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Additionally, Templates for Pages is updated pretty frequently, and new templates are added with the updates, giving the designer ever-increasing options within this template set. Many like books, magazines etc are serveral pages long so compete designs. Almost all are availble in portrait and landscape.

Menu, Book, Invoice and more.

For the money it is a lot of design stuff, for sure will be more than you will ever use. Easy to work with and modify or combine. You can load what you want into your templates in pages so you dont have to go through all of it. I had frequently used the wide variety of templates included in earlier versions, which I used to make marketing materials such as newsletters, book proposals and post card designs.

Actually, this app provides hundreds of templates, many of which are excellent, so at last v.

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So simple to use, there was no need of reading instructions. Thank You! Mac App Store Preview.

Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. New Templates Added. New Pages templates. New 90 Pages templates. Improved compatibility with macOS Sierra. New 65 Pages templates.

New 95 Pages Templates. New 30 Pages Templates. New pages templates. New 30 Pages templates. New 10 Pages templates. New 25 templates. New 50 Pages Templates. New Pages Templates. New 20 Pages templates. Read More , formerly known as iWork. Besides Pages, this suite includes spreadsheet app Numbers and the Keynote presentation software. The online versions of iWork mirror most of At its most basic level, Pages is a word processor Write!: As such, you can use the software for everyday word processing activities, such as creating a document, writing and editing text, importing elements like charts and pictures, and so on.

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Pages also does an excellent job of opening non-Apple document formats, including Microsoft Word documents. Thanks to iCloud, you can open and edit Pages documents on other devices, including iPhone and iPad. When accessing your documents from iCloud. Read More , you can do the same on Windows-based machines too.

Pages automatically saves documents as you work. For new files, Pages calls the file something like Untitled 1.

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Any change made after that will be on the new file, not the original. You can use these templates to create professional-looking documents without starting from scratch. You can also access three additional templates under the Basic category, including Blank, Blank Landscape, and Note Taking.

You can also create your own templates, which appear under My Templates. In , not everyone needs a full-service word processing program, which is why software like Ulysses exists. This takes you to the main Pages template screen. Once you find a template to use, highlight it and select Choose.

The first time I experienced Pages templates was when a friend asked me to help him create a newsletter for a local club. Edit the text and replace the photos. Apple provides lots of Pages templates already. Templates for Numbers and Keynote are also available. Why stop there? If you have an artistic side, consider designing templates, either for personal use or to share with others. You can start building your template from scratch by opening a blank page or by modifying an existing template. If you are starting from scratch, be sure to add elements to your documents such as text boxes and shapes.

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Do this by going to the Insert menu or by clicking the icon in the toolbar. To add photos, music, and movies to your template, click on the Media icon on the toolbar. You can add as many pages as you need, according to your needs. You can save the template to your computer only as a file or to the Template Chooser.