other at my dad's place across town physical drive. When I decide that my differentials are growing too large, I will create two more copies of a baseline data backup and rotate the drive at my dad's house.

My nightly differentials are kept locally. Once a week I will push a copy of the differential to an online host. I am hoping to change this entire process later this year by building a LARGE NAS server with mirrored storage which will house all data and backups will be done to a large tape unit instead with a more flexible rotation schedule. It will also be able to be used as a backup destination for my parent's and sibling's computers possibly using CrashPlan giving them a free option too. There is about GB of music which is about half of my CD collection that I have ripped so I don't need to keep changing discs while working.