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Find out how else you can support emuparadise. It's free, easy and feels damn good! For starters, share this page with your friends. Use the links above: Direct Download Links: In-Game Screenshot: Similar Games: USA Mr. For more emulators, check out our extensive emulators section. All rights reserved. Game Lists. Each of the five stages has two terrains to conquer and two Lords of the Landscape to beat. To beat the first Lord, stand at the right of the screen. When he spits his boulders, jump over them just before they reach your feet. Then jump up and throw your axe as he backs away.

This game tests your patience more than your ability. The levels take no time to run through. Your opponents are like the terrain -- sparse.

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As for the boss 'saurs, they have distinct, predictable patterns and they move slowly. However, they have double the life energy you have. For every hit, you lose one life bar, but it takes two hits to make their bars go down. Also, you have only three lives and no continues.

To beat the second Lord, avoid the rocks and small 'saurs that he spits. Throw your weapon at his nose when his mouth is open. You need to be near his face to get your hits in. To combat these monstrosities, you have a few tools of the Neanderthal trade.

Besides your high jump, you start out with a stone axe. However, when you conquer foes, you can collect their discarded weapons -- Flints, Boomerangs, Fire, and Stone Wheels. You can also build your strength by not skipping meals. If your enemies aren't dropping weapons, they may drop food.

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Chow down to restore your health bar. The flat backgrounds and sprites don't make you want to club your way through this game. As for the music, it's not rock 'n' roll. Instead, you get rock-splitting clinks and clanks. Its basic game play will probably keep beginning players in front of the fire, but more advanced gamers will want to evolve to greater challenges.

Nerd-bashing has been going on since the dinosaur days -- just ask cave-dudes Joe and Mac. They know from first hand experience the devastating aftermath of nerd-bashing -- nerd revenge! Yes, the cave-nerds are having the last geeky chuckle 'cause they crept into Joe and Mac's camp and scared off all the Cave Babes. There's only one thing to do now -- grab a club and scour the countryside. Not only are Joe and Mac handsome fellows, you get the pleasure of enjoying both of their mugs at the same time. Another groovy game-play option is the 2 Player Super Game, which enables you to either compete or cooperate in the search for the Cave Babes.

There's also a Mode selection for skill levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard. The only detectable difference between the Modes is that you're allowed the most continues in Easy 3 and the least in Hard 2. Stay to the far left of the prehistoric sword-fish and blast them as they jump out of the water.

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Life is brutal outside the safety of one's cave. Joe and Mac learn a hard and fast lesson in self defense as they make their way through three four-part stages covering everything from icy subterranean caverns to red hot volcanic wastelands. Keep an eye out for dinosaur eggs: If you're a really shrewd gamer, you may even discover a few secret stages.

You encounter exactly what you'd expect in the wilds of prehistory: Some are big, some are small, some swim, some fly, and some even cry. There's also an abundance of ill mannered fellow cave dwellers who, apparently, would rather hunt Joe and Mac than dinosaurs for dinner. Speaking of dinosaurs and belligerent cavemen, that brings us to the topic of weapons. What else would cavemen carry other than the infamous wooden club?

For your combat pleasure they carry plenty more than just an overgrown twig. By cracking open dinosaur eggs, Joe and Mac can power up their clubs so that they shoot Bones, Boomerangs, Fire, and the world's greatest invention Once you collect all the power ups possible they're yours to keep, and you can switch ammo with a tap on the Select button. Stay to the far left of the screen and use the boomerang weapon to destroy the wooly mammoth boss.

The answer to both is "yes. Use the wheel weapon in the hot lava stage. Not only will the wheels roll up hill, they can also destroy boulders. The graphics are in full technicolor bloom, including the background scenes which are as crisp as movie matte paintings. When compared to the arcade version, however, there are a few things missing. Joe and Mac can't perform the cool swinging elbow-jab move that they use in the arcade game, and they don't have the variety of facial expressions. The stage bosses have an annoying habit of reappearing albeit in different colors.

However, the bits that were lost in the translation are all so minor, they don't really take much, if anything, away from the game. Join the prehistoric "club" and take a peek into the past with Joe and Mac. Browse games Game Portals. Platformer Editor Rating: Play Now Download the full version. When you knock off his trunk, he quickly charges. Bounce on the fish coughed up by this sea monster, and fling your weapons at the top of its head. Overall rating: Data East Machine: Super NES Difficulty: Moderate Available: There is a boomerang in the egg above you.

Use a Pterodactyl or another player to boost you up to get to the egg. Kill all of the enemies on the screen and then crack open the egg. A friendly Pterodactyl will take you to Bonus One. You can get the Fire weapon if you jump on the purple Pterodactyl, then jump at the icon. If you defeat the baby Tyrannosaur, you will get a Large Meat. Jump down to get the Fire icon and use it on the Boss. Be sure to kill the fish before jumping over. Go as far to the right as possible to make sure that the water spout on the left is not seen.

A friendly Pterodactyl will take you go to Bonus Two. Watch out for rolling cavemen. Move fast. Jump onto the ledge with a short leap for safety. Be sure to kill all of the Pterodactyls that fly by here.

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If you knock down all of the beehives on the tress below, a hidden 1-Up and two pieces of meat will appear as a bonus for you. Stay on the top ledges to avoid the flying fish easier. The graphics and sound make this worth a 4 in my humble opinion! A great conversion from the hit arcade game of the same name, Joe and Mac: Caveman Ninja is a fun platform game starring to bumbling cavemen, Joe and Mac.

After their "cave-babes" were kidnapped by rival gangs of Neanderthals, the cavemen ninja decide to strike back.

Armed with a variety of Stone Age projectile weapons, the two will fight their way, with your help, through six levels of jungle adventures, facing threats from nasty cavemen, angry bees, giant plants and more dinosaurs than you can shake a petrified stick at. Joe and Mac begin the game armed with stone axes, but by cracking open eggs left by defeated pterodactyls along the way, the two could upgrade their arsenal. The caveman ninjas have mastered the art of combat, with fireballs, wheels, boomerangs and even powerful doppelgangers of themselves. For a more powerful blow, you could hold down the attack button to make Joe and Mac swing their arms around wildly, building up energy at least until they got tired.

Regardless of the threats against them, Joe and Mac never lose their sense of fun. The game is peppered with funny little touches-from the goofy cartoon graphics to the comic sound effects. Highly recommended! How to run this game on modern Windows PC? People who downloaded Joe and Mac: Caveman Ninja have also downloaded: Jim Power , Konami Collector's Series: The Pantheon Saga , Hexen: