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First, make sure you are running the latest version of iTunes. If it's not version After upgrading to iTunes It then uploads the songs and artwork it was unable to match.

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Of the 6, songs my library, iTunes was unable to match 1, songs. Of course, mileage may vary. Once you have gone through this matching process, you can now access these matched or uploaded songs in the cloud from another computer with iTunes or from an iOS device. Apple lets you share iTunes Match with up to 10 computers and iOS devices.

This shouldn't be a problem if you sync your iOS device with iTunes because it won't contain any songs not already found in your iTunes library.

About iTunes Match

Show All Music. With Show All Music on, all the songs matched or uploaded from your library to the cloud will be shown in the Music app.

If it's off, then you'll see only those songs you've downloaded. You are able to listen to the song as it downloads. Each album or artist stored in the cloud will have a cloud icon next to it.

And when viewing songs, each song will have a cloud-with-an-arrow icon. You can simply tap a song to begin playing and downloading it, or you can tap the cloud-with-an-arrow icon to queue up a number of songs to download. Adding a computer To access iTunes Match from another computer, first check that it is running iTunes Then sign in to your Apple account and click on iTunes Match from the left-hand column. Click on the button to add the computer and iTunes will run through the three-step process of scanning, matching, and uploading your library.

How To Enable iTunes Match On iPhone, iPad And PC, Mac

Only one iTunes library can be matched at one time, so let your first library finish before adding a second. After going through the setup process on a second computer, you'll have access to all of the songs you have already matched from your first computer.

How to Set Up And Use iTunes Match on iPhone

And your other computers and iOS devices on which you have enabled iTunes Match will have access to the songs from this library. This tutorial primarily deals with three important things: Since then, Apple users have nearly forgotten iTunes Match, which was once music partner for many music lovers. But there are still many Apple users who dote on iTunes Match.

You can upload your favorite music to iCloud Music Library and then share the collection with other iOS and Mac devices. If you are an iTunes Match fan and have subscribed for this service, you should read this information that tells you about how you can sign up for iTunes Match in iTunes Step 3.

Step 8. But you are not required to sign up for another subscription.

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Upon this, iTunes reminds you about your subscription to iTunes Match, and asks you if you wish to activate it on this computer. Step 9. Step Some users face problems even after going through above solutions. In this case, you should email Apple.

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