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I can not find any useful information to fix that. All information are for High Sierra and older macOS versions. Is there any fix to resolve that? There are other tutorials and videos on the net about running OS X on Windows machines using pre-made VMDK disk images but you can never guarantee what else is in there….

How to install OS X Mountain Lion in Virtualbox with iAtkos

A http: VirtualBox Forum: Download and unzip the CECI. The commands in this executable script are shown below for informational purposes. Open OS X terminal, then run the following commands to execute the script: Leave the Memory size at the recommended MB, then click next. Choose to "Create a virtual hard disk now", then click the create button. Click next For Storage on physical hard disk, I have chosen the default Dynamically allocated grows larger to a set limit as you need more disk space.

On the File location and size screen, you can set the location of the new virtual hard disk and its size - I recommend changing disk size to 40GB or larger. Click the settings button on the Main Menu to tweak a few settings Click the OK button to finalise the VM settings.

How to Install OS X Mountain Lion on Your PC With IAtkos

From the start menu, type cmd and click run as administrator to open an administrative command prompt. Make sure you first close all VirtualBox Windows and the VirtualBox program, otherwise any changes you make won't stick Eg iMac11,3 cd "C: You can try from one of the following if this happens: Close the command prompt window.

Installation should be relatively straight forward, just following the prompts of the OS X installer: After min depending on how fast your system is , the installation will complete. At the welcome screen, choose your country and keyboard layout. You can skip transfer information, location services and logging in with your Apple ID if you wish… 6.

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Create a User Account and select your Time Zone. Now I need to download the aitkos using bittorrent client which I also have no idea what is it. I'm lost and I've followed so many tutorials with no result: I think there is no need to go for Mac OS.

It will provide rails platform to run ROR projects i. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. I know I'm in a mess and that's why I need your help.

You are quite wrong. You can install everything on Windows, because they are ran under ruby.

Install RVM for windows blog. And this: I'll try this, thank you very much.

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Computer Requirements. You also need about 10 GB of unused hard drive space. Right click on "My Computer" on your desktop and click "Properties" to check the stats on your computer. If it doesn't directly tell you how many cores your processor has, look up your processor model on Wikipedia or Google.

You also want to find out whether your processor is made by "Intel" or "AMD". General Requirements. Step 1: Step 2: Create a new virtual machine. Virtualbox lets you run Mac OSX within Windows by creating a virtual machine, which is a program that simulates a normal computer. To create a virtual machine, open up Virtualbox and click "New" on the upper left. If your version of Virtualbox asks you to choose between bit and bit, be sure to choose bit. Choosing bit will result in a critical "Guru Meditation" error later on.

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The RAM will be given back to your normal computer after you turn Virtualbox off. You'll need to create a new hard disk for the virtual machine. Virtualbox will ask you what type of disk you want to create: Otherwise, just choose VDI. I recommend creating a dynamically expanding disk; the only other option, fixed-size storage, will eat up your hard drive.