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Open Contacts or Address Book. Close any of these open contact windows. You can now delete that VCF file from your desktop or copy it elsewhere to use it as a backup. The Outlook for Mac will automatically create and assign categories if you have your Address Book contacts in groups. The ABBU format is great for importing the contacts back into a macOS application but not so great for using the address book with non-Mac programs or online email services. I learnt the hard way how vital it was to have to have my most important data in alternate formats.

This program does it all: Put your data where YOU want it - especially nice if you need to print or do a mail merge. Best of All it does this with mind-numbing simplicity. One Caveat: I write this while running one version older than 1. Thank you!

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It took me about 3 hours of ridiculous searching, spam traps, fake sites, useless broken links, annoying articles, and reading through 10 years of outdated blog articles to get to this app. Thank you. By Andy AlwaysHappyHour. Did take me a couple tries to figure out the app menus to select all my contacts and all the feilds and to export to Excel.

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I have over contacts in my address book, so it was about a 5 minute wait for the app to crunch thru everything and finish creating the spreadsheet on my OSX Lion I don't think I could have done this any other way without this app. Er hat mir innerhalb sehr kurzer Zeit eine Exportvorlage erstellt - und nicht nur das. Ich bin ihm sehr dankbar, dass er mir das Template erstellt hat, denn dadurch habe ich obendrein viel Zeit gespart.

Nicht zu vergessen der sehr nette Ton in seiner Email! Solved a huge contacts export challenge! Within seconds of installing Export Address Book I was able to export all of my contacts into an Excell spreadsheet. The application just works and does what I needed it to do. With Outlook for Macs no longer supporting a way to export contacts, I went back to the Apple Contacts application but still had no way to create a. This application quickly created a spreadsheet containing all of my contacts that I can now edit and import into my database application.

I should have started here, it would have saved me hours of unproductive work. Good but needs refinement to UI. I used this to take a small Group of names [about 40] from my large Contact list to create a CSV file then on-send to a client. This is not easily done within Contacts. This app allows that to happen relatively simply, but the procees is a little awkward and could be refined further. It would be nice if the app allowed the user to [a] make an easier selection of the data [columns] to be transferred and [b] perhaps allowed for some of the editing to be done within the app instead of externally.

However, it works as advertised, and is definitely a timesaver. Simple and effective. Excellent app. You select the group of contacts you want to export, select the fields you require and - bingo, it's done. What more would want? Works great. By Tom. Works great, worth the money. Easy to export the fields you want in the formate you want. Accomplishes Functionality. When re-using a saved file, users need to manually remove and re-add the "items to export" to capture any new contacts.

Slightly annoying end user functionality, but otherwise a great program with helpful flexibility to export in multiple formats. Erste Sahne. Etwas teuer, aber das soll kein Mangel sein. Well worth it. Macht was es verspricht, und das schnell und einfach. Ich habe das Programm soeben gekauft und nur kurz ausprobiert.

Warum kann das Damit Entwickler was zu tun haben ;- Mal im Ernst: Verschiedene Export-Funktionen, Filter, eigene Vorlagen u. Anfangs erschien mir die erste Liste sehr unintuitiv, aber nachdem ich mir meine erste eigene Vorlage erstellt habe, war mir alles Weitere klar. Den einen fehlenden Stern vergebe ich, wenn: Address book exporter. Great app very easy…. Is it just me?

Any help would be appreciated. Die Bedienung ist einfach Auch in der neuesten Version super! Very complete solution. And the author consistently keeps the app up-to-date and valid, adding features as well as keeping up with OS changes. Gesucht und gefunden: Exzellente App!

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  8. Diese App hat mir viel Zeit und Rechercheaufwand erspart. Und wer damit nicht auf Anhieb zurecht kommt… Na ja. Super easy. Warum lang nach komplizierten Methoden suchen, wenn es auch mit dieser App geht. Einfache Handhabung!!! Ich bin mehr als zufrieden. Mit dem Original-Stand der App-Installation 1. Die Support-Anfrage wurde aber prompt beantwortet. Das Ergebnis war nach dem Schneiden dann ein kompakter und leserlicher Ausdruck aller gespeicherten Daten. Zeile, Schriftarten, Mehrspaltige Ausdrucke etc vorzunehmen. Ich glaube fest dran, dass er das bald in die Tat umsetzen wird.

    So lange dem nicht so ist, fragen Sie das einfach per Mail beim Support an, sofern Sie das auch haben wollen. Exported perfectly to excel contacts I wanted. In just a few short clicks allowed me to export just the fields I wanted and pick the group of contacts I wanted.

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    Worked great. A Life Saver!!!! This app is wonderful. I have contacts with various information and can now export it in a way that works for other people in my organization.

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    Stopped the fights. This works as expected. Tried a competitor first it was cheaper and that just gave me a jumble of random characters… this app worked perfectly. We now have a christmas card list in excel that we can use each year. Well that was easy! Purchased this to app to export my holiday card mailing list to excel.

    I downloaded the app, exported my list, and cleaned up the excel file all in less than 10 minutes! Easy and fast. Does the job—and quick support! This app is fairly straightforward and does what it promises to do very well. At first I had problems with the excel lists it was generating—not all the address information was coming through for some of the contacts, so I emailed the seller. He replied within the same day and I was able to find the problem. It had nothing to do with the app. Quick support response makes all the difference! Very Good!!!

    Absolut hilfreich. Besser gehts nicht. Well worth the price and more. I just downloaded and used this app for the first time. What a gem! Even in the Mac world, I am hesitate to take a chance on visiting such sites. Then I found this item on the Mac App Store. The app did exactly what I wanted: Firma ect. Die App ist mehr wert, als sie kostet! FritzBox Very Very Useful. This app is deceptively simple yet packed with features. It makes me wish I had more to do than just back up my contacts to Excel. It would be ideal if you had contacts in lots of places and wanted to back them up, fix errors or otherwise adjust the data.

    Just export to your format of choice, modify then import back what you need to using native Contacts features. Integration with iCloud is seamless too. Top marks to Stefan Keller for such a useful and well written app! If you appreciate flat data to storage and moving this is a steal.

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    By Shawn G! Does what it says on the tin. I used it to export email addresses from a group to Excel, which it did quickly and easily. All the controls I wanted were there. Funktioniert super. By inovers. Und schon gingen die Probleme los: Will ich Programmierer werden?? Endlich eine einfache!!!! Vielen Dank an den Entwickler. I clicked download in the apple store, then it said it was installed, next I found it in applications and opened it, chose excel, chose all contacts and there it all was - no more steps than that, too easy and all the info is set out properly.

    Super Tool! By je. Supereasy zu bedienen und tut was sie soll. Absolut empfehlenswert! Gute App, guute App. Oder get das schon? Useful app! Worked flawlessly at exporting csv. This app Export Address Book worked flawlessly. Also ich habe jetzt einige Tage intensiv mit der App gearbeitet: An der App gibt es nichts auszusetzen. Also liebe Leute! Der Excel-Export. Dass man bei einer. Deshalb schreibe ich jetzt auch die Rezension. Great solution to export problems.

    This app has now filled that gap. It runs fast and is easy to understand. Prima App! Vielen Dank. Neat little app. Super App! Kleine und feine App, die ihr Geld mehr als wert ist! So OLM is the standard outlook format for contacts? Can you export from Outlook? Try that. Open Outlook Prefs under Outlook in the Menu bar.

    I suggest you export just contacts as.

    Ms Outlook - Import Contacts From CSV

    Thought I remember this to be fairly simple when using Outlook previously. How do I do that?