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This is not required if the file has been identified with a appleScript 'fileopen dialog box. This is wrapped in a method because if it is encountered in code prior to Excel , or on a mac then it throws an untrappable error. This method is either called as part of the processing when 'Browse' is clicked, or can be called independently to refresh the files if the names have not changed.

It makes use of three queryTables that have already been placed in the appropriate positions in the spreadsheets. On a mac the code has to deal with the fact that the mac fileOpen dialog box uses path variables with a ': Skip to main content There are a number of problems associated with creating a spreadsheet that works on Apple macs and Windows which can select and open files using a 'open file' dialog box Difficulty in creating a fileopen dialog box for macs Error returned when refreshing a queryTable after the filename has been changed Writing vba that works on both OSs given the range of functions that are required on one, but generate fatal errors on the other.

Browser specific fileopen dialog box The following is the Windows version of the code for opening a dialog box for selecting a file Function BrowseWin mypath As String With Application. FileDialog msoFileDialogOpen.

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Volete risparmiarvi il copia e incolla? Il comando read. Yolo , man. Salvate il vostro file SPSS in. Prestate molta attenzione ai dati mancanti: Excel fornisce diverse opzioni: La virgola, invece, viene utilizzata come separatore decimale.

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Il resto del mondo, invece, utilizza non il punto e virgola ma la virgola come separatore di campo e il punto come separatore decimale. Una volta esportato il file in csv, lo potete importare in R utilizzando i comandi:. Nel lanciare read. Da notare che le due funzioni read. Per controllare le dimensioni del vostro database, usate la funzione dim.

Facciamo un esempio con un database che avete chiamato MieiDati:. Per ispezionare le prime 6 righe del vostro database, usate la funzione head:. Per ispezionare le ultime 6 righe del vostro database, usate la funzione tail:. Per ispezionare la struttura del database, usate la funzione str:. Volete visualizzare tutta la matrice di dati? R Project The R Journal.

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