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Simply make a text selection and use the editor: The Komodo UI has been updated to match the latest operating systems, so Komodo now looks even better. We also added the ability to tweak the editor line height spacing. This makes for a more intuitive and informative use of Komodo; no more asking yourself "What just happened? Language Icons Language icons have been overhauled to be consistent and easily identifiable by their colors and emblems.

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Komodo dynamically generates new icons for filetypes that it has not previously encountered, so you'll always have unique icons for each language. We're now making use of CommonJS aka Node. Also Available: Download Komodo Edit for Mac. Mailing Lists: You can install ActivePython from here. Install version 1. Install the latest ActivePerl. See http: However, following the above steps is meant to be sufficient to get Komodo building.

This will configure and build mozilla and can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours to complete depending on your specs. For most modern machines it should be about an hour. Subsequent builds should be a lot faster as much of the compiled data is cached. Xcode 6. For 8. You can get version 6. Fink may work too but most of the build testing and instructions is done with MacPorts.

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Once you have MacPorts installed you need just run sudo port install autoconf Officially we do not support Xcode 8, however it is possible to build Komodo under Xcode 8 using a new extra steps. Everything mentioned in the Mozilla Linux build prerequisites:. If you are using GCC 5.

If it does, there are changes that need to be made to two files. However, if you are running a clean build for the first time, you need to allow this part of the build to fail first. This is because the files are in the Mozilla part of the build which has to be downloaded first. See bug in Mozilla's bug database for more information. See Porting to GCC 5 for more information. The easiest way to get started is to use our Docker image, this will basically provide you with a Ubuntu To use the docker image you need to of course have Docker installed as well as have X11 forwarding enabled in your SSH client should work by default on most linux distros.

Once your image is prepared you can follow the building steps for linux as described above.

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Once your build is complete you exit out of the container exit and can then run Komodo with. If any errors occur during your first built-time and it is not obvious how to fix the issue on your own please refer to the Feedback section on how to get in contact with us. Note that if building complications arise after you updated your repo with the latest changes you might need to clear your local cache as it might be conflicting with the new changes, to do this run bk distclean before running your build steps.

Sometimes bk build is too much and bk build quick isn't enough. If bk build quick doesn't appear to pickup your changes, try pointing bk build at the piece in question.

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Do not rely on this method as bk build quick is faster and in some cases does some steps that the above example won't perform. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Komodo Edit is a fast and free multi-language code editor. Find file. Download ZIP.

Multi-language editor makes it easy to write quality code. Follow This App ActiveState. Download Now. See discussion Is Komodo Edit really the best app in Editors category? See discussion. Version Komodo Remove conflicting usuage of async fixes Python 3. Resolve graphical artifacts with dialogs on macOS.

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