Mac laptop or desktop for video editing

I got everything I needed from Amazon with Prime shipping. Windows 10 has been extremely solid, and dare I say, as solid as Mac OS.

Mac vs PC for Video Editing: Which is best for you?!

It installed in less than 10 minutes, which Mac OS has never come close to. Drivers were updated automatically in about an hour and I didn't have to do anything extra or manually install any drivers. I was worried about some graphics issues when I first got Windows 10 installed. The desktop wasn't sized correctly on my monitor and the task bar was cut off.

However, those issues got resolved once the proper drivers were updated.


There's a lot of things I still love about Mac OS, but using Windows after being Mac OS only for quite a few years has actually been a positive experience. Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition have been extremely solid as well. Premiere Pro feels quite different on Windows as opposed to the multiple Macs I've edited on. I've had issues in Premiere on multiple systems and multiple clean installs of Mac OS for the last few years, including glitchy preview files, slow renders and playback with Mercury Transmit, crashing with various audio effects, and the notorious click and drag issue with items in the Project bin.

With video editing, especially when encoding video or doing other CPU-intensive tasks, heat is your enemy. CPUs get hot fast, and the iK is known for running hot. You need a great air cooler or liquid cooler for your CPU to keep things in check. The only way to do so was to use a huge heatsink cooler like the Noctua NH-D This is where it gets interesting. As I said before, I wanted a computer that could outperform most of Apple's desktop options while being cheaper as well. I knew a custom PC was going to perform well just from my research and benchmarks, but I didn't really know what that was going to look like for my exact setup.

So, how did it do?

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The CPU performance is only part of the picture, though. The GPU performance is where it really begins to make sense. For GPU performance, my build scored This is a good test for how the computer will not only handle 3D rendering, but also real-time video editing and video rendering like Premiere Pro preview renders or doing multicam edits of 4K video clips. The only bottleneck I have now is external hard drive speed.

However, it's not bad and doesn't prevent me from making cuts at the right spots while doing a real-time multicam edit.

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I will be adding a couple SSD scratch drives soon, so that will help. The biggest change I've noticed is H. The iK is by far not the fastest CPU out there, but it does offer excellent performance for the price. This is also without any overclocking or performance tweaks to the hardware, just stock performance.

The sequences and footage were both p Intel Core i7 Graphics: You don't need to be in the film industry to know that the sequel is rarely as good as the original. But when it comes to 2-in-1 laptop-tablet hybrids, there are none finer. Give the inch screen a tug and it satisfyingly detaches from the keyboard, enabling you to use it as a huge tablet. Handy if you have a work in progress that you want to pass around a table. But, coming with the Surface Pen stylus, it also means you can get more control using the touchscreen for seamless video edits.

Study the Surface Book's spec sheet and it impresses at every line. The 3, x 2, resolution display is sharper than the majority of laptops on the market including every MacBook in existence and 4K footage will look just how you imagined it. The presence of the GPU and Nvidia GeForce chipset gives it yet a further boost in the graphics department, while the stacks of RAM and state-of-the-art Intel processor all configurable make it a processing monster.

If the words of praise keep getting drowned out by volume of the price tag, then the original Surface Book is still available and would still make a more than competent companion to any video editor. You have to settle for a Read our full Microsoft Surface Book 2 review. That all has changed. The newest MacBook Air now has a high-resolution display, faster eight generation dual-core processor and more memory, all of which make a big difference to its video editing credentials. Intel Core i5-i7 Graphics: The Lenovo Yoga hits a real sweet spot between price tag and capabilities.

It may not quite have the power or street smarts of the premium machines from Apple, Microsoft or Dell, but there's much to like — including the smaller impact it will have on your bank balance.

They want me to be on a payment plan.

It manages to offer a full HD inch display for somewhere close to a grand, if not under. And with a Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card as standard, you'll have the ability to experiment with effects not alien to those more powerful machines. It lacks none of the elite finish either, with the aluminium casing and backlit keyboard common to more expensive laptops. We do rather rue the lack of an HDMI out port. Monitors from EIZO. I was on a mission to find something new, faster and less expensive. Our company prides itself on developing cutting-edge work, while constantly pushing the limits of modern technology.

Our edit house needs to stay on top of the latest techniques and equipment while creating edits for broadcast, web, and theatrical distribution. However, I strongly believe that cameras, laptops, lights, and edit systems are just tools.

The best video editing laptops in | Creative Bloq

Tools can help us create something beautiful, but they should never dictate how it should be done. This sentiment has become damaging, forcing artists to comply and shell out fistfuls of cash for the privilege to use Mac-based software in an effort to not just stay up-to-date with technology, but to fit in with the other artists. Apple ships out their glossy products with a promise to support the creative professional with reliable systems that never crash and structure for a simple workflow that always works.

For the most part they do. They make very well put together products. They better be for the price. They made the clients happy and they made us happy. Then came new of the release of Final Cut X and how Apple was now determined to change things. With the tablet style interface, the loss of professional tool and most importantly the inability to open our old FCP7 project files -- this change had me worried.

We had years of work saved in those project files. This seemed like way too much trouble for me, so I decided to not upgrade and keep editing with FCP7. Then new cameras started introducing new formats. That codec runs terrible in Final Cut 7. To work with that footage it required a long convoluted workflow using proxies, off-line editing, followed by online editing. Bottom line is that with all these different formats, most of our time was spent transcoding.

Converting footage to an older codec before we could even start cutting. This caused a stir with clients. It also forced us to expand our delivery schedule. It was a pain in the ass.

Enter the Adobe Creative Suite to the rescue with the new version of Premiere. Playback used to be as terrible as the interface. Not anymore! The new better version ran smoothly, very smoothly; basing its performance on the hardware inside your system. That means it runs faster and better if you installed more RAM or a better graphics card. Turns out that Premiere also could run any file you throw at them. Final Cut Pro 7, on the other hand, was different.

It would force you to transcode to their approved video codec and sound files that were built specifically to run well in their program. Imagine a timeline that was cutting in the codec you shot in. Adobe did! The choice was simple, goodbye FCP7. The first few months on Premiere were a dream.

It installed perfectly on my Mac Pro towers and ran my older HD projects like butter. I was even able to cut with raw.

All this on the hardware I already owned! Things were going great.